Developer Let's Play with Q&A - Transcribed [March 26th Stream]

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This is the fifth dev stream, hosted by Mike Weicker, which originally aired on March 26, 2021. I’ve transcribed the video below, but you can watch it for yourself here. I’ve done my best to capture Mike’s responses as accurately as possible (nearly word for word in most cases), but please consult the video for precise phrasing and/or context.

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Q: When can we expect the legendary items patch?

A: Legendary items are a really interesting problem to solve. We’re not really ready to bring them out just yet. Legendary items are going to need to be – there’s a few requirements I can talk about with legendary items – they’re going to have to be very distinctive…there’s going to have to be a story behind it. When you think about the word ‘legendary’ – like there’s a legend behind this item – many have heard about, but few have known and it’s a deep mystery of an item. If you think about it from that stance they’re not going to be common, you’re going to see a lot of – I hope – speculation on how to get them…when we do release them. I know given the age of the internet there’s going to be – once that information’s out, it’s out. I personally really loved when everyone was trying to find the Fractured Crown for the first time and no one really knew how to get it. Everyone knew it was in the game, people knew what it did, but no one knew how to find it. I loved that…that was fantastic.
Timestamp: 08:50-10:10

Q: Will each map section below be overhauled with better graphics and layout, maybe something like Titan Quest’s world map layout? Ancient Era, Divine Era, Imperial Era, Ruined Era, End of Time.

A: So you’re talking about this map here? [opens the world map] If you are talking about this map here, we have new maps – a brand new map coming that is…you can basically forget that this whole map exists because it’s completely different. Its’ got an entirely new layout designed from scratch for all the zones we have and all the planned zones we have coming up. It’s WAY more detailed. Our artists have just been hitting [it out of the park] – it’s crazy…it’s really cool. There’s a version for every era and you can really see the difference the world takes in each time period. So that’s coming up.
Timestamp: 10:12-11:16

Q: Are you able to talk more about the Shade of Orobyss? Is that Last Epoch’s version of The Shaper? Will it be Last Epoch’s first true endgame boss?

A: It’s not the same thing as The Shaper…it’s different. It’s something that will exist in the Monolith and it will be very difficult. It won’t always be the same and sometimes you’ll want to seek it out, sometimes you’ll want to avoid it – you’ll know it’s coming. I don’t want to ruin everything…how it’ll happen and everything. It’ll be tough – we’re building a bunch of abilities for it right now. I know encounter design is working hard on that right now, and I’ve been helping with some of the abilities but it’s mostly been our lead VFX artist that’s been building the abilities for it…and it looks great. There’s lots of new mechanics and effects coming in for that. It’s tough – it’s like building a whole bunch of bosses all at once for one boss, really.
Timestamp: 11:22-12:38

Q: So legendaries will be secret, so you won’t tell us when you implement them?

A: I think it’s pretty hard for us to hide when new items come into the game, unfortunately. It’s unclear how we’ll reveal them. They’re not in the game right now, I can tell you that [laughs]. They’ll likely interact with a major system. It’ll be a big deal to get a legendary. I would not expect most builds to incorporate legendary items – like they may not be the best thing for your build…we’re not going to have a lot of them. I can’t exactly give away what’s going to happen with them but, for example, I really like the way WoW did legendary items…initially – and I’m not saying we’re doing the exact same thing at all. I just like that feeling of, ‘there’s only one of them out there for a long time…oh, now there’s two of them out there’ – and that feeling of mystery behind them, that feeling of what do they do, how do you get them, you worked really hard to get them…that’s the sort of feeling I really liked with them.
Timestamp: 12:42-14:04

Q: Will there be more melee skills in the future?

A: Yes! Ah, there are three melee skills that I know of for different classes that are in the works. I don’t know how many more will be coming afterwards, but I know at least three more are coming.
Timestamp: 14:08-14:26

Q: Any plans of a potential new class that will summon water-like elementals as pets?

A: Have you been reading the Masteries panel again? [laughs] Ah, yeah…new Masteries are coming, they’re coming. We’re really working to flesh out and complete what we’ve got. When we do drop new Masteries, they’ll drop as a complete thing – so they’ll have all their skills, they’ll have all their passives, and it’ll be like one big drop for the whole Mastery all at once. I’m not sure when that’ll happen, but it’ll probably be a little later on…overall. Who knows…who knows? I don’t know when it’ll happen [laughs].
Timestamp: 14:46-15:32

Q: I’ve played through most of the game for the first time - right now I can’t really tell when I’m fighting a major boss in the story. Any plans to make these moments more impactful?

A: Definitely! I think that punctuating bosses with entrance effects – so like I’ll use, because it’s such an easy example – in Diablo 3 when you fight The Butcher for the first time it like smashes through that door, it comes out, and there’s an arena….there’s a lot of setup there and there’s that ‘I’m here’ animation. Personally I think that was a well done entrance animation for that boss fight. I think things like that will work their way in as we get more time to polish up things – that would be the goal.

Also, we’re likely working on getting some more chapter delineated story scenes. So like each one of the characters when you first start the game has a little video that plays that describes how they got on the path to Welryn in the first place, and having more things like that throughout I think would help a lot. Especially after you fight a big boss, maybe there’s a cutscene to explain why you’re going to the next zone. Things like that I think would really help a lot to advance the story understanding and help people feel more engaged. Also, I really like the style of those cutscenes.
Timestamp: 15:38-17:16

Q: Can we expect older movement skills to be reworked to get at the same level of Shift and Surge?

A: Umm, there’s a lot of things that some of the old movement skills have that Shift and Surge don’t, and we really want to keep them feeling distinct. With Fury Leap you can target anywhere, and it’s very different for a Primalist to have that impactful smashy smash when I land instead of like the Rogue’s Shift ability. Getting that skill to feel appropriate to the class is really important. I know Shift feels great guys…I know it feels fantastic. Yes, we want all classes to feel fantastic. Having the Rogue feel the most agile I feel is the most appropriate for that class fantasy.
Timestamp: 17:34-18:32

Q: Is there any reason why you chose Unity over Unreal Engine?

A: It’s what the people that started the project knew how to use…is the biggest reason really. Unity is also a little easier on the wallet right out of the gate [laughs].
Timestamp: 19:08-19:26

Q: Are you ever going to consider making the game free-to-play but with MTX in-game?

A: We’ve considered that. It’s hard to transition, and there’s a lot of reasons why we do have a box price on the game. It might happen down the road – I can’t say for certain – but it definitely won’t happen before 1.0 release.
Timestamp: 19:32-19:54

Q: Any plans for gender choice on classes?

A: Yes, there’s a huge – I talk about this question a lot – there’s a huge thread on the forums about this. It’s something we want to do, but it’s something we do not have the resources to do at this time. It’s something I would say that there’s a very good chance it’ll get incorporated at some point, but we can’t say for certain. There’s a lot of littles things that go along with it – namely voice acting – that cost a lot of money to get done. If we spend the time and money on making a character [editor] it makes it so that we can’t spend money on other stuff…like more bosses, more unique items, and more cool stuff to wear on your character. There’s a lot of things that would have to get pushed to make that possible. So not yet, maybe someday.
Timestamp: 20:22-21:30

Q: How are Lost Memories coming along and how different is it now compared to when it was first conceptualized during KS? I’m super curious how supporters will be involved to design them.

A: Lost Memories are, ahh – they’ve changed a lot since we first initially conceptualized them. They’ll probably still change a little more too so we’re still working on it. So we’ll let you know [laughs].
Timestamp: 21:35-22:05

Judd shows off a little teaser of the map shifting from Divine to Ruined era:

[Mike opens the link and proceeds to talk about it] Here’s a little teaser of a piece of the map – this is zoomed in as far as you can zoom in with the map, and it is humongous. We had to put two of the biggest textures we could put in the game to just fit it on screen fully. So it’s going from what looks like Divine to Ruined, I think. So this is The Temple of Eterra and you can see how it changes as all void is creeping in – and it’s sort of like that last bastion of hope. So yeah, a little teaser there.
Timestamp: 22:05-23:00

Q: When can we expect skill tree for Sentinel’s stances?

A: Umm, yeah…that’s kind of an awkward question. Not every skill in the game is going to get a tree that exists right now. Some skills might get cut – I don’t know what skills those are going to be.
Timestamp: 23:12-23:40

Q: Is the price going to be the same after launch?

A: Yes, we do not plan on changing our price point after launch. This is what the price will be for likely a very long time.
Timestamp: 24:28-24:40

Q: Do you plan to add something like “minions are aggressive”? I feel like I have to stay 1-2 sec until they start attacking monsters.

A: Yes, we’ve been talking about how to best add customizable behaviour for minions. Different minions you want to behave differently and having us just assume we know how you want your minions to behave is a dangerous thing to do. So we’re going to try to add in some way that you can customize their behaviour between a few options, likely. We’re unsure exactly where that UI is going to go yet. Some of the minions also have, for example, wolves have a new AI on them that’s a lot more effective. So the wolf AI is a lot better and we’re going to be improving all the minions AI, and also try to give you a little more control over them.
Timestamp: 24:44-25:54

Q: Maybe add a Boss Icon in each world map zone, indicating there is a boss?

A: Yeah, that’s a great suggestion. We don’t want to spoil too much of when a boss is coming up necessarily for the first time players, but I think better indicating when you’re fighting a boss – through music, voice acting for the bosses…in some cases, etc. There’s lots of things we can do to make it better known to the player that you’re fighting a boss.
Timestamp: 22:56-26:29

Q: What is the main focus for balancing (softcore vs hardcore)? What makes Lagon so different from the other mobs in regard to skill targeting? I feel some builds are bad against Lagon.

A: Yeah, Lagon is really difficult. There’s a ton of little things we change for Lagon – basically every patch – targeting, movement, his hitbox, all sorts of stuff. There’s a lot of custom logic for how Lagon works because his hitbox is so big. Right now we’re trying to get the AI to work better with it, and have them attack it more consistently because yeah…it’s a little tricky. Most of it has to do with him being so big and having the platform you’re fighting on being so small. This is all very intentional really because we want to make it have this almost claustrophobic feeling that you are fighting this God – that sense of scale that you are this small person that is trying to face a God and stand up to him. More stuff is coming for that for sure…we’ve got a big list, don’t worry.
Timestamp: 26:35-27:43

Q: Will this game have leagues/seasons?

A: Yep, we’re calling them cycles right now. They’re going to be similar but different to what you’re used to in comparison to what you’re referencing when you say leagues and seasons.
Timestamp: 27:45-27:58

Q: Any news on when Warlock will be added?

A: No, sorry. We’re working on it.
Timestamp: 28:05-28:08

Q: Is there a potential that you will add Hirelings like D2 into Last Epoch with their own inventory?

A: Umm, it’s possible we may add those at some point. It’s definitely not going to be in the game for 1.0. It’s something that’s a cool mechanic. There’s a lot of stuff that goes with that. I thought it was great in D2. I really like how some of the mods for D2 have expanded on that to make more of them really useful. It’s something we’ll definitely look at. We’ve touched on it a little bit with that relic which creates a crossbow wielding mercenary – I know they don’t have their own inventory or anything like that, but we’re trying to get a little bit of that feeling there. Giving everyone a follower changes the balance a lot. There’s a lot of people that don’t necessarily want – like maybe you want to be on your own…no minions, just yourself and is there any sort of compensation for being someone who doesn’t take a companion, or something like that. So there’s a lot of stuff there [to consider].
Timestamp: 28:18-29:45

Q: Any word on endgame?

A: Yeah, we’re doing a ton of stuff with the Monolith. We’re expanding how the Monolith plays and works – just deepening that adventure you’re going on. We’re trying to make it a little clearer as to what you’re doing. Right now it’s a little nebulous with just pick the left or right path and it’s really hard to plan for things that are going to happen and things like that. We’re trying to make that experience a little more fleshed out – I guess you could say. We’re also adding in some new challenges, as we’ve teased with the Shade of Orobyss.
Timestamp: 30:00-30:35

Q: As a composer (hobbyist newbie/beginner but still) I can say that your soundtrack is great - it suits the game.

A: Thanks, I will tell our composers. We’ve got a couple working on the game right now and they’re both awesome. Like everyone, they like hearing when their stuff is appreciated.
Timestamp: 30:40-31:00

Q: Other issues with Lagon are that his base is so far from the player which causes issues with certain proc skills.

A: [Insert CT name], you’re right [laughs]. Each enemy has sort of like a location where they are and then they have a radius that is their – like how big they are – and any time there’s a distance to target check it actually takes the location plus the radius so that number might be slightly off for Lagon as we do set those manually.
Timestamp: 31:12-31:44

Q: Any thoughts about move speed and move skills? They feel kind of feel mandatory and I always want to have a move skill in my 5 slots.

A: Yeah, this is a huge topic. We talk about this all the time. Movement skills are really important – yes, they absolutely are. In almost every single build – you can go look at the ladder on our website right now – and basically every single build will have at least one movement skill in there. You may have noticed that there isn’t that many movement skills per class. We try to work in a couple if we can, and try to keep them as distinct from each other as possible. We’ve batted around ideas of having like a movement skill slot going in your bar, things like that…all sorts of different things. It’s nice that – because we only have five skill slots – there’s potential to add more power to a build by not taking that movement skill with you. For example, I’ve seen some Arena builds that just stand in the middle so they don’t take a movement skill which I think is a cool option to have, and it means you can have builds that are specialized for different task…I guess you could say. So do I want to go faster, do I want to kill things easier, do I want to take an extra survivability or utility skill, all those sorts of things.

We’ve already noticed that with multiplayer – through internal testing – that there’s that feeling of I got to keep up. It’s something we’re well aware of, and will continue to balance the abilities as we go forward with that in mind.
Timestamp: 31:47-33:50

Mike talks about the increased exposure the game has seen recently:

This has been a crazy week. I don’t know if you guys have been looking at the CCU numbers, but every day this week since Monday has been a new high. It’s just wild to see everyone who’s playing the game right now. There’s so many new members of the community talking in Discord, Reddit, and all the social platforms. There’s tons of great ideas coming in – it’s just been awesome. I’ve been trying to answer as many questions as I can. Every time I’m not working on this I’ve been trying to get in an answer on my phone. It’s been great to see all the new faces. I’ve been having a ton of fun with all of that.
Timestamp: 34:35-35:21

Q: Is there any news on when the official release will be?

A: I do not have an official release date for you. I am sorry. I know people are looking forward to it, but the answer is really ‘when it’s ready’. Multiplayer is the really big feature we’re working on that will make it ready. We’ve got lots of other endgame, new abilities, and all sorts of other stuff coming down the pipe too.
Timestamp: 35:38-36:05

Q: When Druid class? I want that most.

A: Ah, we’re doing some updates to the Druid class – not this patch, it won’t be out this patch, but it will be out soon. The Druid will be getting some sweet new upgrades.
Timestamp: 36:32-36:45

Mike opens his passives window and says this:

It’s funny, sometimes I see things that I know that are on the ticket to change and bugs – like when this opens and it always opens to the Primalist [passive tree] even though the last thing I used was the Shaman [passive tree] and that’s the Mastery class. I see things like this and I’m like, ‘didn’t we fix that’ but it’s not fixed yet – and it’s because it’s the old version.
Timestamp: 37:10-37:30

Q: Any plans to rework shapeshifting?

A: Yeah, we got big shapeshifting rework plans. There’s a ton of shapeshifting work happening. I think the overall goal in our shapeshifting was really good. It didn’t work out the way we hoped, and we kind of went back to the drawing board on them. However, the new version is shaping up to be fantastic so far.
Timestamp: 37:48-38:20

Q: A lot of new players to the game always ask about crafting. Any chance of a quick rundown while you’re on stream so they can see it in action?

A: Absolutely! We do actually have some updates coming to crafting as well. The panel is changing and it should be a lot clearer, easy to use, and a lot more engaging…I think. We’ll still keep the same core values of the crafting system – so you’ll still be able to apply affixes directly to items and things like that.

[Mike proceeds to demonstrate how the crafting system works. I suggest watching the video for this.]

So we’re changing things up a little bit. We’re looking to add new Runes and Glyphs. Right now we have these five Runes and two Glyphs, and we are looking to expand this repertoire of Runes and Glyphs so that you’ll have more options for things you can do to items. Some of them will be super-duper rare, some of them will be super common…because you’ll want to use them a lot. They’ll let you craft things in new and interesting ways. There’s all sorts of interesting things we’ve got planned. There’s tons of great suggestions on Runes and Glyphs that have been floating around the forums for years now. It’s funny – quite often I’ll see a post and it’ll have a big list of suggestions for Runes and Glyphs and I’ll go through it and I’m like, ‘yep I got that one, yep I got that one, etc.’. Yeah, you’re ideas are great and for the most part we want to do all of them – some of them we’re like we’d love to do that but we can’t…it doesn’t work – but there’s a lot of great ideas out there and there’s a good chance that most of them are on our radar.
Timestamp: 38:47-43:54

Q: How have you guys been dealing with all this new attention?

A: With giant grins on our face, because it’s great. Every time I see a new person come in – there’s posts on Reddit saying ‘I just found your game, having a ton of fun with it’ – it feels so great seeing people having fun with our game. That’s just the best thing.
Timestamp: 44:04-44:30

Q: In regards to trading, will there be an in-game system like an auction house in WoW, or will it be similar to PoE?

A: There will be an in-game system. We really wanted to avoid requiring players to venture to another website to do any sort of trading. There’s room for all sorts of stuff to go wrong with that, and there’s room for all sorts of really great features with that too – like tie-ins with mobile integration, and things like that…so it’s not all negative. However, we really want to keep that experience in-game as much as possible. I do not know of any game that does exactly what we’re planning. I’m sure there’s something very similar, but it’s not something I’ve seen anywhere before.
Timestamp: 46:02-46:56

Q: Are technical questions ok? Are you using the Unity ECS? How many mobs on screen at the same time can the game handle?

A: Umm, a lot [laughs]. I don’t know the exact number. We’ve done a ton of optimization stuff around getting more mobs on the screen in a healthy position. There are some zones that are still a little light, but yes we’re going to be able to support a lot more soon – or at least support the ones we have and not have frame loss because there’s some areas, especially later in the game, that get a little iffy. It’s got a ton better recently though.
Timestamp: 47:30-48:14

Q: Will we finally be able to reorder the skills on the shapeshifted bar?

A: That is something we are looking at doing. It’s not implemented yet so I can’t say for sure it’s going to happen, but it’s on the list. I know it’s something a lot of people want to do. Shapeshifting is changing a lot guys…so some of these things will be a little odd [laughs]. I don’t know how to explain it.
Timestamp: 48:19-48:45

Q: I hope new mods are added to the Monolith, rewards like unique drop rates or specific areas to farm gold would be really cool.

A: Yeah, there’s some new stuff for the Monolith coming with specific rewards to specific zones – unique things that don’t exist yet in the Monolith that are coming. I don’t really want to give too many details about it yet – because it is still in development – but we are working on some fun new stuff for that.
Timestamp: 48:52-49:26

Q: Any changes to Lich, specifically the low life version?

A: There aren’t any major changes coming down the pipe that I know of for low life Lich specifically. There’s skill balancing stuff and there’s a couple new nodes here and there in a couple new places, but nothing super dramatic. You will get access to Volatile Zombie so maybe that’s something you’ll want to incorporate into your build…maybe not.
Timestamp: 49:40-50:06

Q: Will you add sockets into items like Diablo 2, with unique runewords?

A: So we’re definitely not going to just transplant that system and put it in our game. We like trying to come up with new and interesting ways to do things. We will be adding in more item related mechanics to do things. I know sockets are something a lot of people have talked about – the challenge with sockets in how they exist in Diablo 2 is that our crafting system is basically a socket-able system. For example, you get a ruby in D2 and stick the ruby in your weapon you get fire damage and that’s basically the same thing as our crafting system so we’re probably not going to transplant that socket-able system one to one because it really does conflict with our crafting system. We have talked a lot about what sockets could look like and it’s still in development. That’s the best I can say on that one.
Timestamp: 50:45-52:28

Q: Any plans to have more than 4 craftable affixes down the road?

A: We’ve talked about it. We actually used to have six. We intentionally dropped it down to four. Who knows, it might go back up at some point, though it’s not likely to go back up pre-1.0.
Timestamp: 53:08-53:25

Q: Are there any plans to add multiple animations per skill? Skill spam looks much less uncanny valley with a sequence of several animations imo (especially for the arm flailing ones).

A: Yeah, I agree. We do have some variations on some of them already. For example, with Swipe the Primalist goes left-right-left-right. We’re still looking at that, and we want to get more animations in. Getting all of them to look pretty good takes quite a while.
Timestamp: 53:30-53:58

Q: Any sort of rough ETA for multiplayer?

A: I can’t give you one right now, I’m sorry.
Timestamp: 54:38-54:41

Q: Will the current inventory also be updated with new graphics?

A: Yes, we’ve got a whole new inventory panel coming. I think I can show you guys a little bit of the layout of what that’s going to look like. Let me just open my inventory for a second. Oh, that’s a cool inventory I’ve got here. We’re flipping things a little bit, layouts of a few things are changing, some tabs are going away, and some tabs are coming in. Yeah, a little teaser for you.
Timestamp: 54:52-56:00



Q: In the Zizaran stream you mentioned minions had a new AI. Are you ready to go into a bit more depth what that AI looks like?

A: Well, you can already test it out on the wolf – that’s basically the same version that we’ll be bringing to everything. It’s just a little smarter, does everything just a little bit better, it’s a little bit more aggressive – for the most part – and it tries to predict where you’re going and where you’re going to attack a little bit better, I think. It’s trying to be smarter but we are trying to make it a bit better overall.
Timestamp: 56:02-56:44

Q: Is it possible to add skill trees to some sort of legendary or unique item for more independent builds?

A: Are you talking about like say you get a unique that has a skill associated with – like Swarm of Bees here – and having skill tree for that item? Ah, we’ve talked about doing it. The big problem is that as soon as you take the item off what happens to the skill tree? Does it just vanish, do you lose all the points and you need to relevel it again? It’s really tricky to do, if that’s what you’re talking about.
Timestamp: 57:08-58:06

Q: Create a weapon with flat damage to totems.

A: Having an implicit with flat damage to totems on a weapon is likely not going to happen. That’s very specific. If we were to do that we’d likely do it to minions in general. Flat damage being added to those – it’s a tricky thing to do in general.
Timestamp: 58:12-58:55

Q: Could you give an approximation of when you think the first EpochCon or LE Con will happen?

A: Ah, okay…I’m going to pick a number out of the air. Let’s say…when I am 37 or 36 – when I’m 36 [years old]. There you go.
Timestamp: 59:42-1:00:04

Q: Is it possible to left-click attack and not spending the right mouse click for the basic attack ability?

A: Yes, we actually used to have that and it got pulled out. I think we might be adding it back in, I’m not sure yet. So like an option right here [Mike hovers over left-click options on the skill bar] that’s not one of the abilities, but is just Basic Attack on left-click. Yeah, I think we can probably add that back in.
Timestamp: 1:00:48-1:01:14

Q: Will you remove the render of items on the floor? This is what your competitor’s performance is suffering from right now.

A: Ah, like these item models [Mike zooms in on items on the ground]. They’re pretty low poly for the most part. We might, I don’t know. We may have different versions that get dropped on the ground or something like that.

[Another dev in chat] We optimized ground item visuals in a previous patch.
Timestamp: 1:01:16-1:01:54

Q: Will you add more skill information? Right now you see stats for default attack not for the skills you use.

A: Yeah, so you’re talking about the character screen stats. This whole panel is getting reworked as well – it’s going to be different, it’s going to look really cool, and it’ll have more detail for individual skills.
Timestamp: 1:02:42-1:03:02

Q: Are there any plans for more unique monsters, and greater monster variety in general?

A: For sure, yeah. Pretty much every new patch new monsters get added in – new bosses, new random enemies, sometimes old ones get reskinned. I know there’s new ones coming for next patch for sure. Yes, new monsters every patch.
Timestamp: 1:04:10-1:04:34

Q: Will the game be fully voice acted at some point?

A: The amount of voice acting in the game will expand and continue to improve as we go. We try to expand that every time new characters come in, or just more voice lines for existing characters – things like that. I don’t think that every single line – like random villager in town – will probably not get voice acted for a very long time…if at all. It’s cool to have that sort of stuff, but as soon as you voice act that line you can’t change it without redoing the voice acting. It’s difficult to keep all those in a good spot.
Timestamp: 1:04:36-1:05:28

Q: Have you guys been working on how gear appears on your character at all or will that come later?

A: Yeah, almost all the [gear] models you see now have been introduced in the last three patches or so. Yes, more gear appearance coming soon. We’ll be adding more and more as time goes on – that’s something we’re definitely working on.
Timestamp: 1:05:34-1:07:08

Q: Are there any plans for the Acolyte to be able to dual wield or will she just be the one who can’t do it?

A: For now she’ll be the one who can’t do it. This is something – there’s thematic reasons for it, there’s mechanical reason for it, there’s practical reasons for it from a development standpoint. For now she won’t be able to. It may change in the future though I can’t say for certain.
Timestamp: 1:07:10-1:07:35

Q: That’s the idol configuration we talked about when the system first came out, I’m hyped!

A: Yeah, there was one big problem we found with the idol system – that I’m sure many of you had noticed – is that all of the endgame builds are just four 4x1’s or four 1x4’s, etc. It’s just ‘find the one idol type that’s great and grab it…that’s the best one, do all of just that’. There’s no reason to ever keep one slot idols or two slot idols…like they’re just pointless. We want to expand the variety of idols that are interesting and important just by changing the shape so that there’s not going to be that way of just sticking four of one type – ah, well you can put four 2x2’s in there still – but other ones are still there.
Timestamp: 1:07:58-1:08:50

Q: Will we get non-rectangular idols at some point? I would love to play a little bit of Tetris to optimize.

A: Yeah, that’s part of the reason why there’s that shape of the slots because non-rectangular idols sucks to deal with from a coding standpoint. It’s possible but it just sucks [laughs]. There’s a lot of visual problems that happen with it as well. Maybe…we’ll see.
Timestamp: 1:09:00-1:09:33

Q: Any plans of having more on hit effects or on kill effects?

A: Yeah, on hit effects or on kill effects are really great – there’s different scenarios that they scale with so dramatically differently. So like boss fights with adds on kill effects are so much better than boss fights without adds – same with on hit effects really. It’s difficult to balance them properly, but yeah we will put more on hit and on kill effects in the game. I think we were talking about one in Zizaran’s item collaboration stream there – possibly giving the squirrels an on hit or kill, or possibly an on death effect.
Timestamp: 1:10:56-1:11:42

Q: Could we get weapons with flat throwing attack implicits?

A: Unlikely, but possible. The problem with it is that you’re not actually throwing the weapon so it makes less sense to have the flat damage on them. Flat melee damage and flat bow damage is typically reserved for the weapons. I know technically everything is a stack stick so it doesn’t really matter mechanically, but we do try to keep that feeling of ‘oh I got a big axe with a bunch of flat damage on it and it increased my damage by a ton’. It makes sense because the weapon is the thing dealing the damage. With a throwing attack you’re not actually throwing your weapon – you’re throwing ‘a dagger’ or ‘a shield’ which I know someone is going to call me out on the shield throw thing because you could be ‘holding a shield’ but you’re not throwing your version of it.
Timestamp: 1:11:44-1:12:37

Q: Any chance of adding a font size option to the loot filter? E.g. I would like to have the font size bigger for shards for easier pick-up.

A: Yeah, this is something that has been asked about quite a bit especially for the loot filter. The loot filter – this is version 1.0 of the loot filter – it’s still going to be improved. It’s not an immediate thing. We’re really happy of where the loot filter is at. It’s not quite perfect and it’s not quite done yet, but we’re really happy of the direction it’s going in. We’ll be expanding that for sure. Part of that will include adding new customizations – I know people have been asking a lot for an OR and an AND…like this mod OR this mod, or when it only has this mod AND this mod…having some additional logic in there.

Having some size changing stuff is a little bit less do-able…we’ve taken great care to make sure the– how do I say this – there are a lot of people that have asked us for a hex colour picker and it’s really easy to make something look terrible with a hex colour picker. We selected these colours with these contrasts very carefully so the text is white or black dependent on how dark the background is to try to make it more readable wherever we can. A lot of this is done very carefully to make sure it’s still easy to see and easy to distinguish from the other ones that are there. When you get a lot of items on the screen they’re all kind of the same size and they kind of blur into a blob of items there, but you can still make out what’s going on behind them. If someone of them really stick out too much when you’re in combat then it can obscure what’s happening a little bit too much. We’re really trying to avoid situations where there’s too many distinct things that block your view of the world too much from being options available in the loot filter. I know it’s a little bit frustrating at times, but we’re trying to give you as many options as possible without the potential to make it unplayable by mistake. I hope that’s a good answer.

We’re hoping to get the tools that make it really good – I know plenty of people have asked for the option to add ground icons on the mini-map…like little stars for when certain items drop. People have asked for sounds and all sorts of things – we would like to add more options for sure. I don’t know which ones we’re going to be able to get in or how quickly, but we’re definitely looking at those and talking about those.
Timestamp: 1:12:40-1:16:31

Q: Any plans on removing the ‘casting stutter’ on skills that are made instant through skill trees so they can truly cast while moving without stopping for 0.5 seconds?

A: Anything that becomes instant cast shouldn’t have that. If it does it’s a bug or the node just say reduced cast time, but if it actually becomes instant cast it should allow you to cast it without stopping.
Timestamp: 1:17:00-1:17:25

Q: I started playing 3 days ago and I noticed there’s a lot of time spent in the Imperial era and Ruined era, but only 3 instances in the Ancient era. Any chance we get some extra zones in the Ancient era in an upcoming act?

A: Yep. I can’t say when, but it’ll happen.
Timestamp: 1:17:35-1:17:48

Q: Endgame stun nerf when?

A: When you build more health [laughs]. No, we know there’s stun problems for some zones, and some things have too much stun chance…and things like that. I think stun is a very important mechanic in the game. It’s tricky to balance – it’s really tricky to balance – but we’re working on it for sure.
Timestamp: 1:17:52-1:18:23

Q: Please keep the game easy on the hands. Old people like me are thankful beyond words for it.

A: Yeah, and we’re also working on more controller support as well. There’s people on the team that need help with carpal tunnel because they played too much Diablo back in the day. I know these games can ruin you. There’s some builds that don’t require too much in the way of clicking…I think.
Timestamp: 1:18:37-1:19:02

Q: Are things going to be brought up to the power level of the Rogue’s Shadow Cascade? Or will that be brought down in power?

A: I think we can kind of do a meet in the middle. It should be good.
Timestamp: 1:19:08-1:19:18

Q: Will classes be gender locked at launch?

A: Characters will be customization locked at launch – I guess you could say. The whole gender topic – I touched on it earlier – the short answer is we’d love to add character customization, but it’s a lot of scope creep for us…we need to keep things under control.
Timestamp: 1:19:20-1:19:40

Q: What is the dev’s stance in regards to doing balancing passes?

A: There’s good and bad things that come from having a ladder, and the internet where people can talk to each other [laughs]. That’s basically what you just described. Having meta builds – it’s going to happen…almost no matter what. I don’t think that there’s any point in pretending that it won’t happen or trying to stop it from happening. When you get thousands of people in a room together to experiment with a system – with the goal of finding optimal ways to use that system – they’re going to find optimal ways to use that system. I think the best thing we can do is to add new mechanics as time goes on that interact with that system in new ways that change the parameters of that experimentation, and changes the tools players have to experiment with that allows for new builds to be discovered. We’ll definitely be balancing and tweaking numbers as we go – as we get more data, as more people play, as there’s more content. We try to keep crazy – like WTF – powerful builds under control

Let’s say that a 100 waves is where most good builds can get to in Arena, and there’s this build that comes along that can all of a sudden do 180 waves in the Arena – yes, we would look at nerfing that build. Our goal in nerfing that build would probably be to bring it down to 110 waves so that it’s still above the average or even 120 waves so that it’s still strong, but we’re not going to try to completely demolish it. This is especially true when there’s a competitive atmosphere going on and people are spending a lot of time on those builds – and say it’s mid-cycle or something like that – the goal is to always keep things competitive for everyone, but also make people feel as though they haven’t wasted their time on a build they’ve worked hard on. I hope that’s a good answer.
Timestamp: 1:20:04-1:23:10

Q: What’s the current vision for end game look like?

A: The current vision for endgame is to have many ways for people to approach it, and have fun long-term – new interesting stuff for people to do, new challenges for people to approach in different ways, new cool enemies, new cool scenes, things like that. We’ll really hope to keep the content fun, really.
Timestamp: 1:23:15-1:23:47

Q: Have you guys thought of moving movement speed to implicit only?

A: Yes, we have thought of that. Ah, probably not going to do it [laughs].
Timestamp: 1:24:10-1:24:15

Q: Will story be required to complete each time you make a new character in the future when you make leagues?

A: The current plan is yes. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to stay that way. There might be alternatives in the future…we’re not sure yet. However, right now – as I mentioned before – keeping things in scope is really important. We haven’t scoped in something like that yet so adding it would be more development time. Tough, if we can come up with a solution that’s relatively quick to do then it’s more likely to happen.
Timestamp: 1:24:18-1:25:16

Q: Have you guys ever thought about adding name tags to prefix and suffixes so Rare’s would have names kind of like Ghoul Thirst or Soul Scratch instead of showing the affix names?

A: Oh, I see…like it changes whole item name. The reason we have affix names that describe it is specifically so that at a glance if there are specific affixes you’re looking for you can read the item and you don’t have to mouse over it. I know that we did that before we had a loot filter so I guess that changes things a little bit. Yeah, we haven’t done any name generation stuff for items recently. It is kind of cool though – you can get some interesting names that happen. There’s a lot of them in Diablo 2 that were great, but I can’t recall any of the really good ones.
Timestamp: 1:25:25-1:26:40

Q: Any plans on speeding up endgame gameplay?

A: Do you mean like adding more easily accessible movement skills to the game, that sort of stuff? Umm, no…not right now. The plan is to – we really want to keep combat more deliberate. Like you see I’m really having to figure out how I’m going to approach this situation right here. I think that’s a positive thing – to have those challenges happen where I can’t just blast right through this. Having that sort of thing happen throughout the campaign and endgame I think would be really healthy for the game.
Timestamp: 1:26:44-1:27:50

Q: What are the plans for supportive characters? I’d love to be able to play a healer with my friends once multiplayer comes out.

A: Yeah, I’d say that there will be certain classes that shine with support. For example, Paladin is going to be great at it, Druid is going to be really good at it, there’s probably even going to be some weird support Acolyte builds, I’d say that there’s going to be light Rogue and Mage support – though I’m certain someone will come up with a sweet build for it though. With Healing Hands I know we’ve got some cool skill tree stuff planned for that.
Timestamp: 1:28:05-1:29:10

Q: Any plans for new classes after 1.0 release?

A: Yeah, we have classes that we’ve talked about – sort of in the pipe. We haven’t finalized which one will be next. We’re not short on ideas for them I’ll tell you that [laughs].
Timestamp: 1:29:37-1:30:24

Q: Where did the Blessing tab go? I saw a blessings tab in the last inventory teaser.

A: Yeah, the buttons will be there. They were just removed for that art concept of it. All these things teased on stream are very work-in-progress – very subject to change – but yes, there will be the tabs across the top for Blessings. I actually just finished the functionality of that tab yesterday, so that’s probably being tested right now.
Timestamp: 1:30:34-1:31:45

Q: Will older classes have updated animations and models like the Rogue?

A: The animations are all pretty up-to-date at this point, I think. They’re not done by any means – like all the variations we’re thinking of – new skills get new animations, that sort of stuff…there’s tweaks that happen all the time to them. They’ll all get changes and updates as time goes on.
Timestamp: 1:31:52-1:32:14

Q: What ways of character customisation are planned in the near future?

A: If you’re talking about visual customizations – we don’t have details on that yet. If it’s more like power customizations – there’s not too many more axes of character customization planned for 1.0 launch, but I’m sure we’ll see many more mechanics entering the fold eventually.
Timestamp: 1:32:40-1:33:06

Q: Any plans to allow one rule for all base types you want to see? Instead of having a rule for each slot?

A: Possibly, I don’t know if that one’s been suggested or not. Your best bet is to go put it on the forums.
Timestamp: 1:33:44-1:33:52

Q: I know the goal is to have loot filters made with the interface and I haven’t taken a look at the text format, but a text format using data literals may be cool to write script generating loot filters for the coders.

A: Yeah, definitely – they are text files…you can edit them. Getting highly quested features in, like AND/OR conditions, would also help those people who want to code other tools that build loot filters.
Timestamp: 1:34:22-1:35:32

Q: What is your stance on introducing an “Auto Cast” feature for certain skills on the action bar? Many people do that by using the Num-Lock “workaround” so it kind of makes sense if it could be native to the game.

A: We have no plans on adding a native version in-game for that – at this time. That’s our stance on it.
Timestamp: 1:35:40-1:35:55

Q: Will story be required to complete each time you make a new character in the future when you make leagues?

A: Likely, at least at first.
Timestamp: 1:36:10-1:36:16

Q: Are there any plans to reduce foreground noise in places such as the Temple of Lagon?

A: Like the music or the sound effects or something like that? If there’s a specific place that’s not quite right to you then feedback on the forums is the right place for that.
Timestamp: 1:36:18-1:36:38

Q: Can CE be used to speed up the game, like 2x game speed, without being banned?

A: No, don’t do that. Leave the game speed alone. No, you can’t use Cheat Engine for anything. If you’re using CE it’s bad…don’t use CE. I just want to make that really clear.
Timestamp: 1:36:48-1:37:07

Q: Before release date, will all current animations be updated?

A: No. That feels like a bit of a suggestion so if you’d like to suggest that then head over to the feedback and suggestions section of our forum and leave a suggestion for specific animations you’d like to see updated.

A lot of them I think are really great. I would prefer adding more – like adding alternate variations on things. Someone was asking about this earlier about having different variations of them so that every time you do – like this slam, for example, every time you do it it’s the same animation so having it be a little bit different every time would add flavour to it…I think.
Timestamp: 1:37:10-1:37:52

Q: Is the game online? Like Diablo 3?

A: Not yet, but it will be.
Timestamp: 1:37:54-1:37:58

Q: Can we get a separate ‘close all windows’ keybind which is not connected to the ESC/Menu keybind so that it doesn’t open when you hit it too many times in a row?

A: Umm, maybe. I can do that…it’s doable. I can see that being a good thing, having it be the Space Bar or something…I bet a lot of people would like that.
Timestamp: 1:38:00-1:38:17

Q: Please also do a 100% offline mode too, if one doesn’t have access to the internet at times.

A: Yeah, we’re still working out what we’re going to do with that. Suggestion noted.
Timestamp: 1:38:19-1:38:35

Q: What is the dev approach towards going about balancing? There are a few skills out there that are currently very weak and bringing those up would enable a wider variety of possible builds.

A: I completely agree. I think a lot of the reason why some of those skills are really weak is old and outdated skill trees – so likely the first thing we’d do is look at updating those skill trees. That will generally bring them up to speed because a lot of the time the power in a lot of skills comes with their interaction with other skills – so a lot of times skills that have a node that says ‘when you cast this you also cast that’ those are good skills. Adding more integration will help with that and that comes with redoing skill tree’s. For example, Summon Sabertooth is not very good…skill tree is super-duper old.
Timestamp: 1:39:24-1:40:10

Q: Any plans on adding skill stats to the character stat sheet? Like if my skill has some chance to inflict bleed, will there a way for me to know how big the chance currently is?

A: Yeah, we’re redoing the character stats panel and it will have more stats for skills listed there. You can see that right now in that panel, but you got to do a little bit of work to figure it out though.
Timestamp: 1:40:12-1:40:32

Q: Earlier you showed the filter colour/text changes. Is there plans to enable us to customize that more for those of us that see / process colours differently (IE colour blind, Autism, Irlen Syndrome)

A: Yeah, we want to make that as accessible as possible. I feel there’s enough of a spectrum there that if you’re certain types of colour blind you should be able to have enough options there already because I think that covers a wide range of colours – it’s basically the whole spectrum. Having a hex editor won’t get you enough extra options that are distinct to do much for that, I don’t think. If I’m wrong and there needs to be more added there then we can add more to it, but we won’t be adding a straight hex editor for it. Earlier I was talking about the size thing and I don’t want to go over it again, I’m sorry.
Timestamp: 1:40:34-1:41:33

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Q: Do you have a corporate website? Is your team hiring, and for what kinds of roles? Location/remote?

A: Ah, we don’t have an active list of hiring roles or anything like that. Our website is our game website. I don’t think we have a corporate website right now. If another dev in chat knows an answer to this, please let them know. If you’ve got special skills that you think would be really valuable to us and you want to get yourself known you can try messaging us. We can see if we can figure something out. We’re always happy to talk to talented individuals.
Timestamp: 1:41:48-1:42:42

Q: The Rogue has ballista’s getting a portion of your characters stats, can I get that on Necromancer or more options like that for minion mains?

A: We really like to keep stats and mechanics as distinct as possible on different classes. For example, Primalist pets have that downed state and Necromancer minions don’t is because the mechanics for Necromancer has them sacrificing their minions – they’re using them as a tool to accomplish an end – whereas Primalist companions are more about having a buddy with you on your adventure.

The Rogue minion – the Ballista and things like that – are more of an extension of one’s self – so they’re tools you’re creating like Shadows that are reflections of you and that sort of stuff. It’s more around having your own things shine. Forge Guard has that a little bit as well where it’s using your gear, it’s a reflection of your gear…an animation of that. They’re similar, but they’re both secondary pet classes anyways so it’s okay that there’s a little bit of overlap there.
Timestamp: 1:42:55-1:44:25

Q: Are there plans for loot filter audio integration?

A: Not at the moment. If we did it would likely be the same system as the colours – where there’s a list of audio cues that can be selected from instead of having, ‘just drop your MP3 in and we’ll play it whenever a certain item drops type thing’. We’ll almost likely never do that. I don’t like saying never, but there’s a very low…very low chance of that ever happening.
Timestamp: 1:44:35-1:45:10

Q: Any plans on releasing online server saves before multiplayer? So online without co-op.

A: Unlikely, but possible. If you want to do online saves – cloud saves through Steam do work. If you’re playing on the standalone client it currently is possible to get a Steam link so you can get Steam access even if you bought through our website. If Steam’s a deal breaker for you and you really want that feature then you’re probably going to have to wait until the launch of multiplayer, I’m sorry.
Timestamp: 1:45:15-1:45:48

Q: What’s your vision for what multiplayer vs singe player? Will one be superior?

A: I think that in a perfect world they’d each individually be perfectly awesome. We try to not let mechanics that are – that force one into the game – like we try to make it so that it’s great to play solo and even people you play online single player instead of multiplayer online, still having that experience good as well. Also, in situations where too much stuff on the screen makes it impossible to play multiplayer – we want to avoid either one of those being bad from any mechanic. We like trying to include things that are good for all of them. Ideally they’d be different experiences but neither would be better than the other. That might be a little bit idealistic, but that’s the goal.
Timestamp: 1:46:21-1:47:20

Q: Will the game have PvP? If yes, will it be balanced towards PvP or PvE?

A: Primary gameplay in this game is PvE or PvM – depending on how you want to say it. We are looking at PvP. It’s something we talked about from the beginning. I love PvP in games like this. If we did PvP – there’s a lot of IF’s involved there – there’s a possibility that skills could change, skills could be banned, and skills’ balance could be different. There’s all sorts of things we could do to make PvP more balanced from the core game – which will primarily be focused around PvE. There’s statements going back a long way saying this sort of stuff. Our primary focus is PvE. I do love PvP in games like this, just so you know. I want it to be fun as well. I know games have done things like – I haven’t played WoW in a long time – but it used to have Resilience where you get Resilience gear to play PvP. I doubt we’d do things like that – that would be surprising to me if we did…not impossible though.
Timestamp: 1:47:22-1:48:52

Q: You guys plan a public API according to the website: What kind of stuff do you want to make public. Any updates about the API?

A: It’s still a work-in-progress. I know there’s a lot of people that want to grab data for different tools. We’re still building those tools internally to make that easily available.
Timestamp: 1:48:58-1:49:15

Q: Is there a specific reason for not having mana potions?

A: Absolutely. We really want to be able to gate certain skills around mana usage and adding mana potions into that equation really muddies the waters at lot, and make it a lot harder to balance. I know when I’m designing a node for Thorn Totems or something like that that people aren’t typically – unless they’ve invested very heavily into mana – going to be able just spam that skill. Having those gates – like I’m using Thorn Totem as my big mana dump and then I’m using Tempest Strike to get my mana back. It encourages you to have multiple abilities on your bar and not to be able to have that one button playstyle. It’s the same reason we don’t have mana leech on any affixes in the game, really.

It’s a big departure from a lot of other games – like basically every game in the genre has some sort of mana potion in it. I’m going through them in my head and I think they all might [laughs]. I know it might feel a little restrictive, but it lets us do a lot of cool things we wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. I know there’s been a fair amount of talk recently about high mana builds. I know the mana efficiency stat is a little confusing because it is a unique stat for us – or at least I can’t think of any examples elsewhere. We are making a few changes to specific mana stats – the mana regen and mana efficiency stats. I hope that was an okay answer.
Timestamp: 1:49:20-1:52:24

Q: Any idea how much voice acting we can expect in the finished product?

A: More than we have now.
Timestamp: 1:52:35-1:52:40

Q: Are there runewords in this game like D2? Also, how many people would be allowed in one online game? Is it eight people like D2?

A: No, runewords won’t be in this game. No, it won’t be eight people like D2…that’s too many. It’ll be several – I don’t have exact numbers on that right now.
Timestamp: 1:53:00-1:53:14

Q: Will LE become like POE, in terms of content? Or will you make other genre games?

A: We’re going to keep adding content to Last Epoch as time goes on – we’re going to add new leagues with new content…we’ve got tons of new ideas for all this sort of stuff. It will grow as a living thing. Something I’ve said quite frequently is that if I’m still doing this in ten years making content for Last Epoch then I will be very happy. Yeah, we intend to keep making stuff for a long, long time. We might branch out and do other things simultaneously – maybe a second team will start something else…I don’t know yet. I know there’s a lot of other game genres that people on the team are passionate about, but Last Epoch’s our current focus.
Timestamp: 1:53:16-1:54:07

Q: Reading the game description on Steam “endless replayability”. Can you elaborate on that? What is the endgame cycle going to be like?

A: Right now there’s two endgame modes. One of them literally has – well a cap technically exists, but no one’s ever come close it – which is the Arena which is one of the endgame modes. We plan on having multiple endgame modes. The other one available right now is called the Monolith of Fate. It is – and I’m going to describe the current version of it [laughs] – right now it’s a system of ‘what if’s’ in the timeline. This is the Monolith of Fate right now [Mike brings up the End of Time map to showcase the MoF timelines]. So there are these different islands that increase in difficulty as you progress and each have a succession of maps you need to complete that have modifiers that make it harder but you get better rewards. As you complete those, certain quests become available that you need to complete and at the end there’s a difficult boss fight. Once you defeat the boss it unlocks a new timeline and as you get further into the MoF you can Empower each timeline which scales them to level 100, further increasing their difficulty.

The goal of endless replayability is to have enough content that someone could just keep playing forever and there would always be fresh new content to try out. Part of that comes from the fact that we have so many different classes and builds, and ways you can modify those. Every skill has a skill tree so there’s plenty of ways to play that so there’s already a lot of content to sink your teeth into already, and it’s only going to increase as time goes on. We will always try to keep that digestible and compartmentalized. Part of the reason we have skill tree’s have their own tree is to keep them compartmentalized and digestible. It’s a lot easier to look at a skill tree on its own – and yes it has interactions with others – but you’re not having to take into account the skills of other classes.
Timestamp: 1:54:22-1:57:24

Q: Any chance you’ll change Keys to become a commodity like gold, so they don’t need to take up storage space?

A: Ah, there’s some changes coming to that as well. I think more likely we’ll make them stack. I don’t know if that’s been done yet or not, but I know it’s something we were working on recently.
Timestamp: 1:57:27-1:57:48

Q: Could you not have 2 sided affixes (effect for PvE and separate effect for PvP) looking at the target it attacks, a mob vs another player?

A: Maybe, we haven’t really talked about exact PvP affix effects and changes and things like that. Ideally we would be making very minor changes for PvP. Ideally it would basically be a 1:1.
Timestamp: 1:58:45-1:59:14

Q: Is trading going to be limited or similar to PoE?

A: Trading will not be the same as it is in PoE. There’s a lot of really good things about the way trading is in PoE. There’s a lot of things we’re looking to do differently for our game, and part of that is keeping the experience in-game and not on a separate website. Keeping the experience a little bit more in universe – like having it feel a little bit more like you’re searching the actual players for items instead of just looking through a search engine for it. The really great part about a straight auction house system or a post it system like that is you can have really straight access to the things you’re looking for. It’s really easy to post things, get things to sell – this is a humongous conversation. It won’t be the exact same as it is in PoE – partially because our game is different – we need to make the trading system that fits our game instead of a trading system that fits their game.
Timestamp: 2:00:56-2:02:16

Q: What are the chances of an OCE server on multiplayer release?

A: I don’t know exactly where all the servers are going to be located. We’ve got a great hosting company that we’re working with that’s got servers all over the place. I don’t know exactly where they all are at the moment, but we are looking to get as much global coverage as we possibly can because we know that there’s lots of people that want to play it in lots of different places. Likely the servers will be proportional to playerbase distribution so obviously there’ll be more servers in the US, Europe, and places like that. We do want it so that people who aren’t just playing from those type of regions can play our game without significant latency issues. We’re working to keep it as smooth as we can for everyone. I’m sorry I don’t have exact locations on where the servers are.
Timestamp: 2:02:32-2:03:40

Q: Will YoloMouse be something that will work/can work in the future for the game. I find it hard to keep track on the small curser.

A: I was actually just talking with someone else about this, and I could have sworn other people were already using YoloMouse before so I think it might already work. I think we’ll likely have some in-game options for some different cursors because I know some people have colour blind issues with it. I have no problems myself with it but that is not a good reason to not have options. We’ll likely have a few size options or colour options, and then if those aren’t good enough I’m not exactly sure what will happen with YoloMouse – if it doesn’t work I’d be surprised. Someone just said they’re using YoloMouse [in the chat]…cool.

The giant pink mouse cursor that I associate with YoloMouse is really great if the only consideration is peak performance – like you always want to know where your mouse is perfectly. We’re also trying to keep a general ascetic that fits the theme of the game. If someone really wants to get access to that – I don’t know if we can block YoloMouse or if we’d want to even if we could, type thing. I’m sure we’ll talk more about that internally as time goes on, but at least for now it’s fine.
Timestamp: 2:04:02-2:05:46

Q: What will the philosophy for leveling alts be?

A: I don’t have a one company vision fits all answer for this, unfortunately.
Timestamp: 2:05:50-2:06:50

Q: Multiplayer when? Any news?

A: When it’s ready. No news, sorry.
Timestamp: 2:07:10-2:07:14

Q: Are there any talks of being able to shatter unique’s? Perhaps a limit to one unique affix per character.

A: We’ve talked about being able to shatter unique’s and – actually the system does support it now, it didn’t used to, but it’s technically a lot more possible now than it ever was – but likely we won’t do it for the vast majority of things. It’s one of those things where unique items are designed very carefully with all the skills and other items in mind – where we have to check what other skill nodes or items exist and where they could possibly conflict. So we have to take that all into consideration. Being able to break a certain affix off of these unique items and then apply them to something else would completely change the balance of it. So sometimes these restrictions let us do cool things that they wouldn’t normally let us do.
Timestamp: 2:07:50-2:09:35

Q: Is there a design reason that shards are not auto-pick up?

A: This is a real long, long, long…long conversation. It boils down to – a long time ago the shard vacuum didn’t even exist and everything had to be picked up – and I think it’s really hard to take things like this away. Like if we added auto-pickup and then took it away it would receive a very negative response to it [laughs]. So if we were to ever add it we need to make that a very conscious decision and do it very carefully. I’m not saying we’ll ever do it or we’ll ever not do it, but if we did it would have to be very carefully done.

Part of it is having that new player experience of seeing what you’re getting and understanding it’s a crafting item you’re picking up, and all those sorts of things. Seeing what you’re picking up is important and having that moment of – like if everything just went there [the crafting window] immediately a new player wouldn’t have any idea that they had a prompt to do that. The actually tooltip for each affix shard says ‘Press [F] to open the Crafting Panel’ and little things like that help a new player – if they’re reading it – to understand that there’s crafting and this is a crafting material and that you can press [F] to open the crafting panel. We try to work that tutorialization into other places as well, but getting that connection between picking up an affix shard and having that notification on screen is helpful for the player.

Having it then go into your inventory – a lot of people ask why it just doesn’t automatically go into your crafting panel – and a lot of that has to do with learning what you’re picking up is an important step to picking it up. If the affix shard just went directly into your crafting panel it could potentially be a bad experience for some people, and we like to avoid having those bad experiences happen. I know it can seem tedious sometimes to have to pick up that same item multiple times. I know a lot of people have mentioned ‘oh it’s hard on your hands’ and I don’t disagree with that at all, but we’re still working out exactly how that’s going to interact long-term. For now, for now…it’s going to stay the way it is. I can’t say for certain if that’s going to change or not. I hope that was an okay answer.
Timestamp: 2:09:42-2:12:55

Q: Follow-up Question: What if you made auto pickup of affix shards an option for players?

A: Yeah, those are things we’ve talked about as well. It’s in the conversation
Timestamp: 2:13:20-2:13:28

Q: Want to show a spoiler for the new character window?

A: I don’t have that screenshot on me. I’d have to go digging pretty far to find it, and that one is really in the conceptual stage. Maybe a future stream. I can’t show you everything in every stream then I got nothing to show you guys and then you wouldn’t come back, right? [laughs]
Timestamp: 2:13:32-2:13:55

Q: Can you talk about how loot will work in multiplayer? Will there be personal loot, or will the party all see the same drops?

A: We’re not 100% set on that yet, but right now the plan is to have instanced loot. So you won’t be competing with – I know the game director has lots of negative experiences as a young man with a slow internet connection compared to some other people he was playing with on Diablo 2 and not getting the gear just because his clicks didn’t go through the internet as fast [laughs]. That’s a really bad experience so we want to avoid that happening.
Timestamp: 2:14:06-2:14:44

Q: Any plans to buff two-handed weapons compared to dual wielding?

A: Yeah, dual wielding is pretty awesome right now isn’t it – new is always better, something like that. There’s some stuff we’ve talked about to change that balance, for sure. I don’t know the exact numbers on what that is but I know I saw some number recently on it.
Timestamp: 2:15:30-2:15:55

Q: What about the potential for add-ons to have personalized UI for example?

A: Not before 1.0 launch. Customizable UI pre-1.0 is not happening, sorry. Eventually one day? Maybe.
Timestamp: 2:16:36-2:16:58

Q: In terms of buffs and nerfs, which one do you usually look at first? Like is there a line where you say every build should do this or is it more of this is strong and we want most things at this level.

A: There’s a range in the Arena where we want most builds to compete in. Also, there’s just builds that are never going to work – if I’m going to be a Druid that’s in Spriggan Form but I’m going to go melee necrotic damage as my primary source of damage…like that’s never going to work, I’m sorry [laughs]. However, any reasonable build in and around the 300 wave range in Arena for most players I think is a rough benchmark we have for a lot of builds – of higher end capabilities.

In the Monolith of Fate, most builds should at least be able to get through the Monolith – maybe not Empowering every single one –but most builds should be able to get through the whole Monolith, I’d say. I know not all of them can, but we’re working on that I’d say.
Timestamp: 2:17:20-2:19:54

Q: Is this game like PoE?

A: It’s similar, there’s a lot of similarities. We’re both ARPG’s, we’re both a lot of fun – so yeah, there’s some similarities there. If you like PoE I think there’s a good chance you’ll like this game as well. There’s differences too for sure. We like to keep ourselves distinct and make our game fun in its own way.
Timestamp: 2:20:35-2:21:05

Q: We already have unique’s so what makes legendaries different?

A: So our unique items – if you’re coming from a Diablo 3 background – are Diablo 3 legendaries. So they are items that have unique effects on them that cannot be found on regular magic items. They either have stats that can’t exist on magic items or stats that can’t exist in that slot on magic items, and they also have regular stats that can exist on them normally. For example, sometimes we’ll put flat melee physical damage on say a unique chest piece armour – which can’t exist on a chest piece normally.
Timestamp: 2:21:18-2:22:20

Legendaries will be very legendary. I know that doesn’t really mean much but they’ll have a story that goes with them – you’ll have to go on a very lengthy story to get it. There’ll be more requirements then ‘oh this boss can drop it and maybe you’ll get one randomly’. Legendaries will be very scarce, very rare, very build specific – hopefully not build mandatory because they’re so rare. I know I’m being very vague about this…I’m just describing what a legendary item could be. I do not expect every build in the game to have a legendary and I would not expect every character to have the need for a legendary item. I know I’m being very nebulous here, I’m sorry about that, but it’s mostly because they’re not finished yet so everything I’m saying here could change as well. It’ll be more closely – and this might be a bad example because they were extremely strong – in WoW there were legendary items that took a very long time for a group of people to get, but it was really epic when you see someone with Windfury, right? I don’t know, that sort of feeling I’d say is what we’re going for than just a super rare unique or super powerful unique. They’re not going to be strictly best in slot all the time for everyone always – that’s not something we want.
Timestamp: 2:25:48-2:27:42

Q: Are you guys considering other classes after 1.0?

A: We have several planned classes after 1.0. We’ve got lots – I have no idea which one will be the first to make it into the game. We’ve got new Masteries planned, we’ve got new classes planned, and there’s all sorts of stuff we got planned. I have no idea which one will make it in first, I have no idea how long it’ll take for them to make their way in, but there are lots of cool things coming.
Timestamp: 2:23:50-2:24:18

Q: Follow-up Question: Tell me monk is one of them please.

A: I’d say every single class you guys can think of has at least been suggested by someone, and we’ve talked about it. Also, probably some classes you guys might not be able to think of [laughs] have been suggested and talked about. We evaluate those suggestions on a lot of different axes – sometimes they get taken as Mastery class suggestions for classes that already exist, sometimes they get taken as brand new base classes, and sometimes multiples of them get bundled in together as an entire other class with Masteries. We’ve talked about basically everything. No one on the team knows what the next class is going to be, I can tell of that for certain.
Timestamp: 2:24:19-2:25:02

Q: Are we going to get a cow level that doesn’t exist, like in Diablo 2?

A: Well, the cow level doesn’t exist so I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Timestamp: 2:25:05-2:25:13

Q: Any chance you’ll change Keys to become a commodity like gold, so they don’t need to take up storage space? If you already answered, I apologize (had to leave for 5 min).

A: I did answer this while you were gone for those five minutes [laughs]. I think the plan is to make them stack – not be a commodity. I’m not sure exactly how we’ll handle that. I know I’ve seen stashes where there’s a stash tab of just keys and it’s kind of ridiculous [laughs].
Timestamp: 2:25:16-2:25:44

Q: How do you see your game existing with the likes of PoE and D3? Will you work around their seasons?

A: Yeah, I think there are clear strategic times for us to best release cycles relative to the landmark of other games in the genre. We are very aware of the other games and have no interest in – we’re not trying to take players away from other games, we’re trying to make it so people can play all the games. I love playing all those other ARPG’s myself. There’s room for lots of us to be there, and people have fun with all sorts of games.
Timestamp: 2:27:46-2:28:41

Q: Will all those new classes be in the offline mode?

A: Yeah, we’ll keep updating the client so that people that are still playing solo on their own can still have access to them.
Timestamp: 2:28:46-2:28:56

Q: Any thoughts on releasing a collector’s edition with some figurine or something?

A: [laughs] Ah, one of the biggest mistakes we made in our Kickstarter was doing a figurine. I would say the biggest mistake we made was that figurine. It ended up costing us money – not much, we basically broke even on them – but it was a pain getting them printed, painted, and all those things. I know Judd still has some scarred memories of the sound of that printer going in his house [laughs]. It’ll be a long time before we do any sort of figurines again…unless we find a really good way to do them.
Timestamp: 2:29:00-2:29:50

Q: How do you feel about the live game service approach?

A: We are making a game that has – like it’s going to be online multiplayer with people playing all the time. Do you mean like a subscription service?
Timestamp: 2:30:10-2:30:30

Q: What are your plan about cosmetics in game (weapons skins, companions, recolors or even MC reskins…)?

A: We are planning on having minion skins and everything. We are planning on having cosmetics in the game for being able to customize how your player looks above and beyond what’s available the content in-game. Our general philosophy is we want you to feel and look cool with the items you find in the game. We don’t want it to be mandatory that you need to pay for cosmetics and things like that to feel cool at all. We’re going to keep building more stuff for your character as well, and then some of the more out there and less on direct theme – like Primalist all their gear is themed around stuff like wood, cloth, fur, etc.…they’re more nature themed materials being used to make his armour. However, with the cosmetic system you’ll be able to get things that break that theming a little bit more. They’ll still be Last Epoch themed, but less strict on the class theming.
Timestamp: 2:30:45-2:32:40

Q: Will the game be free-to-play on release?

A: We’re not planning a subscription, but we are still planning on having the same box price for the game. So on release the game will still be $35 US dollars, but it won’t come with all the extra things that the beta pack includes – there’s a pet, a bunch of cosmetic coins, and things like that.
Timestamp: 2:32:45-2:33:13

Q: How about optimization and performance?

A: We put a ton of work into optimization and performance every single patch. I know people that have been here a really long time can attest to the strides we’ve made. I know that there’s still people having problems, and we are working on that. We try to get as many log files from those people. If you are struggling with constant crashes I’d encourage you to look into how we ask for log files and make bug reports on the forums. Look up other people having similar problems – there might be solutions there for you. We do try to help everyone out the best we can, but there is a lot of people now [laughs] and not a ton of us still so we’re doing the best we can to keep up.

As far as optimization goes in-game, there are a lot of new things coming with spell effects – for example, Avalanche, is really bad for this and Avalanche is getting tons of performance boosts for sure. Right now when I cast Avalanche every single one of those little meteors that fall is actually a new object being created and destroyed – and I know it seems very basic to have a pooling system for things like this, and it would be if we didn’t also have this skill tree system because these objects can be changed quite dramatically through that skill system so the pools have to be really specific. Then making it all work in multiplayer makes it way more complicated again. So…it’s coming. That’s going to make a big change.
Timestamp: 2:33:18-2:34:46


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