Monolith Of Fate - All Timeline Boss Fights Guide

I just did create an educational YT Video, since alot of people in the forums are talking about Monolith Of Fate and how unfair bosses are.

The Mode got already a lot less punishing with the last couple of patches, but still alot of people want some preparation before facing some of the bosses, to get an idea of the fight.
Also some people complain about not being able to defeat certain bosses after several tries.

The video is just raw gameplay with some short explanations. No fancy editing or anykind of professional or entertaining content.

I will most likely try to create more videos in the future, if there is any demand for it.
Let me know if you want to see other topics covered. (And hopefully my editing skills will become better)

Timestamps are in the Video Description and are just named after the initial Timeline level, to avoid spoilers for people that care about that kind of stuff.


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