Developer Stream - Feb. 10th, 2023 (Transcribed)

Below is a transcription of the developer stream on February 10th, 2023 that’s hosted by Mike Weicker. This weeks stream featured Judd Cobler, EHG CEO and game director, as an impromptu special guest.

I’ve transcribed everything to the best of my abilities, but you can click each questions source link to watch it for yourself.

Also, the entirety of this stream is spread across two posts within this thread as it exceeded the 50,000 character limit, so please continue reading beyond this initial post.


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Mike showcases concept art of the Falcon for the upcoming Falconer mastery of the Rogue class that’s releasing at 1.0

Feedback Request

You likely noticed that Judd posed several questions to the community throughout this stream. So, if you want to provide feedback on any of these then please do so.

  1. [Mike asked this one and while it was directed at those in the stream I’m sure he’d still love to hear your feedback regardless] I’m interested to know, people who are here, if you’ve been playing the multiplayer beta, how did it go? Did you enjoy yourself? Were you underwhelmed? Were there things that you didn’t expect to see that you’re excited about? Were there like, you know, give me some live feedback. I want to hear what’s going on.

  2. If there’s any type of falcon cosmetic skins you guys want to see we’d love to hear it.

  3. If anyone has any suggestions for what a really cool Meteor MTX would be I’ll put that near the top of the list.

  4. How do you guys feel about the future of Epoch having different playable race classes, instead of just humans? I’d be interested to hear about that one.

  5. If you guys have ideas for cool uniques definitely let us know.

Lastly, February 26th will be the 2 year anniversary of Mike doing these weekly streams. How the time fly’s.


Mike must be haunted in his sleep by PoE when trading is his biggest nightmare in hack and slays :smiley: . Thx for the script :+1: .


Very useful!
Thank you very much!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My Request

  1. It was very fun MP beta!
    I made melee character, my friend made ranged character.
    Great COOP experiense!
    At first, we traveled Monolith on low level, and we saw hell.
    Hard level is fun for coop.
    Personally, I think that games need the End Stage. (scale limited end boss)
    But I feeled that unlimited scaling is not bad for coop play on LE.

・Replaced skill visual are cool.
My expectations for MTX are higher than before.

・I wish if more skill node or unique items are exist that effect to allies on each characters.

  1. falcon cosmetic skins → Cat skin. :cat2: Cat charge!

  2. Meteor MTX → Titan’s foot. :foot:

  3. I’m fine with either.

proofread part of the text.


Feedback Request:

  1. I played the beta with a friend, I wanted to include my brother in our party as well but unfortunately our schedules didn’t line up.
    It went well, we didn’t run into any major issues and the issues we did run into other’s have already drawn attention to. My friend had a blast as he wanted to wait to play for the first time until MP was out to give it a whirl.
    Was I underwhelmed? Eh. Kinda. sorta. not really. Having just under 2200 hours in game of course I’m looking for more content, but I knew the circumstances of this patch, and the last year really, to curb my expectations. I am looking forward to what happens moving forward. For instance, I like the changes to shurikens for a full on lightning conversion build. Need more of that.
    I think the real winner is the optimization improvements. It felt good to be going through some maps and fights without stutters, felt like a brand new experience at times.
    I’m going to say that controller support needs some real love before 0.9 releases proper, it felt like it’s taken a step back compared to 0.8.5. I’ll post my feelings about it in a controller feedback thread.

  2. Hard for me to make a decision here until we get Falconer fleshed out. I tend to like thematic MTX on a per build basis. So if there’s a “ninja”-esque archetype within Falconer, then I’d like a falcon MTX to reflect that, like in full black garb. But obviously I’d like visual changes like we have with Cold converted Spriggan form as well at no additional cost.

  3. An Exterminatus orbital bombardment laser. Purge the heretics.

  4. I guess it depends on where you’d like the class and visual design to go. Right now we have the Nagasa as a reference point. How would the animations of this race look on paper? How would items? I mean this in terms of interest for the player as well as for you as a business. Like there’s more opportunity if we have races (no doubt more humanoid) that can be geared up with MTX vs a Druid form model swap situation. I could go either way on this, until we get more races in game I think the majority of people would just rally towards gender options for what we currently have.

  5. I had ideas for a stackable lightning DoT mechanic to be comparable to Frostbite/Ignite and you guys cut me off by adding in Electrify right as I thought of it. So, I’d like something that helps Multistrike fit into the Aurelius build better as Multistrike has no conversion options at the moment so it just becomes a vector to distribute smites and really nothing more. Aside from Aurelius’ mechanic being a little messy right now when dealing with non-bosses and rares, Multistrike just stops being effective at any measure before the end of the campaign and exponentially so by the time you get to the Reign of Dragons. Where as a Fulgurite Shard rogue now has Shurikens and Lethal Mirage fully convert to lightning (I didn’t get a chance to test the build on the beta unfortunately).
    Actually more lightning supportive uniques would be great overall. It’s the least represented of the core 3 elements by a good amount, I mean goodness void has more supportive uniques than lightning right now and there’s only one mastery that has any real major use of void.
    Edit: Also something to convert Holy Aura’s fire support nodes to lightning would be great as well.

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i woul really like to see an “ethereal” skin for the falcon. The skin would waver and shift and change transparency.

I really wish i had artistic talent because i have a very clear idea in my head of what i would want it to look like but it would be very difficult to make the artwork for it myself.

  1. I enjoyed the multiplayer beta. I only played one class (Sorc), and only partway through the campaign, since I knew the character would get wiped. But it was fun, and I definitely noticed performance improvements, which is great. The new void-fused earth model is cool. I really like the new NPC portraits for dialogue. I was hoping to see a lot of the cool gear that’s been teased in concept art, but I didn’t really notice any, though I didn’t play that far into the campaign, so maybe some of that shows up later.

I did run into a few bugs, but nothing that a quick close out, log back in didn’t fix.

I do miss the old sequence for picking your mastery where you have to run past the shadows of yourself, and I miss being able to use skills inside of town. And when we use town portal, are we going to be able to go back to the spot on the map where we opened the portal, because I really don’t like having to start from the waypoint or start of the map.

I didn’t actually play coop with anyone, as I don’t have any friends with the game and I usually play solo on arpgs anyways.

Overall, it was fun, but I was hoping to see more visual updates. Of course I may have missed a lot of new stuff since I didn’t play that far into the campaign.

More than anything I’m excited for the pace of new content drops to pick up once 9.0 is out.

  1. I definitely want a bald eagle skin. Torchlight 3 has a bald eagle pet and I love it. I don’t think I have any really original ideas for skins beyond what you’ve already dreamed up, but what first comes to my mind is a dragon skin, maybe a pirate parrot skin complete with a tricorne hat. Or maybe a skin where your falcon has a little elfin or spriggan-like creature riding atop it.

  2. Cool meteor mtx…hmmmm…I wonder if there’d be anyway to make it look like the Death Star beam, where you multiple beams converging at the top of the screen, and then the big blast. Or wait a minute, a falling angel meteor, Tyreal falling from the sky and kamikaze-ing your foes.

  3. I’d love having non-human races to play in Last Epoch.

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  1. I didnt play the MP much and only stopped at around L50 so hardly anything, I wanted to keep playing but hate short events that are voided, I am 100% playing in March as long as its more ‘presistent’

  2. None, but I do want the Warlock to have ‘Book minions’ that cast your spells on your bar sort of like Vale Spirits

  3. An MTX that changes based on how high your Increased spell/fire damage is, ie every 200% of each it glows brighter as it descends / does a more visual impact so you want to improve your stats as much as you can

  4. Honestly dont care at all about that stuff, I do like interesting engaging lore though. Edit: thinking about it I dont like transformation skills at all. Cant even play a Lich without Reaper Form for example

  5. I have so many ideas for this game but most wouldnt be made as too powerful or would break the game - Heres one:
    ‘When you deal damage with a skill in your first slot, automatically trigger the skill in your 5th slot’ ‘xx cooldown 50% triggered damage etc’ the amount of shit you could do with that unique would be kinda cool, You could shoot a mob with Marrow Shards then auto Transplant onto them. You could also maybe do some auto Raise-Skeletons-Sacrifice stuff on a loop possibly

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Loading times during campaign are brutal and detract from an otherwise extremely amazing campaign experience in co-op.

Monoliths break when you have a bowmage and a smite hammers paladin, atleast in my experience. We are all westcoast and still had the fights crash/lag out on boss fights with those two characters.

I also feel like work still needs to be done on scaling/movement for classes, once we hit monoliths and classes started to come online the bowmage was offscreening stuff before people could hit, even in a 3man. And in some parties I was getting left behind because a reap/transplant lich is unmatchable in movement. I dont mean nerf lich, but why does fury leap have a 6 second cd vs transplants 4, when transplant is instant, and fury leap isnt? what is fury leap being punished for exactly?

when you are actually in combat and playing it feels super great, but the skill balance and movement balance can really detract from the experience still.

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nothing, its just outdated and all this stuff needs a rework for MP, from the very short amounts I watched on stream a few different players; it was locustesque PoE gameplay where you all just fly through the maps killing everything almost instantly and not stopping and this was happening as early as Welryn, the ‘4 man HP’ didnt seem to be anything

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Yeah thanks for reminding me of one bit of feedback. The enemy HP bonus in groups probably could use some more sauce. Not sure if it continues to increase after the campaign but just in a duo of two competent builds without crafting any gear it was a cakewalk up to Harkon+Zerrick where we got to.

Thanks for your hard work as always @AndrewTilley these really do save me alot of time. i would legit dont know without these great transcriptions <3

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Thanks for this!

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