Inventory visuals on item

Question to developers i hope someone will answer. I have noticed that plenty of amazing looking unique items are comming in the next patch like I mean really amazing looking maybe the some of them are the best looking in game genre (those gloves with mouth eg) so my question is why is not possible to make bigger more detalistic pictures in the inventory so u can enyoj those art designs but insted pictures of items in inventory are very small that u can see barely any details at all. Why to bother so much with amazing visuals that u have made when u are not putting those in game inventory (by the way i do not care how detalistic they are in 3d im talking only about 2d)
Thank u for answering

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I think this is a very though subject.

I agree that sometimes amazing art can get downgraded or lost, when scaled down to fit into the size of the game UI.

Just look at the amazing Relic Art:

I think some1 of the dev team talked about potentially releasing a Art Book (physical or PDF?), once the game is release, but I am not sure if there is a good palce to show Art in High-Res In-Game.

Maybe In the game guide under an new section, like Art & Lore?

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If u put item in crafting forge i know it doesnt show any more details than in inventory but that size if it would be possible to put it in imvetory i would settle even with that :slight_smile:

What about a new hotkey, when pressing it you get a fullscreen of the items tooltip and artwork and a “preview” on your current character, similar to a MMORPG “Preview Item” function, but also with the Item Artwork.

This will probably be something for after 1.0 tough… i guess. (Especially when all armours get unique 3d Art too)

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Yes those are relly impressive looking items

Thats an ammazing solution. Great idea i agree fully with it

What about going even one step further:

Once we have a achievement system in place, we could get a “Collection Tab” within that, for all of those completionists.

I libary of all Unique Items(And maybe Base Types, Legendaries, Idols etc) discovered, including their Tooltips, Stats + Roll Ranges, Close-Up of Artworks.

This would give a good foundation for some Itemization focused Achievements and it should be very statisfying browsing through this^^

This could be also used as a affix libary, to look up all the different possible affixes on different item types etc.


I like the sound of idea even better but i would prefer that they are not there just couse u discovered them but that u physicaly have to drag item from your inventory just to be there like in separated collection stash tab (similar to POE) sorry for the reference i know u are not fond of the game

Hm, so you need to “store” at least one copy of a given unique in there… not sure I don’t mind that.

I don’t mind comparisons where they are very valid.

Also I never said I am not fond of PoE, I did play that game a lot (hundreds of hours) and still do occasionally. There are just about 100 different small things that i despise about it :smiley:

I do so as well i have couple of things i despise in that game (online only, crafting system eg) why i would like separate stash for those items is couse they are to me some sorts of collectibles, trofys lets say and main reason is i would like if i want take any item frome there in case i want to use it. If u do it like achivements than those are just images which u cant use so u are going in stashh tab to take it and uae it but when u cross your mouse over it its again small pic, so if u want to admire how your item looks u would havr to go to achivement window again and look at it if u know what i mean :confused:

You would probably like my stash system then :smiley:

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Hahahhah yes, i have as well made it in the way one stash tab is for gloves, than other for boots etc… :heart:

I prefer filtering them by patch release, since the search function is very good for searching specific uniques across multiple stash tabs anyway

I understand what u mean, but i look them as collectibles so i have to have all of them one copy of each, thats why i very enyoj when i open body armor tab and all of those are there, then bow tab and i have all i dont know its just very satisfying to me that way… In grim dawn, titan quest and diablo series i hated it couse stash is to small to do that thats why i like poe system for uniques the best, hopefully something like that or your ideas that u have mention come in to place after game is release and that those pics on items become bigger and more detalistic. Sometimes in poe i foound myself looking at art of those uniques that i have collected :slight_smile:

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I have all of those except god damn omni wand lol

Haha, that’s not even all of them, since i do have some of them on characters or in specific build tabs.

I think i do own all uniques currently avaialble in 082 (at least ONCE) :smiley:

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Good job man. Im missing only few of them one of tham is that want and i relly want it for void knight caster build especialy now when abbysal orbs are geting visually updated :slight_smile:

Uhm, I personally like the item size to be smaller. I feel the current distance between item is a hassle when highlighting one over the other. Haha

Agree on the unique collectible tab. Something like POE tab would be nice

I believe the real issue is with small items like amulets and rings being low resolution. I understand the technical limitations that are caused by the 1X1 space it takes up in inventory(and that it scales based on monitor settings), but I want the zoomed in version you get when you hover over it to be decent resolution.

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Wow thank you so mucj for linking those pictures to us. They Look absolutely amazing and they include so much Detail and lighting. Its a shame how they Look in the game compared to the higj Resolution ones.

An artbook would be nice. I would even donate a small amount of money to appreciate their work/ time.