Migration to Steam

Hello Travelers,

Over the last few development cycles, we’ve been working on merging both our single-player and multiplayer builds of Last Epoch into a single game on Steam. Starting with 0.9, creating an account with an e-mail and password will no longer be necessary, as the client will be able to log-in using your Steam information. Beginning with the 0.9 Beta Patch, Last Epoch will only be available through Steam, and we will discontinue support of the standalone client. This means we will also have to update everyone’s account to work within the new system.

Moving Last Epoch entirely onto Steam gives us (and you, our community) several advantages. Migrating allows us to fully take advantage of Steam’s robust tools and platform without having to duplicate all of our work onto a standalone version of the game. This makes it easier for us to add various features and ensures they work the same for all players. Rolling out client updates is faster on Steam, both for us to prepare and for you to download. We already offered cloud backup of offline saves via Steam Cloud but did not have an equivalent for the standalone version of the game. Since both version of the game use the same save file location, previous game data will carry over to the updated client. Finally, using Steam’s system in 0.9 for login means we no longer have to worry about collecting and storing passwords, which is more secure for everyone.

Getting Set up

If you’ve already linked your Last Epoch account to Steam, activated a key on steam, or purchased through Steam directly - you’re already set and don’t need to take any sort of action.

If you’ve only ever used the standalone client, we’ve made it easy to get everything set up through Steam. Just follow these quick steps, and you’ll be ready come March 9th for Patch 0.9 - Convergence!

  1. Visit https://migration.lastepoch.com
  2. Log in using your Steam Account
  3. Enter your Email associated with your Last Epoch account
  4. Check your email for the verification code
  5. Enter the Verification code on the Migration Portal

The migration will automatically begin, and within 10~ minutes should show up in your Steam Library: ready to download, update, and play!

If you encounter any sort of issues getting your Last Epoch account to redeem in Steam, please reach out to our support team, who will be ready to offer support for getting you all set up here: https://support.lastepoch.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=1260807240890.

Offline Mode

As we’re talking about changes to the client here, we also want to quickly mention our plans for the future of the Last Epoch’s offline mode. With Beta Patch 0.9, Offline mode will continue to work as it currently does, where it has some online services such as friends list support, and chat. However, as we move towards 1.0, we’re planning to make offline truly offline. This will mean offline mode will not require an internet connection at any point (beyond initially downloading the game). This also means offline mode will not support connected functionality but will offer a genuinely offline experience to players who want it. You will only be asked to connect to our servers when you select to play multiplayer and play on our servers.

Keep an eye out later today for our next Pre-Patch Hype Week Blog Post as we continue to dive into some of the great things coming in Patch 0.9 - Convergence on March 9th, and we’ll see you there!


The first sentence says “the client will be able to log-in using your Steam information”. The second sentence says “we will discontinue support of the standalone client”. What client are you referring to in the first sentence?

The Last Epoch client, which will still be available through Steam, will be able to use your Steam login and will not require a separate account set-up. Downloading a standalone client will no longer be available.

Makes sense, thanks!

I trully thank you for this it means a lot, and it means a lot that u keept your promise <3 will support the game the best I can when is unique item creation support pack comming back? I want to make something fun :slight_smile:

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Really sad for the death of the standalone client. It was my preferred way to login to the game.

On offline mode, I’m curious how that works. I’m not an expert or anything close to the engineering of online games. But with a completely offline mode available, how does that affect mtx availability to offline clients (would players basically have access to all of them since they can edit client at will)? And is the availability of offline client open to people being able to host private servers and the likes?

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I think they said that whilst being offline you wouldn’t have access to your mtx.


Ah. Interesting.

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In the Redeem instructions, where it says:

“Make sure you are logged in to the Steam launcher before redeeming the game”

does it just mean the Steam app that shows Store, Library, etc. or does it mean a Steam LE launcher?

I’ve tried following the directions, with the Steam app open (logged into Steam in it) and the Redeem repeatedly fails. I’ve contacted support, but waiting for a response (probably won’t hear back until Monday).

Bought LE two years ago directly but now have to abandon the standalone client. Hoping I don’t lose all my characters in this transition mess.

The Steam app.

No, those are saved in the same place for both.

My account is showing this message, but it doesn’t appear to be showing up in the Steam library.

Linked to [redacted]

Purchased in Steam

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Have you tried restarting Steam?

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I know it’s technically publicly available but I removed your steam ID just in case. Staff can still see the value if needed.

If you’d like support getting this handled. Please reach out directly via our support site and we can get your sorted out in a private and secure environment.


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I cleared my Chrome browser cache, which made no difference (Redeem still failed). Then I tried restarting Steam, which restarted and then auto-logged me in. After that Redeem finally worked!

Thanks Llama8 for the suggestion!

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Bought the game through the website. Says its connect to my steam and shows my steam account. Game does not show up on steam and says i have to buy it. Can launch standalone client now but changes tomorrow with launch. Contact Eleventh hour games, they dont reply. Contact steam and the give me a auto response after 5 hours saying i must purchase games from steam and not 3rd party. Guess supporting this game since 2019 was a waste if i cant even play it when they move it to steam.

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Yes, it does work. I’ve seen some people have this issue and it is generally resolved after a Steam restart. If you have opened a ticket through our support site, someone will get back to you to help.

Also unable to redeem the game on Steam. Wondering if anyone has found a solution outside of restarts, cache clears, etc.

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That sounds a little different that the one above you. If you aren’t getting a successful link from the website, you might want to log into steam first through your web browser in another tab first before going through the linking process.

It’s not really a redemption process, it doesn’t give you a key but links your Epoch and Steam accounts.

I opened a ticket 7 hours ago and they asked for screen shots which i provided and no reply after. I tried restarting steam and all that and signing out of all accounts, using a different web browser

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it says on my account screen its linked to my steam account number, yet its not on my steam games list and when i go to store it says i must buy it.

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