Cosmetic Shop Beta | Coming in Rising Flames

Game costs 35$ but you are pricing a portal at 20$?
If you wanna start earning money knock down these prices in 5-10$ range.
More players will spend money to supoort you.
Do you want 10 people buying 20$ portal or
200 people buying 5$ portal?


Im disgusted to see the predatory pricing on this. On a game I was hoping would break away from the insanity of the industry. Diablo 4, Path of Exile, Tochlight Infinite, … and now Last Epoch



why we have to go into psychological manipulation with virtual currencies eh?
why you can buy packs for 120/265/755 points whereas items cost variable odd amounts of the said virtual coins? why manipulate your playerbase this way? fatshark tried to pull the same shtick and got heavy backlash for it forcing them to change it.

please explain to me why we cant have NORMAL pricing in MTX where you can clearly see a REAL MONETARY value of the items you wish to purchase? in USD/EUR/etc.

would love to hear a sound explanation for application of this shoddy manipulation technique that aims to obfuscate people’s perception in regard to their spending.


Still a post-1.0 thing, it never having been budgeted for for 1.0.

Im with everyone else in the pricing for mtx being too high & having a “bonus” amount of point on the more expensive packs, psychological manipulation is beneath the guys and gals at EHG.


Middle currency manipulative nonsense isn’t it, EHG. I’m not interested in paying over the odds because you decided to go full exploitative points <-> value conversion rates.


Here’s another question:
How could EHG not see the backlash from this nonsense when it was tried by other companies?

And the Answer?

This is what happens when you allow giant anti-consumer soul-stealing corporations to take a stake in your team.

You’ve set yourself on the path to The Ruined Era (2023->) of videogames.
EHG, you posted this just a few hours ago, and you can already see the results. Use the positive vibe you have built with a great game to push back against those who are seeking to destroy it by trying to squeeze the player-base for an undue number of shekels.


Sat here with my bag of popcorn waiting for the inevitable “we hear your feedback”


It’s optional.

Having said that; I feel the price is too high and I would be more inclined to use it if the prices were much lower.

But then again, I won’t be using the system because of that, so… shrug


We do apologize, the captures had an incorrect price listed for the Portal. We recognize that caused some headache. We have corrected the error from 250 EP to 165 EP for the Glacial Path portal.

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Nobody is forcing you to buy something. Don’t like the item/price, don’t buy it. :+1:

Easy. :melting_face:

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Here’s the thing:
We WANT to buy.
We WANT to support EHG and the game.
We do NOT want to be gouged.

The current pricing is tailored to whaling, which is what I expected when I heard about Tencent putting money into EHG.


This. Id buy every cool item if it was priced accordingly. I am not dropping almost full game price on 2 items :slight_smile:


My first time posting , i was excited until i saw the prices per content.

i always buy cosmetic , but this time im not glad with it.

I prefer pay diablo 4 battle pass , 20 euro and more quality . if u want guys get more sells , please release quality content with good price.

Everyone players here we have 25 -50 years aprox . we have money because we work everyday We are not children who can be fooled, this game is for adult, intelligent and niche people. It probably has the best community I’ve seen, in the last few years.

Think that most of us comb gray hair up to 50 euros we can afford if we like the game every 3 months.

Think about it EHG, greed breaks the bag and the faithful who play every day with our friends after a long day working to disconnect and enjoy, we are not kids who are going to ask their parents for a visa to buy fortnite skins

The project was born from some ARPG enthusiasts and those of us who are writing here, from what I have read, are willing to buy and support this incredible and addictive game.

We give you loyalty and support, we only ask you for respect and that you listen to us. (You do the second thing and that is why we are to the death with you, the first thing is what we demand


I absolutely hate this outlook.

It’s counter to the community and only leads to shitty, predatory systems becoming normalized.


Hi whale

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Good first step, but for me it was not solely about the portal price, but the prices overall.

especially with the lowest Point Bundle not able to buy most things


You realize we have to pay the exact same amount to buy the portal at that price right. This is why this pricing/currency is terrible, this exact response you gave, that’s intended to make us feel a bit better about it, just perfectly highlights why this currency model is doing the bad stuff.


Honestly since their account was created only two minutes prior to posting that, I’m more inclined to think they’re just trolling rather than an actual player/whale.

I can only hope that no one would actually – unironically – say that. Maybe I’m just holding out hope. lmao

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Not sure what the pricing is for these things in other games. But even after the price tweak of the portal, I think 15 bucks for a pretty mediocre looking cape still sounds like a lot.
I can understand if you ask that for a cape that is hella awesome looking with animations and such (legendary esque item), but not for this.
Then again, I have no comparison, so maybe I’m weird.

P.S. The portal looks cool :slight_smile:


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