Beta 0.9c and 0.9d Patch Notes


  • The Death Recap screen (you were killed by X with Y damage type) now works in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug where offline characters could not unlock empowered monoliths at the timeline catalyst. You can go back to the catalyst on existing characters to unlock it.
  • Fixed a bug where a reward rock could incorrectly appear after completing a Quest Echo in offline (Quest Echoes don’t have echo completion rewards).
  • Fixed a bug where return portals did not appear in the Council Chambers or Outcast Camp after taking a town portal to those zones.
  • The following interactions now require a click rather than happening when you hold down the left mouse button and hover over the object:
    • Using the Town Portal (both to town and from town)
    • Open the Stash
    • Talking to most NPCs
  • Defeating the following chapter bosses now unlocks the first waypoint of the next chapter, in case you logout or disconnect before continuing:
    • Admiral Harton
    • Spymaster Zerrick
    • Harton/Zerrick Rematch
    • Lagon


  • Fixed a bug where the skill tooltip incorrectly displayed when opening a skill tree.
  • Fixed a bug where channeled skills kept recasting in multiplayer, causing casting vfx and sounds to play repeatedly.
  • Increased the basic melee attack range of Assembled Abomination by around 100%.
  • Fixed a bug where Flame Reave’s Rhythm of Fire could not gain stacks from any source. EDIT: This also fixed a bug which caused Rhythm of Fire’s range increase to apply even when the node wasn’t taken, and the damage to apply at all times with the node taken. Our apologies for the confusion.
  • Fixed a bug where using Fury Leap at a very long distance could cause you to get stuck in an animation pose until you used another ability.
  • Fixed a bug where Lunge would lock you in place when targeting destructible objects.
  • Fixed a bug where Rip Blood’s Coagulated Blood was not affected by increased area.
  • Fixed a bug where Swarmblade’s Locusts sunk into the ground and did not animate.

Save Data

  • Fixed a bug where offline characters could be overwritten when creating a new offline character after deleting one.


  • Temporarily massively reduced the damage of the Emperor of Corpses’ Soul Bomb. The arena for this fight was made smaller in the lead up to 0.9 without the boss’ abilities being changed to account for this. We plan to return the arena to its original size soon.
  • Void Worms have a less intense visual effect when they die.
  • Fixed a bug where Infernal Flesh’s abilities would sometimes indicate in the wrong direction in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Spymaster Zerrick not having a boss-style healthbar when hovered over.
  • Fixed the stone blocks in Liath’s Sanctum not having a sound.
  • Updated the emerging sound for Void Despair.
  • Fixed the Hollow Druant’s Entangling Roots skill not having sounds.


  • Fixed The Throwing Damage and Mana Cost affix incorrectly showing that its damage had a physical tag.
  • Fixed the Traveler’s Backpack not appearing when equipped. We’re still working on granting this cosmetic to all players.


  • We are investigating other reports of data loss associated with online characters. While these reports are fairly uncommon this remains our top priority. This build introduces some additional logging that will help us investigate.
  • We now know what is causing characters to sometimes appear without their armor and the default display username ( ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ) to appear which is a failure to load this data and are working towards a fix. This is only a visual bug that is usually resolved when switching to a new zone.
  • We will continue to monitor your feedback and put out additional hotfixes as necessary for skill bugs, multiplayer systems, and so on.

We appreciate your feedback which is helping us find and fix new issues introduced with multiplayer and improve gameplay experience.

**Edit: **


  • Fixed a bug with the chat system that caused a hugely excessive amount of calls to our backend services (this shouldn’t change anything on the player side).

First and TrundleGod Rank 1 Arena

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So, i was under the impression that we don’t need client updates on hotfixes? That most is handeled in the background? But this is a ± 550 mb update?

Any news on the server auto selection fix? Been playing with 160ms ping the last couple of days and it feels awful…

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Does that mean, the random closing of your stash is fixed too???

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Not even mentioning that majority of people from Poland can’t play the game?

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What about Dancing Strikes in online mode? It’s completely unplayable with the delay.


Not talking about unity causing a lot of crashes and for a lot of ppl the game is not playable is a litte bit strange, especially that is a post in technical issue with 30+ replays

Danke Jungs für den schnellen Hotfix. :+1:


I hope you are talking about this:

I will link it just for devs visibility.


What about the transformation bugs where if you go back to human you have an empty skill hotbar? Is this still being looked at?


Been waiting for this! Thanks for all you do, your game is bloody fantastic! Though I’m kind of sad to see the issue I’ve been dealing with wasn’t fixed… oh well maybe next time

Much thanks for the hotfix, below are further things to investigate:

  • Memory Leak issues not addressed
  • Insane GPU/CPU usage if your FPS is not limited to 60. I dropped from 95% (at 165FPS) to 30% Ultra on 60FPS. Tempreture barely going above 40c now. (I have a 12700K-i7 with 3080ti)
  • Traversal abilities rubber-banding
  • Ravenous Void (Void Knight Ability) not working at all
  • Chat closing by itself while typing
  • Character moves if you click on chat sometimes or somewhere around
  • Movemeny around the “Gates” in mono or rocks, is sometimes clunky (gets stuck)
  • Movement abilities with charges still consuming all charges (Thanks @Skjoldur)

Can’t remember anything else right now.


is Flame Burst ( Holy Aura skill peark ) working? i dont think i see any proc since i got the talent


For your list:

  • Movement abilities with charges still consuming all charges

When I read Swarmblade I thought you would fix the locust swarm not disappearing and not showing stacks correctly :frowning:
Here is my bug report: Locust Swarm visual doesn't go away and the icon for the buff duration is bugged - #2 by ynhl

Also wondering about this

Lunge is still getting stuck and consuming both charges after updating.


Just thought I would mention it here to see if anyone else is experiencing the issue:

Since this patch, my rage generation in Swarmblade is not what it was just yesterday. I see it dropping faster than it did and not refilling as quickly. Made no other changes to my character or gear. It’s enough that it is noticeable. Anyone else with the same issue?

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No mention of the disconnect and desync issues :confused: