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Lagon fight at lvl75 difficulty

I’m pretty sure it’s been mentioned before, but regular Lagon’s fight (story) is already a tough fight, but it’s manage-able.
Lagon’s fight at lvl75 is just pure luck thing.
I mean his beam attack is not displayed in advance on the screen like most of the other boss big attacks, but still it can nearly one-shot you and most of the time if you don’t chose the right direction to avoid it = you are dead.
I find this fight very frustrating and annoying, despite the fact I’m an experienced players with chars lvl80+.

I have managed to kill him at this level many times (the good days), but this beam attack needs to be tuned somehow; considering it’s an attack that lasts for a few seconds and with maxed resistance it can still kill you in 1 second and this is not even predictable some times !!!
If the beam cannot be tuned down, at least make the fight last shorter. It’s way too long now, and with 3 steps. It’s just boring, sorry! If it was at least a shorter fight, you will face the damned beam less often when a wrong move = dead on a fight which lasts 5-10 minutes.

Have you see this:

Lagon is definitely the hardest Campaign boss (barring the recently added Chapter 9) and does have a bit of a shock factor compared to previous bosses in terms of raised difficulty but I dont agree that you cannot see his attacks coming… they are probably the easiest of all to predict… but hey… all perspectives for feedback is good…

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You should link my newer boss guide :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s predictable most of the times, but I experienced sometimes that he starts his beam attack just on me (= instant death). It happened to me 3 times this morning, so I decided to post. Or maybe I’m just getting old…

His eye turns red, before he even starts the beam.

Just watch my video and i explain what the boss exactly does.

You have 100% control over where the boss does his sweeping beam.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: whoops…

well thanks for the link (tho I knew how to fight him, like Isaid I beated him many times) but the red eyes thing is not always easily noticeable when you use skills with big visuals like war path…
So my complain is just to tune the beam damage down or make the fight shorter. I’m pretty sure that if a poll was made most of the players would back me up here :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not only the eye turning red, but the boss leans a bit back.

Once you get used to it, it’s really notable and readable.

I really referenced your previous post’s here:

While your feedback about this, is totally valid and the devs might need to do, to make it visually more clear.

But there is zero luck involved. It’s 100% predictable.

I rather have the bosses telegrahps to be adjusted, than any numerical tuning.
This would make the boss boring and at some point you can face tank his mechanics.


I would interpet the solution then as a problem with overwhelming visuals covering important telegraphs… This has been noted a few times in various threads - and not just with bosses… Too much going on to see DoTs or mob telegraphed attacks…

For me the solution would be that fixing the visual clutter would then resolve your problem - not nerfing the boss attack or shortening the fight…


@heavy: ok I have exagerated when I said it’s just pure luck and unpreditable. I was upset because I lost the fight 3 times in a row (normally I succeed like 60% time which I find ok ;))
But the fact that he slightly node and his eyes turn red were barely visible with void war path where all you see in the screen are big violet circles !

@vapourfire: so, yes either the visual for void war path is really too much or the telgraph from Lagon needs to display something more visible.

@both: thanks for your feedback you are totally right.


This. In fact, every one of his attacks has a blatant telegraph.


I find Rahyeh fight being more difficult because Lagon’s attacks are all predictable but Rahyeh’s purple pie attack… I don’t see the pattern there. I think it is random? Sometimes I don’t have my movement off-cooldown and get cought by the purple sector. Lagon is cute :smiley: I’d had much trouble with him until I found out about his red eye warning then the fight got pretty easy to me.

Oddly enough, I never had any issue with Rahyeh. Maybe I just don’t like Lagon :stuck_out_tongue:

And many players think the Reign of Dragons boss fight is the hardest one. So that depends :smiley:

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Correct! This one was difficult as well, I admit he was very tough. But Lagon still stress me more. :thinking:

Rahyeh “purple pie” is just circular. Stand on the “pie” piece one behind the “clear” space and move towards the clear space, and keep doing so.

Watch for it here:

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Ok nice! I will try that

The Pie Pieces telegraph always starts, when the boss flies into the middle of the platform and it spawns 2 pieces at opposite sites, continue to spawn counter-clockwise.

It is really predictable, except the first 2 pieces that spawn.

After that it’s just running around the boss counter clockwise and stay in the safezone, that doesn’t have any telegraph.

Don’t be too close to the boss and don’t be too far away. (In my video posted above I did some markings, where the best area for this is)

Most common mistake people do, is either being to close to the bost and getting hit by some telegraphs because of the hitbox, or running too hectic into the non-yet exploded piece.

For Lagon, here is a video on my Spirit Plague Lich, I’ll put some notes below:

  1. at 0:18 you can see his “neutral” position
  2. at 0:19 he does the “body shake and move to one side” which is the telegraph of the Beam
  3. at 0:24 is the large circle AoE (totally predictable) but you can see his body rear up before the “spit”.
  4. at 0:28 he lifts right arm for a claw attack
  5. at 0:33 he ducks under the edge - the telegraph of the quick blast attack

Those are all of the attacks he does. What makes phase 2 harder in Monos is the waves - be sure to duck around them as they pass by.


Thank you all, I killed him easily tonight, maybe just a bad period… Maybe too tired to read the telegraphs correctly. Still I don’t like him :stuck_out_tongue:

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