LE-52 error with Polish ISP

I was playng Last Epoch for over 2 years in standalone and steam, 500+ hours , there was 0 issues with connecting for me at all this time.
After Multiplayer 0.9 release i can’t connect to LE log in servers, can’t even play offline, seems like people from Poland with same ISP as me ( called ORANGE is one of major ISPs ) have exactly same issue.
We are rising topic there so EHG be avare there is problem existing and it was not there before 0.9 ( our ISP did not changed anything )


Same problem also LE-52 Error with Orange ISP

I’d like to confirm this issue as I have the same ISP. Some people managed to get into game via VPN.

ofc that VPN work but it cost money and i dont want to pay for it lol

same problem here

This issue occurs since the playtest and now its completely blocking me from playing the game, even in offline mode since it requires an initial connection to the servers.

PAssing this on to the QA and Dev team, thank ou for raising this up !

I have the same error. Same ISP (Orange, PL).

Same here. Orange ISP, Warsaw, Poland.

I have the same issue. Also Orange ISP, Poland

same problem, same ISP

cant get past logging in

Same story here, Orange ISP, Poland. Stuck on the swirling portal screen with [LE-52] error.

Thank you i hope it will be fixed soon.

I was part of the pinnacle race but that opportunity no longer exist for me.

I hope this problem will not return with every single patch/cycle

Same problem here. Cannot connect to login servers. Poland, Orange ISP.

Same. Issue since yesterday. Gotta go with VPN I suppose.

Same issue since multiplayer launch. Opened a ticket already and got answer back quick but restart the router advise didn’t work.
Anyways I love the game and appreciate the hard work.
So in the end I bought a VPN service (only way to play right now for me online or offline)
But only for a month. I’m not planning to pay for VPN to play any game.
So hopefully one month will be enough for the team to find a solution to this specific issue which seems like only effecting a small portion of community.

Same problem here, Orange IPS. During problem fixing, you can use the free protonvpn option to avoid an extra cost like me.

same thing, using proton vpn lets me play the game for now

I just logged in the game without VPN! seems to be working now

I still can’t log in