How to link LE Account with Steam?

How to link my LE Account with Steam, there is no option in the account options from LE Account to link with Steam.

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my friend and I are having the same issue. We both bought the game today with Steam and there is no option to link accounts with Steam.


this was a bug related to the patch that was released earlier today, and they have rolled back the patch. it should have been fixed. if it’s still giving you trouble, maybe a reinstall will help? sorry i can’t offer more advice.

How should a game reinstall hrlp when there is no link option on the LE Webpage??

i’m not sure, actually. it has been well over a year since i got the game and i don’t remember if i ever had to do that. from what sarno said about the error, i assumed there should not be any such message when you install the game. i’m only guessing that reinstalling it will help fix the problem.

edit: there’s also a comment at the top of the forum (highlighted in blue) saying to update your client if you’re having an issue. reinstalling is one way to do that, if you don’t see an update available in steam.

You misunderstood this thread. I don’t have any problem with the game. I just want to link my Last Epoch Account with my steam account. They wrote buyers on steam will get that Ardent Gladiator Pack. And without link the accounts I can’t buy anything, same as in Path of Exile.

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Yeah I have the same problem. Think we should give the devs a bit of time to get that patch from yesterday fixed and that it will work after

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so, thats why Im missing that cosmetic pack. Thx for info, bought a game on steam two days ago and I see I dont have that cosmetic pack.
I hope they will fix it soon,


have those of you who are having trouble tried using the “Redeem in Steam” option under “My Account” (top right of the forum)? this is the only thing i can think of trying aside from reinstalling the game. if you still can’t connect your accounts, check the support page and reach out to support if the articles there don’t fix your problem. account issues like this most likely won’t be able to be resolved via forum posts.

you can’t buy anything with the MTX points you get with the pack because there currently isn’t an MTX store. that’s coming in the future. :slight_smile:

Same problem. I’ve bought it yesterday on steam.

And when i’m going in website under “My Account” i don’t have Any “Redeem in Steam” i can’t find in all my profile under my account the “Reedem in Steam” link/button.

In the support page there are no info on steam account linking and this link dosen’t work anymore (Not Found)

i’m really sorry you’re having so much trouble. but like i said, i can’t help beyond the suggestions i made, and i doubt anyone who can help will see this forum thread. it sounds like you should contact support directly. (there is a contact link at the top right of

i’m not sure why that link doesn’t work. i know they just migrated the site to their new domain ( instead of which is breaking some of the links that haven’t been updated yet. hopefully they’ll get that sorted soon. until then, contacting support is probably your best bet.

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