Can't get past character select

Same exact error log as me. Can play Offline, if i select offline during character creation screen. Integrity check passes. player.log shows:
The referenced script (WFX_LightCurves) on this Behaviour is missing!

[ line 199]
(Filename: Line: 199)

Judging by the lack of reply from “technical support” in the 18 days since the topic has been opened, I don’t think we can rely on getting any help from EHG. I get that they are busy, but it’s not a good look.

they’re busy posting their 40k players online milestones and saying connectivity has been fixed for 99% of players to care about anyone posting on their forums that they still cannot connect to the game without using a VPN


I have purchased the early access 3 days ago after reading some good reviews. Unfortunately my game experience so far is the character creation screen, loading screen followed by connection lost message. Sorry but trying it to work via vpn or dns changes is not the way. With my current experience I cannot recommend this game to anyone yet…

Well I had to buy a month of vpn service just to play the game. The free service kept kicking me because “p2p not allowed on free servers”. Didn’t even know LE was p2p. So I suppose when that month is done, I’ll be done with LE. I rather enjoy the game, but I’m not willing to pay 10 dollars a month to play it. Suuucks

Well this is thread is a kick in the balls, I have had the same issues for 3 days now and if you dare try to play multiplayer I get kicked anytime I try to use a portal.
I understand “ThIs iS BeTa” but damn at least respond to us with the “We are working on it”

Just confirming that I still cannot get past the character select screen without using a VPN.
Also confirming that I NEVER had any problems before connecting to ANY online game before, thank you for the non-existent customer support EHG.

Same issue here, cannot get past character select

I am also from Egypt and I can’t get past the login
what VPN do you use so that we can temporarily play the game?

I have the same problem. Offline and the initial login working just fine. But I “lose connection to the game servers” if I try to connect to an online character without using a vpn.

You can still play offline I think or use cloudflare WARP (free but laggy), or ExitLag (good but paid subscription).

Sadly I have the same problem … Unity crash after a minute of “Connecting” upon clicking Enter game … VPN allows me to enter but too laggy to play :frowning: . offline works fine though.

Any updates on this ???

I am still having this issue even though I’ve posted about it on both twitter and the forums (5 days ago or so). I even posted in the world chat when the game owner was talking to people but they either didn’t see mine or ignored it (likely ignored due to it becoming a conversation topic for a bit after that.) I am sure they had their hands full with other issues at the time but now that 99% of that has calmed down it’d be nice to at least get a response.

Still have this issue and no reply from devs, not only that but they even deployed a new patch that doesn’t even address the issue. BRAVO

Just want to update that for me personally I was able to login today for the first time ever since the 0.9 patch (online mode) without using a VPN or anything, not sure if it’s a fluke or they actually fixed it (kinda lost hope since they’ve never even talked about it) but for now the game logs in normally for me personally.


I’m v jealous. I still have the same issue. Even called my ISP today trying to fix it to no avail. =(

Well… it was short lived, turns out I was right and they didn’t fix anything, it was just a fluke, not sure why or how it let me in earlier, but now its back like it was ever since 0.9 released, login to character screen, try to connect with an online character, get stuck on connecting for a minute then the game crashes, I was starting to get my hopes up, unfortunate.

I’m still unable to play too, I can occasionally get in, but I can’t figure out why.

I too have had the same issue. I randomly discovered I could log in through a vpn a few days ago. Makes it laggy as hell to play… Really like the game so far but it is definitely still beta.