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Favorite Farmer?

I’ve have always been interested in hearing what builds wind up being everyone’s favorites?

What builds do you enjoy farming for gear and is there a difference for what you play as your main?

Warpath paladin with holy Aura.

Warpath, 13 points into left bottom area, to get max pull during Warpath,
than the last 7 points to top to the “movement speed” node.

Holy Aura for attack speed, ignite and fire explosion.

On you gear, movement speed on ring and boots.

Playstyl…right click to start the warpath at the beginning of the monolith, and than you spin-to-win to the end of monolith.

You pull on warpath hoover everything in your tail like a big fat blob…and you spam light show with fire explosion and “diving bolt” from Paladine.

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warpath is so much fun and great for farming - is that you main also or do you use the Paladin for your farming gear as well?


I find I use my Spellblade (flamereaver/firebrand) for farming (based on @Llama8 Firebrand/Flamereaver Tankyboi . I have cleared everything (plus empowered maps) and managed to get some nice farming related rolls (e.g. 99% roll on extra gold mof). Its not the fastest but its virtually indestructable and the skill sequence is easy to maintain without much concentration (so you can watch Netflix while you farm). While its not my highest level char at lvl90, its my only “permanent” build (I dont change it and it has high tier gear - not quite perfect) so far so I suppose that also makes it my “go to” build.

Secondary builds that I am liking for farming so far are:

  1. @boardman21 Regifter with Shard of Shattered Lance - very tanky and fast with lunge on autocast.
  2. My own variation on @boardman21 Lightning Chakram build and @Rimed 1.5 Mill DPS Chakram build - Chakam is really fun to play with - still messing with secondary skills to find my personal balance and need better gear but its fun.

I can’t really choose. I like Warpath, Void Knight (melee and caster alike). And since the discussion about necro pets being viable for endgame I fell in love with my Necro, again. The clearspeed is not the fastest of all builds but its surprisingly fast. And an absolute save and chilled playstyle.

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@Aqvamare is there a guide that is similar to your build? Im new and putting the pieces together for my warpathadin

I like Marksman or Bow playstyle in general, and Multishot is doing a pretty good job with that insane off screen clear :smiley: Let’s see for how long…

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So far my favorite farmer is my Cold/Lightning caster shaman. Never die I’m 70+ right now in the monolith. I fought and killed Lagon before I even knew he was the primary story boss and was like “thats it?”. But I use glacier, tornado, and storm totem to just run and leap around the map killing stuff. Never stay still so take very little damage. Every 10 or so second I hit a button or two and then back to running around like a madman. I’ve enjoyed it though I hear Shaman are somewhat underpowered, the early game they feel a little weak, the late game to me they definitely do not.

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You do not need a build to get it.

“create a new character” -> sentienel
“after loading” -> press “S” and than mouse cklick on “warpath”

Check warpath like me wrote, you want left bottom folling nodes -> pull+area, ignite, - mana cost during spinning -> ~ 11 or 13 points
Top right for movement, “movement speed” node, you need 7 points.

Thats warpath.

If you go up to your special class, Paladine:

Holy aura -> “S” -> click “holy aura” -> top right, ignite chance + fire bomb and damage, rest in attack speed

Sigil of hope -> left side to “instant cast”, this way you can cast it during warpath, after, everything you like (i would pick fire dmg stuff)

Juggernaut strike -> to “aura node” on left side, health regg and co

“ring of shild” -> what you like.

For gear -> ignite chance and fire dmg, plus attack speed.
For talent tree, what you like, test it out, if it do not work, reskill for money