Crafting Updates - What We Know So Far

I’ve collected all the information I could find about the upcoming crafting updates and placed them within this post. As more information becomes available I’ll be sure to add it here – at least until its own dedicated developer blog is released. If I’ve missed anything please let me know and I’ll be sure to include it.

I’ve also created similar threads for the following:

Here is what we were told about the upcoming crafting updates in the 0.8.4 & beyond dev blog:

Since then Mike has answered various questions pertaining to the upcoming crafting updates during the dev streams. I’ve gathered all these below – transcribing them to the best of my ability, but I’ve also provided links (if the dev stream is accessible on their YouTube channel) or timestamps (if the video is still only accessible on Twitch) for all the content if you’d rather watch Mike answer them.

October 8, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

October 15, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

October 22, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

October 29, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

November 5, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

November 12, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - YouTube

No questions relating to crafting updates were answered.

November 19, 2021 Developer Q&A Stream - Twitch


Crafting Updates Dev Blog


You know that feeling when you get a T5 class prefix in a bad base helmet, relic, or chest, so you use your Rune of Shattering to get some shards for it so you can use it on your good implicits and instead get something useless like +1 Cold Resistance shard?

That has me feeling worse than the 90% fractures. I hope that is something which is also addressed, because class shards are far, far rarer, and it’d be nice to be able to stockpile those for when we want to maximize our character’s performance.

Post was updated with very minor information from the latest dev stream.

Though, we did get some great spoilers for 0.8.4. Here are two images showing off updates to previous zones:

And lastly, a short clip of the Werebear Form up close and personal:

And there’s more leaks :open_mouth: – in the Dungeons & Legendary Items threads.


not sure about this crafting system. i failed 90% succes rate crafts like 6 times in a row. and thats not a rare occurrence… its hard to find a upgrade and when i do the crafting system leaves a bad taste in my mouth 90% of the time.

You’re likely not remembering the successes anywhere near as much as the failures, you had a ~47% chance to fail those 90% success rate crafts 6 times in a row. You’ll have had way more successes in a row at that % chance but you don’t remember them/they aren’t “emotionally impactful” because you’re expecting the 90% chance to be guaranteed. And that’s why the devs are making some changes to the “feels bad” moments in crafting. What they’re going to be we don’t know.

Though I suspect if you had a better grasp of the probability the crafting would probably feel less bad. And maybe a better loot filter setup to help you find potential upgrades.

ye you are right i think…
i bricked some realy good base items with already 2 tier 4+ stats that i needed :confounded:
my lootfilter is pretty good i think. i found a pretty sweet upgrade now. its also fractured but managed to get some good suffixes on it :kissing_smiling_eyes:
but if they manage to tone down the feel bad moments of crafting without making it so easy that would be great! all in all, this game is realy good! :+1:

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