Monolith Of Fate Boss Guide [0.8.1] including all 3 new Timelines!

I didn’t saw your sneaky edit.

I am generally not against making more content, but i really want to avoid anything that requires major editing.

A crafting guide is probably within the possibilities though.

But crafting didn’t change in a long time, escept the addition fo critical success some patches ago. I am really not up to date with the other content creators, since i don’t watch any LE videos myself, but i am sure there are already pletny of crafting guides, aren’t there? Oo

Like you I don’t go search for any videos on YouTube for LE content and I also don’t watch streams unless someone explicitly asks me too so I’m not sure.

The only videos I watch are what’s posted on the forums which is basically all Boardman

Edit: or the discord I guess as I’m fairly active there

I personally would probably stick to written guides (with pictures) here on the forums.

And only do videos guides, where video footage is crucial (like in this case MoF Boss Encounters)

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This is probably just my personal preference but when it comes to things I may need to repeatedly reference such as when I was following your loot filter guide I much prefer written guides over videos.

Crafting is a bit tricky as I’m not sure what I would prefer over the other. I can see the video having a lot of benefits but if I forget the content I hate having to go back and search a video for it

I am a strong believer in written guides.

You can more “freely” use them at your own pace. Go back to sections you might not have fully understood etc.

In video going back and forth between different section can be really annoying.

But in the case of MoF Boss fights i just thought that there is no way around a video.
I could have done the same guide with screen shots of abilities, but “showing” how to deal with them is impossible on images.


I agree the video was definitely the right choice with that

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Are the bosses exactly the same in their empowered version?
I mean, they sure have more HP and deal more damage, but does empowered mode bring them new abilities or change to the skill rotation?

No, the mechanics are the same, just with bigger numbers.

OK, thanks. That would be quite nice, but they may become too difficult. I can’t think of a HnS wich adds skills to bosses in higher difficulties, btw.

So as Llama already said, mechanically the bosses do not change.

In fact some of the gameplay in my video even is empowered, but it just doesn’t make any difference.

I think some of the devs said, that they might consider different mechanics or maybe a ability replaced with a slightly different version for empowered or even for multiplayer, but that will most likely come in the far future, if at all.

Also the skill rotation does not change on empowered.
The only thing that can change the overlap/rotation of certain abilities are the Frenzy and Enrage Modifier, which why i recommend not taking those for the majority of timelines. At least when you are unexperienced with the boss fights.

Also slowing the boss down via chill, time rot, temporal blight or any other means can change some of the rotations.

As i explained in the video “The Black Sun” Timeline boss skipped some mechanics several times.


OK Bro All 10 bosses down. Thanks again for this great guide it was very helpful. Should be a sticky imo.

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Loads of new player swarming the LE Community!

Just wanted to give this a bump.

If you guys are struggeling with the MOF Bosses, here is your cure :smiling_imp:

So Patch 0.8.2 is just in front of the door.

While we already have some sneak peaks of the Shades abilities, i am thinking about making a Guide Video on the Shade.

How much would people appreciate this instead of discovering all the cool abilities themselves?

I am genuinely curious.

shrugs Some will want it, others won’t…

I like to discover by myself, then see how a skilled player feels it, so I would be interested.
But this will be quite a complex video to build if you have to be sure you reviewed all the skills of the Shade. You won’t be able to release it before a while. Or maybe not one video, but one per skill.

The fact that The Shade of Orobyss has a pool of 30 abilities, & as far as I know the abilities chosen for any given encounter are random, making a guide for all of them will be one hell of an undertaking.

Not necessarily, IMO, you’d just detail the individual abilities & tell the user what they are & how they work.

I will just record all my shade fights and edit out all abilities individually.
Finding all individual abilities shouldn’t be that much of an issue, depending on how often you can fight the shade.

It will be kind of a messy video, but I’ll figure something out.

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Sorting them by element would likely be the simplest.

I will be streaming Empowered Monolith Of Fate directly, when the patch drops, if you are interested in seeing the new Monolith and the Shade Boss Fight on empowered, come stop by at Twitch, since recording enough footage for all different abilities and editing a video might take some days for me.

I gladly show and explain stuff on stream, since that’s my thing :smiling_imp: