Broken craft

What’s wrong with the craft? During 2 days 90% + of my items fractured at the 80%+ success chance. And there were appear a very few zones of the glyphs in the monolith.
How to dress a character in such conditions? Play 24/7?

There are lots of helpful posts Search results for 'crafting' - Last Epoch Forums about craftig and the problems…

There are is also a recent post about crafting changes coming in 0.8.4 (next patch)

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RNG is RNG. Either you’ve had a slightly unlucky streak or you’re misremembering how many crafts fractured at >80% 'cause Mike ran the crafting code billions of times and got the expected/displayed fracture rate.

Yeah, and Mike even answers a similar crafting question in that thread where he details the problem with the current crafting system that creates this feeling and their hopes to improve it with the upcoming crafting changes. There’s several other great answers by Mike in there as well, but this one is probably the most relevant to this thread;


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