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Crystal Lotus is stupid OP

He hit me pretty hard too but with over 1k health, some endurance and 100% crit avoid you should be okay. I believe this mob can have his damage avoided by moving perpendicular to it, IIRC.

The new boss took some added vitality to get beyond. Majasa was a rough first few attempts. Also those melee minions that stick to you like glue and stack poison can really mess you up in arena.

@kulras I was doing Warpath around him and could never avoid the hits. The only way I was able to kill him was to rush him with 10 forge blades up (and the armor companion) and just hit him down a bit, die. Rush back, hit him down a bit, die, rush back, etc. There really was no ‘techinique’ for the Warpath melee build to avoid or engage in any strategy that allowed any chance of survival.

The problem is when you’re coming at it from scratch, you have 700 health, no endurance, and 0% crit avoid…

Oh yeah you’re not going far that way. Craft up some defensive stats. If you have none than this really needs to be looked at by EHG because a new player will be in the same boat, and what to do? Return to a previous area to farm materials? Seems odd for a campaign.

Yah I actually just deleted my character on the last boss (L56 or something FG). After 10 deaths it’s just not any fun. I mean I could have probably gotten past it, but I always enjoyed LE because the mechanics were manageable - it wasn’t the crazy OP damage like we see in PoE, etc. Sadly, it seems the devs way overtuned the final 2 bosses in the expansion. When a tank with max resists dies left and right (my Forge Guard with animated weapon/armor) and simply cannot survive those bosses without numerous deaths (or crazy unfun investments in defense without even getting to end-game) speaks volumes as to the lack of fun factor with the new bosses. I know it’s still BETA, but I was never deleted like this in any of the previous content with an actual tank character. I talked to another person running the same build and he blew it off “oh I died left and right there too - I just kept going…” So others are encountering this problem, too.

Yeah I died to the last boss on my sentinel at least 5 times. I had to go back and craft and change up passives and even then it was still rough.

Wait until you run across this bad boy in monos. He popped up in a 90 mono on my totem shaman and that was the closest I’ve ever been to dying outside of walking into something stupid. The area that you find him has a ton of adds and it seems he has a large aggro raddius. Damn thing was spitting elemental death left and right and dropped my fps to 10 cause of all the crap that was going on. If you run south/perpendicular to where the shots are fired you can avoid them as they are delayed. You cannot run any other direction or you will get killed. Multiple defensive layers and a cleanse look to be really needed as glass cannons are going to have a hard time getting up to Ch 9 mobs.

I’m not sure about that. I’ve just facetanked it all at lvl 54 (zone is lvl 55) with this build:

A mix of lvl 30-40 gear, minimal endurance, 850 hp, 102% elemental resists (not that he shreds), 54% block chance & similar block effectiveness, 40% DR from armour. If you could share your build, that would likely help.

I also wasn’t doing anything other than sitting there & whaling on him with Multistrike not exactly single-target friendly so I’m not sure my DPS was exactly stellar but I do have a decent amount of hp on melee hit & block. I don’t remember my hp dipping below 75% or so.

@Llama8 sadly I already deleted the character because the final boss has the same effect - ALWAYS Lightning damage (after another 5 deaths I just quit the character altogether - note this was after no issues with any content at all except this boss and the final). The weird part is my lightning resists were beyond maxed and my hit points were solid as well - I mean I was a FG tank build. There’s definitely something very wrong/OP with Lightning damage this patch - it all starts with the Lightning Detonate Arrow dude in the desert in the storyline (Act 3?). I wonder what they did to adjust lightning damage and some sort of secondary impact it has?

I’m not aware of any changes they made to lightning damage. It’s possible they added Electrify to those mobs, it’s a DoT so wouldn’t be affected by block or armour.

Not sure what to say - every single death I encountered with multiple characters this patch was due to Lightning damage. Definitely seems like there’s something wonky with it :slight_smile:

I’ve actually hit some unexpected deaths in my empowered mono’s from lightning as well, but I just assumed I blinked/brain farted. But the deaths are more common, and they’ve all been from lightning damage.

I’ll pay more attention the next time one of these take me down.

I leveled a new character from scratch, but i had a bunch of leveling uniques I used so I don’t know if it changed our experience.

I did a Warpath Sentinel but it was really scuffed, I survived on potion spamming most of the time. That said while much harder than my first bleed Warpath character I didn’t know whether to attribute it to not having a shield, not having Ring of Shields or not having leech in the gear/passives. Or the enemies just being much harder.

But I confess I didn’t have as much trouble as you seemed to have. My deaths happened on the last boss where my movement speed was too slow to get out of cones and AoEs fast enough.

It got to a point I redid the last area twice to get enough XP for level 58 so that I could equip the two hander sword Vulcanos that made a big difference with the leech.

Yes, I also experience lightning damage to be wonky sometimes

Something I wonder - is the game currently designed to level up your character and gear via the Monolith before doing the new chapter? It’s strange that’s still unlocked after the Act 8 boss… apparently that’s what HC players do - unlock monolith and put Act 9 off until they can level and gear up… seems a strange (and unintuitive) design.

No, they tweaked the monolith levels to start after chapter 9.

Monoliths are unlocked when you reach the end of time in chapter 4. You’re likely going to be in your 20s, but you can totally do monoliths then if you want.

Monoliths are unlocked when you reach the end of time in chapter 4. You’re likely going to be in your 20s, but you can totally do monoliths then if you want.

LOL I had no idea - but now that you mention it, I remember - it’s unlocked when you get your mastery heh. All I know is (from what I’ve been told by others) HC people are currently (and generally) only able to survive Act 9 by running monoliths to level up and get gear before tackling it after doing Act 8. IMO that reveals a pretty serious design flaw :slight_smile:

That’s what I did BTW with my latest character; before Chapter 9 I just started running monoliths and they worked great to get gear and such - and were much easier (and safer) than the Act 9 bosses, etc.

Why do you have Smite on Throwing Attack idols? You don’t have throwing attacks. :slight_smile:

Sentinel Passive “Axe Thrower”

Ahh. Random other question: Does the “Prayer” node in Paladin tree trigger on Smite heals?