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Multiplayer Progress Update - December 2021

Multiplayer Progress Update

Hello all, Happy Holidays and welcome to the December Multiplayer update!

It’s been a fun month for us with our release of patch 0.8.4, Eternal Legends, and some developers taking some holiday time off to spend time with friends and loved ones before we dive in head first into getting Multiplayer into players’ hands in 2022.

We have quite a lot going on in our Multiplayer development and I’d like to break down some updates for the topics from last month, as well as talk about what is ahead of us in the next month.

Our feature list from last month:

Party / Friends / Gameplay

We’re making continued progress polishing core gameplay and making sure the player experience feels great. There are a lot of decisions our team has made for the player experience for the single-player game that manifest themselves in very tiny ways, like how small details of a UI works or how group quests and party UIs will function. Our UX Director Ross (who designed our new website - PS we’re hiring!) will be a large part of our Multiplayer update next month to talk more about how we’ll realize player experience and UI when we go online.

We are making other progress here that is chiefly focused on fixing bugs, and most importantly reducing CPU costs for both our game servers, and your gameplay experience.


We’ve completed the initial stages of migrating our character save system to the more robust service mentioned last month. This coming month we’ll be digging into the fine details, such as ensuring our crafting and stash systems are as reliable as possible. This will involve things such as breaking down how often we save characters and world states, how to protect the integrity of characters, how to prevent items from disappearing or being duplicated, and much more. We want to catch as much of the easy-to-find issues here before we even release it to Community Testers, and make sure we can fix these kind of problems faster than anything else.


Since our current deployment environment is fairly efficient, and we’ve had other priorities, we didn’t place a huge emphasis on work here this month. We spent a bit of time targeting the specific improvements we need and we’re set to do some technical planning for this in January.

Users / Game Access

Last month we mentioned we were migrating our account system, and we have it functional internally now. We aren’t quite ready to roll it out to the public. The next month is focused on integrating this system with our website, and making sure we have the ability to observe important details that will allow us to fix account problems quickly when we see them. Unfortunately a number of players have run into login issues recently with our old system that’s currently live, and you can see why we’re eager to finish our work here to make sure nobody experiences this issue again, or we can create better fixes faster.


We’ve made massive progress here. We are happy with our new chat system and it will almost certainly be the one we release to 1.0. My update here is very “boring”, software development-related stuff; we are making a few minor refactors, and then planning a proper integration into our new backend systems. With this new chat system, we’re going to able to add a ton more moderation and Quality of Life features than ever before.

Login / Game Server / Matchmaking

We mentioned last month that we have successfully implemented our matchmaker. And even better news is that we’ve tested its scalability up to ~1million concurrent users making matchmaking requests!

A new challenge ahead of us now is to build out more automated scale testing to try to ensure we’re also going to see those numbers in the game client itself; this tech will help us with every release we do and is something the other big Action RPGs give a lot of attention to.

Goals for January

Our main goals for January are very broad, but I can summarize some of my thoughts here:

Planning for Community Testing

Focus on all of the elements we need from every part of both the game, and the platform we are building, to ensure that we can best make use of Community Tester feedback for multiplayer. This means a large focus on our ability to observe the health of the online game, as well as our ability to quickly fix any problems we find. This also implies a lot of other things: fixing bugs, having 24/7 support where possible, planning for how to suddenly increase our multiplayer playerbase by a large amount, and more.

Growing the Multiplayer Team

We’re growing our team to build Last Epoch Multiplayer, and as one might guess it’s important to plan how to do that so we don’t slow down our ability to create work on the game.

Becoming “Production Ready"

This is very much tied to planning for Community Testing but it’s worth breaking out on its own. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, a lot goes into making sure we’re a game company that can provide a great game service as well as a great game for years to come. We’re making sure we continue to put a lot of attention and love into building the departments we don’t already have that will help make this happen.

Monolith/Crafting Ready

Some of our final core systems to fully implement are our Monolith and Crafting systems. Our crafting system is heavily reliant on a lot of complex database work and character saving, so there will be a lot of debugging to perform here. The Monolith of Fate is relatively straightforward to implement at its baseline, but there will be a lot of multiplayer considerations we need to address before we release it to Community Testers.

Final Thoughts

While we’re hard at work on getting multiplayer ready next month, we’ll change up this blog post a bit to allow our UX Director Ross to speak more to some of the ways we’re going to be improving Last Epoch to welcome a fully multiplayer experience.

Happy Holidays and New Years to everybody, it’s been an exciting year for Last Epoch and Eleventh Hour Games and 2022 will be our biggest year yet.

Like always, I’ll be around to answer questions below. Thank you so much for reading, and see you next month!


Thanks for the update… Looking forward to it… when its ready. :wink:

Thanks for keeping us informed!
You’re doing an awesome job not only with the game, but also with how you communicate. That’s very rare in this industry.
Have a nice end of year, and see you soon in Eterra!

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Happy Holidays and New Years to EHG. Loving the new additions and really looking forward to multiplayer.

Happy Holidays! I was not expecting to see this update! :smiley:

Thanks for the heads’ up on your plans, and those plans sound very promising to me, especially the part where you’ll be working on reducing CPU costs. In Multiplayer, I have a question: Will loot be shared equally, be part of an allocation system set by the original player requesting to play in multiplayer, or will each player have their own drops appear on their screens exclusive to them to pick up? Will there be experience/rarity bonuses along with difficulty of mob increases like in PoE, or will each player continue to receive their normal amounts of drops?

In PoE the bonuses of party play (especially in 6-man parties) was astronomically far more impactful on the amounts of loot and experience gained, and I feel that it was kind of unnecessary to continue to allow some of these abuses vs. people that prefer to play solo, especially when it comes to competetive play.

Additionally, will we eventually be able to link our items in chat to show other players, like pressing CTRL+ALT on the item in chat in order to show them?

As far as stash space goes, I have an issue (my OCD kicking in) where you put a category of items into a stash but when you fill it up there is not quite enough space left marginally to fully utilise the stash to include more of those base-type items. Here are just a few examples:

These are just some of the examples where the margins of the stashes could be improved to best optimise the stashes that are meant to hold those particular items. Perhaps a way to customize the slot sizes to best fit the various items when you create the stash so there is less unusable space? I know maybe it is too much to ask, but I do feel some improvement could be made in this department.


Hey, thanks for the update and happy new year!
I would love to help, how does one apppmy to be part of the community testers?

I have no idea if applicants are still being accepted, but here is all the information relating to it from previous multiplayer dev blogs:

Couldn’t agree more. I put in a suggestion for one extra row earlier. 18 total rows will make it so much better. 17 just isn’t easily divisible: Awkward Stash Vertical Size (17 rows) Leaves Gap

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It’s instanced personal loot right now for each individual. We are still experimenting with what we are excited the most about but right now it is instanced loot.

Definitely aware of the huge xp and loot bonuses provided in other ARPGs, they are something we are being mindful of and discussing when it comes to MP player experience.


Awesome to see progress on online multiplayer. Has the team given any thought to implementing local co-op? I’ve seen it mentioned a few times by users but never responded to by the team.

My wife and I love playing ARPGs together, but I play on GeForce Now and PS5 and we don’t have a gaming PC. We also specifically enjoy the “same console” experience. Right now we’re stuck with mediocre games in the genre like Chaosbane since so few games support local co-op. Last Epoch is the perfect level of complexity for us to play together and I’d love to see local co-op implemented.


Local coop with more controller improvements and this game goes into another tier of fun.

Nothing is as fun as kicking back with a friend and sharing the screen in a huge smash it up ARPG romp. Takes me back to games like dungeon siege 3 on PS3 or Diablo on PS1. Sure, some things are unavoidable, like needing to share the UI panels such as inventory etc. but its all worth it for how fun local coop is.


Looking forward to the eventual implementation of chat channels sometime into the future. I’ve found that I keep my chat off more often than not nowadays, not because anything bad like toxicity. Just that it’s hard to filter through global chat to help new players if they need help or discussing in-game elements/mechanics with other players

one question i would like answered is: if/when can we link our items in chat?

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I think I recall that trade(bazaar) is very much a 1.0 or thereafter thing. However in the initial multiplayer will players have the ability to drop stuff on the ground that they do not want that fell in the game, and players in the group when that mob died will be able to pick it up?

Trade/bazaar has to come with/after multiplayer (0.9), I’d be surprised if we had to wait till 1.0 to get it.

They have also said that there will be some form of direct trade if both players were present at the time the item dropped. Quite what form that will take we don’t know.

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Please do not swing to the other extreme. As it is, it already sound like MP trade plans will be DOA.

People talk about MP gameplay abuses in POE, but those are exploited only by the minority (multiboxers, extreme coordinated parties, etc), with the broad base of players heavily incentivised to avoid public parties as most POE progression dont facilitate MP play. I would be very disappointed if LE effectively become a single player ARPG with online/MP only in name.


Geez, here i thought innocently MP is just so that people can party their siblings or friends to have a wholesome experience together, trade items they found together.

But apparently you guys are discussing planning loot bonuses

There are equal part of players who enjoy single play, as much as those looking forward to MP.

IMO, any form of “more rewards” advantage in MP will definitely tick some single players off because FOMO

Since the game is not online yet, i cant attest to how efficient EHG deals with multiboxers and botters, but having “more rewarding if you play MP” can definitely incentives exploiters.

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Incentivizing exploiters or not, I don’t want to be forced to group up with randoms just to farm more efficiently. I hate that in Diablo 3 it’s four times as efficient to run bounties in a group for example.


My sentiments exactly