Monolith Of Fate Boss Guide [0.8.1] including all 3 new Timelines!

So i created this complete Monolith Of Fate Boss Guide, since alot of player keep struggling with these bosses.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to leave them here or on the YT comment section.

I hope you enjoy this format and maybe you can learn a thing or two :smiling_imp:

If you have more questions feel free to post them here or ask me live on Twitch: Heavy_GamingTV - Twitch


OK Big job but you got it all done! Gratz for making a major contribution to this community once again!

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Seriously, I’ve already linked his threads a few times today to people. Keep it up, Heavy.

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Thank you for the kind words both of you.

I will definitely continue to maintain what i have created, especially the loot filters, but don’t expect major YT content^^

I do however have some plans for Unique/Set Item “showcases”, to show people some crazy ass weird hipster build possiblities. This will be written form only though, since i hate video editing.

Yea, I don’t blame you, this looked like it was a lot of work with all the editing but will definitely be useful and I can link this now instead of poorly putting into words how to fight a boss or looking for a video that has that fight. I also realize watching your video that I’ve somehow just lucked through some bosses multiple times, not even noticing an ability existed.

Especially when I play builds I make from scratch, this will be helpful

I haven’t searched the forum for this but have you considered an FAQ of sorts. I notice most people on discord ask the same questions such as:

Can dots crit?
Does X damage type apply to X?
How do I tell what my abilities scale with?
Does X damage scale dots?
How do I do X on lootfilter? (In which case I link you)
Does specing into X node apply this skill as well?
Does endurance protect ward?

And a lot more common questions on passives, skills, ward, armor and endurance, again I haven’t checked if there is one existing but I imagine if there is, it’s most likely you.

I did create one for our german speaking community discord.

Haven’t thought about creating one for the forums, since it will most likely just drown very quickly.

But i will keep the idea up and maybe do it some day, maybe.

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You can always ask beforehand or when it’s done to consider having it stickied at top to help new players from creating multiple threads of the same thing of them having to go on discord to wait for answers.

Not sure if they will but you never know.

The devs already did state, that they dislike having stickies, since that does not age very well.

Also alot of forums user “skip over” the stickies easily.

But i think we should probably stay a bit on topic here, so we don’t derail this further.

So did you already fought/beat all of the MoF bosses once already? Or you still working on getting to the bosses on some timelines?

Ah, that’s unfortunate but I can see that

I’ve beaten everything empowered a few times now, I’ve skipped over god hunter because I’m lazy but need to go and get that new chest piece…and the blessings, I always get the wrong blessings so I’m always fighting someone

Worse, I switch between people too much

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OK Abomination down! :smile:

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A great guide! Great editing and visual skills as well!

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U serious? :smiley:

My amazing paint skillz are unmatched for mere mortals!

Pretty sure I could match them!

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Awesome, we’ll let you spearhead the one on mob types,. I knew we could count on you.

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Do you just want to tease Llama or would you actually be interested in a video about base mob types? Ô,ó

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Having come from d3 and being competitive there, I’m always interested in mob mechanics, movements, behavior, etc

I don’t wanna sound… rude…

But in D3 literally no mob, even bosses matter. The only thing that matters are ground effects :smiley:

When you’re doing gr130-150 and you want the shortest time possible, it definitely does

So you just want to know how much health mob types have and skip them? :stuck_out_tongue:

But their actual skillset does not matter :smiley:

Lol, it was much more than health, I wanted to know all their strengths and weaknesses…that was also an addictive game for me but too much botting, horrible crafting system and unnecessarily large numbers among other things

Long story short I figure it would benefit people who aim for arena if they’re trying hard (I hate arena though)

Chances are the mob mechanics are likely to change between now and MP

Edit: @Heavy if you were by chance looking for another guide to consider making, how about an updated crafting one?

Plenty of people need help with that