Dungeons - What We Know So Far

I’m very curious about the upcoming dungeon system, as I’m sure many of you are as well, so I’ve collected all the information I could find and placed it within this post. As more information becomes available about dungeons I’ll be sure to add it here – at least until its own dedicated developer blog is released. If I’ve missed anything please let me know and I’ll be sure to include it.

I’ve also created similar threads for the following:

Here is what we were told about dungeons in the 0.8.4 & beyond dev blog:


Since then Mike has answered various questions pertaining to dungeons during the dev streams. I’ve gathered all these below – transcribing them to the best of my ability, but I’ve also provided links (if the dev stream is accessible on their YouTube channel) or timestamps (if the video is still only accessible on Twitch) for all the content if you’d rather watch Mike answer them.

October 8, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

October 15, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

October 22, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

October 29, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

November 5, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

November 12, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

No questions relating to dungeons were answered.

November 19, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

November 26, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - Twitch

December 3, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - Twitch


This is Marvelous! :heart:

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As usual, you have proven to be a fount of knowledge… :wink:

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This teases me so hard :grin:.

So we know that we can setup a dungeon in different ways, determining the reward and also altering gameplay mechanics. At least this is what I got out of Mike’s answers.

So will there be a way to setup the dungeons before entering? Or will we be given choices during our journey through a dungeon?

The stuff about “using items you find in a dungeon” sounds like it’s more likely to be the latter (or maybe both?).

Reminds me a bit of Hades or Curse Of The Dead Gods. In these games you find items (weapons/utilities) dropping from enemies or as rewards for completing rooms in a dungeon. And you can choose between different pathways that lead to different rooms with different rewards.

I’m just thinking about this:
You get at least one dungeon item slot. During your journey you find items you can put in there granting you access to unique skills (only temporarily while in the dungeon). Maybe you are also given the choice for 3 different skills. Whatever you choose will also alter the boss mechanic so the skill plays a key part in defeating the boss.

After defeating the boss you need to sacrifice the skill item at a shrine. The dungeon reward then depends on the skill you chose and the pathway decisions you made along the way.

This dungeon stuff makes me very excited and I can’t wait to learn more about it :nerd_face:


I am very much looking forward to seeing what they’re doing with dungeons. That said, I find myself oddly fascinated (possibly even more so than by the dungeon talk) by the part about finding ways to assume player access to tools. I’m almost, if not slightly more, excited by that. Not sure why, but I am.

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Post was updated with several minor bits of information from the latest dev stream.

We also got some great spoilers for 0.8.4. Here is an upcoming Primalist skill, called Upheaval:

The tech used to create Upheaval’s visuals looks like it’s also being used in the recently shown off Entangling Roots rework:

And there’s more leaks :open_mouth: – in the Legendary Items & Crafting Updates threads.


Post updated with 30 questions relating to Dungeons from the latest dev stream on December 3, 2021. I’m not sure how serious Mike was about there not being a dev blog for Dungeons, but if there isn’t then this thread is the next best thing for those wanting to know more about them.

Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


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