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Is Majasa overtuned?

Just won against Majasa after multiple rip. It is awesome fight btw, but can’t help but feel she is overtuned. Not in term of damage. Her damage are huge and the mechanic are avoidable with enough move speed. On the other hand, her res shred component are OP. I notice poison stack, armor shred stack, and physical res shred stacks up very quickly and ramp up her damage. It makes playing melee against her miserable as after a few sec of hitting her, we have to run away and wait til the stack ends. I won’t want to fight her in mono with increased move, attack or cast speed. Also, I am playing melee so it is more noticable than fighting her with ranged skill.

Few things that I think can be improved other than reduce her ailment chance per hit.

  1. Portal before Majasa fight please. Portaling back to town to restock potion+equipment adjust brings you back to the previous area which is lenghty with tanky giant snakes.
  2. A way to make movement speed not critical against Majasa. She is one of the type of enemy that encourage zoom-zoom build. Reduce her movement and reduce her aoe?
  3. I notice the enemy in ch9 also accumulate stack fast. Especially the scalebane sorcerer. When there are more than 2 of them, I notice my poison stack up to 15-20 in less than a sec. That is 30 to 40% poison res reduction. They are mobs that die faster than boss so it is still manageble, but don’t know bout them in juiced up mono. Other occurences would be crystal cave enemy with shock and the huge lady snake enemy (can’t remember what she shred, fire maybe) in the temple.

They aren’t fun in monos honestly. Found them every now and then in my 90 monos and they hit like a truck or are annoying. Snake lady that reduces nearby ally damage and has the giant beam still twins at half health like in Ch 9 and scarabs puncture hits hard.

Haha, yea. The first time the snake lady twinned and both beamed me is when I voiced out wtf.

Frankly, I felt the current difficulty of ch9 campaign would be fun if it is in lvl 90 mono, but not in lvling campaign. If the current difficulty jacked up in mono, I can imagine the tears of HC players. Makes me recall POE sometimes

Other way is to introduce ailment avoidance affix, but with the current limited slots and other def affix competing, I don’t think that would be appropriate.

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try using the new cleanse on potion use affix. Generally agree that i really want to fight her in monos, but to tune it down for the campaign.

In mono, maybe. In campaign, I have only seen that affix drop once (maybe loot filtered so I don’t know how rare the affixnis). That belt’s other affix will brick my resist so I can’t use it. The amount of times the status are inflicted in the boss fight are also too frequent and will destroy potion supply(need it for hp). Then the affix, chance for potion drop is needed.

So the option is either kite excessively or potion spam which I think is not ideal. I don’t mind kiting once in a while as part of the mechanic but kiting the 2nd phase for 90% of the fight as tanky melee is not fun. Not to mention her slow is quickly stacking as well. Might as well built speedy glass cannon which is the failing of POE.

If the stack speed and frequency is kept as current the effect can be reduced instead. Especially armor shred, 100 per stack for player is too excessive when at that point of game, generally player would only have 300-600 armor.

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If you use the T key to create a portal, you can return through it to the same place.


Huh, I could have sworn it did not work the last time I tried it. Then, I boot up LE again and I realized I have been relying too much on the teleport anywhere feature using the map button. The town portal will not show on the map itself which makes me assume wrongly.
I don’t think the teleport anywhere feature will stay in the full release, but if it is, UI upgrade please devs. :grinning:

The entire set of mobs from chapter 9 are overtuned. In monos, whenever I encoutner them I simply portal out and go again. I was effortlessly doing 200-250 corruption monos, now I can’t take a single increased damage, or I will get stunned (through 1062 stun avoidance) and ripped on the spot.

Didn’t realize that was an option—pro tip for me!

Admittedly, I was not - like the others - with an almost naked avatar at Majasa and consorts, but there were no problems.
→ I think the whole procedure behaves about like the first visit to “Rahyeh, the Black Sun”, there have also the very most at the first time “looked at the radishes from below”. Everyone will get used to it.

All in all, the opponents seem to have become a good deal stronger, some of my avatars are also getting their knickers in a twist at the moment. Time to figure out their “builds” better (or for better items).

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It was different from Rahyeh though. With Rahyeh, the mechanics are actually avoidable. He gives enough prep time before starting each attacks. There are also consistent attack pattern. All that is needed aftter learning that is to be patient and enjoy the fight.

With Majasa, the first phase is manageable albeit quite annoying with her fast cast speed,l and slow-stop debuff The biggest problem wih first phase would be the sheer number of huge damage attacks on screen especially when the four crystal appear. The attack cannot be waited on unlike rahyeh as we have to destroy the crystal in the middle of all her shenanigans. It is like the abomination boss but with the caveat that the boss can kill you if you got 2-3 hit.

Second phase has a huge issue as she has lunge attack, high move speed and attack speed and medium aoe. There is nothing to learn here other than kiting. I have also thought of chill, but at that point, it will take a lot of time to add chill to my arsenal without ruining my build.

I mean the whole argument of sentinel not having a non targeted instant move skill like other classes is his natural tendency to tank. But there is no tanking this boss especially in ch9 with subpar equip. Sentinel not having natural useful cc node such as chill in most of his skills is also a problem in addition to being melee.

Edit: also, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the fight with Majasa (other than phase 2) but having such difficulty in the campaign feels wrong.

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When I got used to Rahyeh after an attempt or two, he was easy. When I got used to Majasa after six or seven attempts, I had to redo a bunch of gear, and she still wasn’t easy!

We went to Majasa with two characters.

1.) The whirlwind barbarian was freshly created, has played through the entire campaign this WE and has basically no really good items.
→ He died once or twice (don’t remember exactly) at Majasa.

2.) My necromancer was reasonably well equipped and had been around for a few days longer.
→ Not even a single skeleton died on him.

That’s all I can say about it.
→ I’ll probably do this a few times with other characters over the next few weeks, since it gives a passive skill point. :wink:

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I have no doubt some build have easier time against her.

But again, this is campaign ch9. We still have ch10-12 to come. Are we going the PoE route where only a few build can survive even on campaign?

Edit: also perhaps change the fire crystal to ice crystal? It is a natural evolution from Lagon fight. So after Lagon, we will need to add physical, poison resist and some crit mitigation(?). Rahyeh(fire) can be the fire boss. I understand it does not fit the theme though.

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The title is a bit subjective as it is new content.
Took a VK Devouring orb caster through with minimal difficulties until the last boss. I played with it some just learning the mechanics so it took a bit. It was all deathless. The VK I stopped purposely at end of Lagon at 56 and ran it through with the gear it had on it and changed the passives/skills to match the new ones. Did the whole chapter while releveling two skills from level 9 resets.
There were no major surprises that you could not counter with unless you were completely caught unaware (should be paying attention). There were plenty of tells from the mobs You had to watch them. The only mob I say has a serious issue is the knockback the scrabs get, if there are 3 of them fighting for your hitbox area, it can get quite messy. Think of siege golems.

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Not even a single skeleton? That’s so bizarre, considering my 30% armor max phys resist max poison resist max lightning resist 700ish hp Forge Guard who was also fresh this patch was dying in just a couple of seconds in the poison pools, two shot by the orbs, etc. Could that be indicative of a bug somewhere, or were your skeletons somehow extremely tanky?

EDIT: I’m at max replies for the day RIP. I don’t want to lose sight of the important issue at hand though: regardless if she is or isn’t beatable, I definitely had a lot less fun fighting her than I did other bosses, and I think that that is because of her damage output. I might be wrong as to the solution, but my experience stands no matter what.

This boss is kinda crazy imo, im having hard times with my javadin… Her petrifying skill and meteor are barely dodgeable, multiple debuff stacks and when i can reach P2, i cant do anything against her crazy attack speed and movespeed… Ive never struggled that much versus a boss, maybe i’m doing something wrong :thinking:

The incoming damage on the boss feels a bit high. I didn’t die to it, but I probably had better gear(2,5k ward- low hp) than most of us going there on our first playthrough. In P2 there were multiple times I got to oh-shit position where the incoming damage was really high and with my near 1k ward per sec I couldn’t outheal it.

Granted my resistances and endurance were low, but it was a leveling character that that point… So can’t really expect to have everything maxed. There may have been something I could’ve done better to dodge mechanics, but as I barely survived and killed it on the first try, I felt like I didn’t want to try it again.

Yea, that is too low. Plus stack on some health regen, use a carapace shield, if you are 64 for cap poison resists for that section.

You can spec Holy Aura into cleanse in the top left portion of the tree… that helped me in P2 (got rid of shred stacks)