LE-52 error with Polish ISP

Yep, this worked for me as well.

Worked for me too as temporary solution, takes a lot of tinkering and several router restarts before started working

Forcing IPv4 worked for me. I can now play without VPN.

Didn’t work for…still the same LE-52 error :confused:

It is NOT only orange ISP, I’m from Egypt using WE ISP, and also cannot get past the character select screen without using a VPN, I have never had any problems with ANY other online game before, and never had to use a VPN to connect to anything before, never had any problems with WoW, Diablo, PoE, Wolcen, LoL, HotS, etc.

We can’t even reach character screen

Also ipv4 worked only for a while now game is unplayable again

I’m just trying to explain to them that it isn’t Orange ISP from Poland that is responsible for their connectivity issues, since people from different countries and using different ISPs also have similar problems of not being able to connect to the game without using a VPN, because all I’ve seen from their replies is that they’re not at fault and that you should contact your ISP, which is extremely frustrating to read since what I just said that different ISPs in different countries have the same problem, also not to mention the fact that I’ve NEVER had any problems connecting with ANY other online game before, the problem is definitely on EHG’s part and they’re gaslighting that it’s not.

I’ve been one of their supporters for more than 3 years now and it never even crossed my mind that the issue I’d have with their game was that I can’t even connect to it, only to be met with non existent customer support.

Yes man, but maybe let EHG to solve problem where our ISP is blocked after they moved to new provider.

I see single people from other countries having LE-52 problem but what i DON’T see is people from other countries where there is whole ISP blocked from reaching LE log in servers.

So PLEASE, leave our thread clean and leave EHG to work on problem, you can always express your toughts in own thread or on discord, THANK YOU

Also i bought game in 2018 ( 1600+ hours )and never had any problems with connecting to log in servers

Popping in with another update alongside the Discord thread. We had one of our developers in Poland reach out to Orange, and was advised the most effective thing would be to have individuals who are effected to reach out to them.

We also attempted to reach out to Orange to have the servers globally added to their allow lists, however our request was denied. They did provide an email for our service providers to reach out to, and we’re still asking our service providers to also reach out to them. Their most recent replies veribitm have been

MS has no relationship with the ISP. In fact an ISP may be suspicious of a large IT company asking them to whitelist IP addresses the ISP detected as being suspicious. E.g.: ISP: “We blocked these IPs from company XYZ as suspected DDoS attack vectors.” Then representative from company XYZ calls and says “No, they are fine, really, trust me. Whitelist them.”

However if one, or many, of their customers point out an issue with their service as a result of those addresses being blocked, the ISP is more likely to listen. So one of the affected customers, or better yet, all of them, should reach out to the ISP and report the issue, and that it has been identified as one or more of the following game IPS/endpoints being blocked by the ISP. If the players are vocally very upset about it, have them direct their wrath at the ISP armed with the whitelist info.

We are continuing to try to get our service providers to reach out to the ISP.

I do also see reports that some users with other ISP’s are also experiencing similar issues, and would recommend the same course - to reach out to your ISP regarding them blocking connections to our servers.

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As much as I appreciate the update, I still don’t understand how come this issue is non-existent for 20-30 other live service games I played and still playing under the same ISP.
Like if Wolcen Studio doesn’t have this problems with whitelisting under Orange, how come Last Epoch traffic is not only blocked but also a request to whitelist is denied by ISP.
From this perspective, I do not believe the access to servers is blocked because of “how Orange routes traffic to EHG servers”.

Problem was fixed by Orange for some users by unlocking ports/ips they was blocking ( they calling it “not secure” )

Sadly not for all of us, some of us are getting stright up denied by Orange

in Tijuana MX and alo have this issue

Its complicated but the short version is:

Different companies use different servers, which reside in different data centres, which have different interconnect agreements with different providers which have different infrastructure with different configuration and different policies. Etcetera.

Welcome to the internet – it’s glorious when it works, but vastly more complicated than most people realise.

You have to force ip4 in your router (just tap this option force ipv 4) and shoud be fine

i have same problem with LE 52 error. My ISP is Orange. All games like diablo,poe works well for me.

You either need to contact with Orange so they will stop blocking ports or try force ipv4 on your router.

Second works for me as Orange refused fixing ports for me.

Hello my friends from Poland, I’m from Ukraine and I have the same problem with my ISP, but I install WARP (free VPN) from CloudFlare and it works well, just try it guys, gl hf