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Leveling system that doesn't involve campaign

Please consider adding something similar to what Diablo 3 has - “adventure mode” where players can level by doing bounties / rifts rather than going through the campaign for each new character. This can be accessed by new characters as long as the account holder has beaten the campaign at least once.

Most players (maybe not most, but a significant amount) don’t care about stories in ARPG’s and I am one of those players. I would like to be able to level my new characters without having to go through the campaign every single time. Make it optional if players want to go through the campaign or the new way.


It seems to be a very long discussion.
I agree with you, but sincerely I found that playing the campaign many times is still fun. Far more fun than D3’s campaign, or Wolcen’s campaign for example.
But I still would like to have another leveling system.

This IS a good campaign, and I won’t mind replaying it. However there are at least 12 classes already, and I’ve got at least 4 build ideas for most of them, 2 I’ll find out when I do, so atm I’m going to have to clear the campaign another 40 times… I can agree that it might be ok to have a new game+ with a lot less dialogue and running around so people can get to testing the build a little quicker.

I doubt it is a good campaign in the current state. At least in comparion to other H&S games.
Lots of lengthy filler zones & forgettable narration.
Feels soo boring even if we consider the campaign is not done yet.
The campaign could be half the length and still be boring because in most zones is nothing to do anyways and they are plain transition/filler zones.

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I’d say better than the campaign in Diablo 3 or Wolcen. Maybe not as good as Van Helsing trilogy, but far shorter which is nice, because in Van Helsing it was very good but too long.
I agree there are fillers, but I don’t forget it’s a beta, not finished, with several locations to be filled and several placeholders.

I come back to this topic.
Currently, my main activity in the game (and my main pleasure) is to try its almost infinite possibilities. Which means I test many builds, build ideas, concepts, variations, etc. And I keep some of them that seem relatively viable or fun to play.
In order to do so, I need to be able to level new heroes. Of course I could use the campaign for this and I still will do, but I’d like to have an alternative. Sometimes level through the campaign, sometimes through a different activity. Having more than one leveling “tool” would be a very nice quality of life feature and would be a way not to get bored too soon with the campaign.

1 of the issues they would need to overcome, is how to distribute the extra skill pts you get along the way from doing side quests that reward them during campaign.

Give them to the player at the character levels that the quests are given in the area levels. So if you would pick up a quest that gave a passive point in a lvl 10 zone, give it to the player at character level 10.

The alternative is to take some ideas from the GD forgotten Gods Merit system. In that scenario, once you’ve beaten the game on normal or elite you can buy a Merit from an NPC that unlocks the higher difficulty. It also unlocks all the rift gates and awards the quest points. In the case of LE, for example, it could provide access directly to Monoliths/Arena. The main issue is level and experience.

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You’d think with all these choices AARPGs have, they’d also have leveling choices. It was one of the few things D3 did right and nobody else has caught on to. Those of us playing these types of games aren’t really here for the storyline, I haven’t read a single thing any NPC has said so far after completing the campaign several times.

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I fully agree with OP and hope there will be a way to not play the entire campaign for every alt. Not only because it become boring and is meaningless, some people with jobs and a family like me simply dont have the time to do this over and over again, if the campaign is enjoyaBLE or not doesnt matter. That is why I am skipping the new POE league because all this nonsense grind is a torture to me. The ensgame is where arpgs become really good and fun and why do I have to overcome the same obstacles over and over again just to get there? I dont get it!

Wolcen did the same.