Beta 0.9c and 0.9d Patch Notes

For your list:

  • Movement abilities with charges still consuming all charges

When I read Swarmblade I thought you would fix the locust swarm not disappearing and not showing stacks correctly :frowning:
Here is my bug report: Locust Swarm visual doesn't go away and the icon for the buff duration is bugged - #2 by ynhl

Also wondering about this

Lunge is still getting stuck and consuming both charges after updating.


Just thought I would mention it here to see if anyone else is experiencing the issue:

Since this patch, my rage generation in Swarmblade is not what it was just yesterday. I see it dropping faster than it did and not refilling as quickly. Made no other changes to my character or gear. It’s enough that it is noticeable. Anyone else with the same issue?

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No mention of the disconnect and desync issues :confused:

I am talking about this: Unity crash when after 0.9 when trying online play this is happening all the time, the game cannot last more than like 10 min after logging in

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“Lunge is still getting stuck and consuming both charges after updating.”

I second that.


Why are you nerfing Emperor and even plan to make his arena bigger? once you know how it works the Emperor is super easy to do. the actual arena is big enough as long as you keep the Emperor in the middle or to a side. please dont make bosses easier only because newbies dont know how to handle it. I actually loved it when you made the arena smaller…

Because it was never supposed to be that small.

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Thank you for the fixes. I would like to write down the bugs and issues that I encountered but not mentioned in the post.

  1. Rune of shattering sometimes is not consumed when used. In one occasion, the Rune of Shattering didn’t break the item and yet it is consumed.

  2. Warpath is not working properly. Releasing the hot key doesn’t stop Warpath skill.

  3. In Devouring Orb’s skill tree, you can’t hover over the Dust Channeling node. Also the points required for that node is not displayed properly.

  4. When we set up a party, sometimes my buddy can’t join my instance. We also stumbled a random player who was not in our party.

  5. Loading screens are significantly longer when in party.

  6. Smite doesn’t work in the Lagon boss fight.

I hope these help.

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Thank you for the patch!! but it seems like if after the patch Flame reave attack has suddenly got much smaller range and area of effect can you look into it. thank you

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Was wondering the same thing, I thought it was coming in this patch…

Backpack is here!



Lagon hitbox is insanely wonky, especially with skills like Smite and Spellblade melee hits.

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But it is super ok as it is now. it makes it challenging. if you make it bigger like before it will be a cake walk. this is already one of the easier bosses already…

I can’t seem to progress past Lagon. I defeat him but no portal shows up, disconnecting doesn’t actually progress the quest to the next step either.

Might not be working as intended for Lagon?


Most important one! :slight_smile:

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And what about LE-52 ISP problem LE-52 error with Polish ISP - #58 by Tahero ? How long we have to wait to be able to play the game?