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Monster damage seems a little high

I had a few builds which were literally invulnerable so long as I paid attention and kept up my skills and movement. These builds had no changes to them, or maybe a small change to damage but none to defenses. These builds have gotten ridiculously destroyed in normal monos after the patch. The same monos they were running pre-patch. Same level, same mods, etc. And I checked monster types, and they were dying to older monster types, not the new poison-centric ones (dying to cold, physical, fire, etc.) Literally the exact same Mono mods and same defenses, and they died repeatedly and FAST.

So, something is off with monster damage, as it shouldn’t be that dramatic. I have to imagine builds with “meh” defenses are even worse, nevermind glass-cannon builds.

With removing the leech, the game or surviving in particular has become more difficult.
Ill build up some corruption and then See how it goes.
Nerfing lightning idols makes it also harter to kill stuff but this isnt meant as criticism, i just noticed it.

FYI, at least 3 of the builds getting killed are low-life Ward with 0 leech in the first place, so its not leech, its the monsters themselves hitting super hard.

Could it be related to the rescaling levels of the monoliths to incorporate Chapter 9? or is that too little to solely account for the increased damage the mobs are dealing?

Good question, and without logs, I can’t say. But anecdotally, the damage increase seems dramatic. These were normal Monos (not empowered) with 0 Corruption, and paltry mods (maybe 30% increased damage). And these were Ward-Low-Life, VERY tanky builds, where the same monsters (pre-patch) couldn’t deal more than 30% of my Ward in damage, and are now annihilating me (2500+ ward).

There’s something more than the announced mono increases, I feel.

That does sound more than the level or three adjustments EHG indicated… that would account for 5-10% increased damage I would have thought… definitely not 30%…

Still messing around rebuilding and doing the new chapters for each char so I havent really been farming the monos yet but I will definitely see if I see the same thing…

I was doing the non-empowered level 90s on one character, and the level 65 on another. And I double checked mobs to be sure it wasn’t the new poison-based ones, since most of my older chars have little-to-no Poison Resist.

Just linking some other posts on this:

Gorgons are my new hated mob above Sirens. They pop outta the ground and do quite a bit of dps. Was running 90 monos and anything from Chapter 9 hits hard. Scarabs puncture can take you out quick and off screen you. Rare gorgons? or medusas with “allies take less dmg” mod just suck. Those mods sucked in POE and they suck here. Especially since they twin at half hp most of the time and you have 2 of those running around and casting giant fire beams that hit hard. Then any rogue that joins in becomes a bigger pain to kill.

I was messing around on my totem shaman so at least I have a shield and Eterra’s Blessing to cleanse and heal. I do not see how mage or rogue are going to do well with these new mobs. They can shift quicker than you and gang up to drop your hp quick. I honestly think I am just going to shelf my rogue(s) I had been leveling after dealing with Chapter 9 on my 55ish marksman and having a bad time. It seems somewhat clear that the devs want you to take a heal and/or cleanse with you now as regular defensive layers are not going to cut it…especially if this is any indication of the direction of future mobs.

I thinks its multiple reasons why it now feels kinda bad in some cases, they removed quite a bit of recovery here and there, the new monsters hit like a truck and there is so much barely avoidable damage that you get chipped away quite fast. So they need to give players tools (on every class) to work around it.

i already had prepatch the one shot problematic and it has gotten a bit worse now, max allres is not the key, but only part of it. I have to test more. in any case, movement is also a big part. Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t have the amount of time that I would like to have to test and I also need much longer for everything because of my creepy knowledge of English

added another linked thread above

Ok. Been messing with Monos with a rebuilt VK for a few runs and I would have to agree that there seems to be a distinct gap between old mobs and chapter 9 mobs in terms of their general tankiness…

It definitely seems to me (obviously subjective opinion here) that the chapter 9 mobs take longer to deal with… For me its most obvious in Monos where there is a mix of old and new mobs… its an extra hit here or there (@ Lvl 75) for the new mobs vs the old ones…

I havent pushed lvl 100s while rebuilding my chars so I am unsure on their damage potential but at lvl 75 I am not seeing what I would interpret as a 30% increase in damage… It does take longer to kill them meaning they get more chances at hitting the char (and doing more damage) but I am on the fence about them having substantially more damage…

With the VK build (definitely not tanky enough yet) I have purposely tried to tank the gorgons & matrons etc to see what happens but I am not getting heavily damaged beyond what I would expect… I am full resist, full crit avoid and at about 65% armour…

In my opinion, I havent nearly done enough comparison on other chars/builds so I could be talking crap but thats these are my initial impressions on this topic…

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I am pretty sure crystal elemental(lightning) can shotgun at its center as well. Pretty devastating for warpath users that always like to pass through enemies. Has died multiple times reflex warpath lunging to that enemy. On ,nother note, its cast speed without CD is too high.

There is also noticable fps drop when multiple crystal elemental (lightning) spamming their skill. Similar to the ice barrage by frost elemental.

There were adjustments made to difficulty scaling that make the monos harder at baseline. The modifiers don’t scale that hard now in exchange.

I was not seeing only 5-6% difference, that would not have made such a dramatic difference. There’s something greater. I suspect maybe a configuration setting is off somewhere and its higher than the patch notes describe.

Gee, I don’t think it is a modifier issue. The base monster spec is a problem+enemy grouping.

Just finish running like a headless chicken in LVL60 verdant outskirt map. There are so many diamond and gorgon in that map. The mob group is either 1 diamond+3 gorgon or 3-4 gorgon cluster. They are also located next to each other so when I kite and avoid the huge beam and tornado, I attract another cluster. End up kiting maybe 10+ diamond and gorgon around the map. Their enemy mods are sometimes ridiculous too, I saw frenzy, twin, revive, shorter cooldown, higher damage when approached, rampant etc. Oh yea, forgot to mention it is also a spire map(only 2 “luckily”). Tornadoes, lightnings from unknown mob, satellite beams, and explosions everywhere. I am 8 lvl above the map but can’t complete it as a melee char.

Gonna stop playing until the balance patch. Currently it is hard to enjoy. Also, S
some enemy like the diamond should have mod restriction such as the shorter cd mod.

Yeah. But keep in mind that it is “more damage” that is multiplicative with the monolith modifiers.

The base damage of the new mob types seems to be higher, though.

As many have already stated, they are really deadly in endgame.

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the new mobs have different mechanics depending on if you engage them at range or melee. Range has become less easy.

I was one of the people that complained it was way too easy before. Only time I’ve gotten one-shot since patch is when I didn’t have any res and it was a slam from a boss, which is on me. I’m still cruising through the monos, underleveled, and it’s going okay here. I prefer it to be a challenge, because if it’s too easy it’s just a tedious grind to go deeper. Before the patch you could do empowered at lvl 80…

So, to be clear here:

  1. Same Monolith as pre-patch with same modifiers (maybe around 30 or 35% extra damage mods, 0 corruption, non-empowered)
  2. Old monsters (dealing void, physical, cold fire, etc.) not new monsters
  3. Low-Life Ward builds which are both melee.

This eliminates new mobs, poison damage (not enough resists), and nerf to Leech idols, as none of those things apply. There should be, according to the patch notes, a mere 5-6% damage increase to these two characters from the old mobs. Not “0.8.2: I’m fine face tanking pack after pack” → to → “0.8.3: rapidly killed”.