[Loot Filter] Additional Functionality request

So after playing alot already with the loot filter and i am being generally very happy with it.
I would like to suggest some more advanced functionality, that helps with making a more strict loot filter and making more complex loot filters easier to “read”

For some of the more advanced stuff i will give some concrete examples, just so that everybody knows what i exactly mean. (as demanded by Hackalöken C= )


  • “Unchecked” rules (were the box for it’s activation is not ticked) should have totally different background. I suggest a pure red (possibly changing the colouring for “Hide” rules a bit too, to make them more distinct)

  • Recolor rules should also have a different background than “Show” Rules

All of the following suggestions should either be included as their own condition or some subcondition inside the affix condition

  1. Affix Pairings (+ possible multiple affix pools)
  • Check if an item has at least X amount of affixes from the selected pool.
  • Possibly even make “multiple” affix pools -> Check if Item has at least X amount of affixes from selected affix pool Y and at least X amount of affixes from affix pool Z.
  1. Affix Tier Count
  • Check if an item has at least an total affix tier level of X (All affix tiers combined).
  • *E.g. an item with 3x T5 + 1x T4 has an total affix tier count of 19
  1. At least X amount of tier Y affixes on an item
  • Check if the item has at least 2 Affixes of tier 5 or higher for example.
  1. At least X amount of empty affix slots // Check total number of affixes (seperatly from item rarity)
  • Check if an item has at least 1-4 free affix slots // check if item has only 1-4 affixes (this is for some edge cases, where you want the item to be still a little bit customizable, while being pretty strict with the filter)

Feel free to post your own more advanced suggestions here.

  • I think I want to have a rule for Implicit value when select a specific base. for target farming crafting base.
  • Add more color or let us select background color since I was colorblinded myself so for now I can only use very little color mostly red for what I really want. Other color just blend together so hard for me to justify which rule affect this.

I also would like to have a way to copy conditions. We can duplicate whole filters but not a single condition.
Also toggle loot filter button is not working for me anymore. I changed a few times but nothing happens when I try to use it.

We’ve seen a lot of similar requests made in a few different threads and agree with a majority of them. We’ll see what we can do!


I’ll pile on rather than making another thread: a condition to check if the item’s requirement matches the current class.
The idea would be that a base filter could provide emphasis for “rare” class specific stuff, and give it an extra “oomph” when the gear happens to match the player’s class.

Yes, I’m lazy.

For the sake of modularity I would propose the following:
Allow to activate more than one Lootfilter.

What I mean with that:
If you play multiple classes with multiple different lootfilters, most of them will probably share some rules (e.g. Show all Uniques/Legendary/… Gear).
Then a Filter which filters only the class specific items which are most of the time quite good.
Maybe even a whole filter dedicated to an Alt.

And to make this easier and dont have many redundant rules in between the Filters it would be nice to have more than one Lootfilter active, would save some configuration effort.

How could this be implemented?
I have two propositions for this:
Either allow to add a Loot Filter to another Loot Filter. This would have the advantage to control the priorisation. Maybe even add an recolour overwrite for all of the included rules to further make them noticible different (e.g. items for an alt or crafting affixes I want to shatter).

Or allow to activate different Lootfilters in a list and drag them to be able to priotize them.


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