Can't start the game

Hey if you’re still having this issue please try the workaround steps and see if they help temporarily or permanently.

Potential Fix or Workaround for Unity Crash Issue - Bug Reports - Last Epoch Forums

Everyone who has posted logs here are running 10 seriest nvidia cards, so seems to be something else.

The quick steps or even repeating steps for the faulting module for NVIDIA GPUs might help still.

I’ve tried and it didn’t help. In my case the error was in

Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispig.inf_amd64_5b6e4554b945d508\nvwgf2umx.dll
Report Id: 7c13483c-3afa-40af-b5ba-bf3a4dd157ff

I put that file into the LE folder but it didn’t help. Also did delete LastEpoch.exe and imgui.ini then verified files. The game sporadically still starts on 10th-20th try but that is not good. That takes lots of time just to start playing LE

Hmm yeah, have you tried a clean install of drivers? Another suggestion is doing the quick fix I posted and also trying different launch configs for the window size of the application.

Right-click LE in Steam Library → Properties → General → In Launch Options try “-window-mode exclusive” or other launch options (google to find the various ones)

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Hey mate - there are piles of reasons these access violations can occur. Here’s a list of troubleshooting options (some youve probably done already, but i copy pasted it from an older post of mine :D)

Hey everyone … I am experiencing the same problem that the usual things doesnt seem to fix.

However - if you run the game directly from the EXE in the steam installation folder, the game runs perfectly as expected. So launch Steam, and then manually run the game from the exe - dont click Play from within steam.

Works for me… Good luck.


This is still happening to me, and it doesn’t matter where I open the game steam or exe

Damn… check this thread sub post just to see if this is exactly what you are getting:

For me the game is reporting a problem with a specific GPU driver dll - you can see it in Event viewer (windows) and player.log (LE) to confirm. Obviously if your logs etc show a different problem then my workaround may be ineffective - as you seem to have found.

I tried looking for that “nvwgf2umx” dll in the player log but no results. Also, the player log is a massive wall of text for me and I don’t know where to look tbh. I’ll just leave mine here.
Player.log (3.4 MB)

Also having the “nvwgf2umx” issue and none of the fixes mentioned here or somewhere else helped. Sometimes the game just randomly runs after a while. Sometimes it never runs even after several attempts. It’s very frustrating.

Hmm. Your log has a wide variety of different errors that could be attributable to a dozen different bugs or possibilities. Everything from VFX, TextMeshPro, Networking to the dreaded multiple NullRefException errors. Even some new ones that seem to point to issues loading your character data. All you are missing are the straightforward performance ones like RenderTexture failures. :frowning: Am assuming you ran the game verification just to check your install cause there are lots of different issues here.

A lot of these are things that used to happen many versions ago so its disturbing to seem them come back.

I cannot see from your log vs mine if there are any commonalities that could point exactly to the reason we are all having hassles starting the game.

Really am hoping this one is added to this weeks hotfix patch.

I have like a mega thread of bugs I found and just decided to just compile them into one post… But yeah, I took a peek at mine and first thing I noticed was there was a lot of errors… The ones you mentioned kinda gives a hint of the ones I’ve reported. And yes, I did several file verification ever since my first post there because I was running out of options due to these numerous bugs…

Another thing I noticed in the player log was it used to be like 10Mb the last time I actually had to upload it somewhere few months back, but it’s 3.4Mb when I uploaded it.

I can open the game and play but it’s just not as different as not being able to, since my brother kinda got fed up already with the bugs that prevents us from progressing together. I really hope these gets fixed soon :frowning:

Btw, have you tried reinstalling already? though I’ll assume that as a yes.


I meant this one. Since I’m having texture errors which I’m glad the devs are aware of.
As for networking, I’ve got several lost connections when changing areas when in a party.
And I have no idea what could the nullrefexception could be.

Yeah, I saw your multiple bug posts… You caught quite a few new ones there too.

I have been messing around here for years now - used to try and help out in the bug and tech section but real life demanded more of my time so I stopped after 0.85 dropped. During that time I learnt a fair deal about the logs by pure trial and error and spotting specific logs that match specific bugs… since 0.9, there are a lot more logs, esp the multiplayer/networking ones so its no longer as easy…

But hey… I am fairly confident that the devs read these posts & take note - they have done so in the past even though they dont directly reply here often.

So there is hope… but I must confess I am a little dissapointed in some of these as they really do seem like recurrances of older bugs or things that I would have assumed wouldnt have made it past quality control if you know what I mean.

anyway… looking forward to this weeks promised patch.

hi, same problem, just buy the game, and cant even play …

same problem, crash on lunch, nvwgf2umx.dll event error

I managed to solve it by changing the game from the ssd to the hdd

I have been having this issue and am using an AMD Vega64.

After patch I was able to simply verify my files an it would launch every time. Last night I decided to uninstall and reinstall. I tried to launch and again it failed. This time when I verified files, it did not work. I was getting a crash window for a split second, and while setting up video capture of the event, I ran LE like 15 times, and the time I had everything right for the capture, LE actually launched.

still unable to launch the game

help pls

bump, problem unsolved