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Act 9 enemies in monolith too strong

Please not this only applies to the monolith and NOT the campaign
I feel like some of the new act 9 mobs are MUCH stronger than enything else you encounter in monos. This gets to the point where i feel the difficulty of an echo depends too much on the percentage of those mobs:
none of them? easy echo
some Embermages/scarabrider/healy Snakes around? bettter be careful
almost exclusively act 9 stuff? Just Portal out if you are not FAR overgeared and try rolling less hard enemies next time
This makes for some crazy and totally unpredictable jumps in difficulty without me actually changing anything.
Importantly, this is NOT about monos being to easy/difficult, JUST about the insane spikes of difficuty i encountered, without me actually doing anything. I did not push corruption, or chose some dangerous mods for the enemies. i just had bad luck with the random pools of enemies containing many act 9 mobs.

To me, this feels really bad, and makes running echoes much more stressful then it was before.
i’d much rather have a flatter distribution of power between the mobs, and not have the power of them just depend on the act they were released with.

This does of course NOT mean everything schould be the same, some variation ist great, and makes for less monotnous gameplay, but to me the difference between the strongest and weakest mobs ist too much right now.

Also, i found the new scarab riders really aggravating, since the can hit you from offscreen (i think) with a almost untelegraphed, really fast hit. the wengaris throwing axes, in comparison are slower, or at least much more visible and therefore allow me to try dodging them.


Yeah, there’s several threads on this subject.