No LE license found

I have game bought and after recent update I can’t play, because I don’t have LE license.
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having same problem after 8.0b patch, the game doesn’t login properly now

BUMP, same problem and I’m getting quite pissed.

same problem here

hoping they seeing this, not able to play the game now and would like a fix to this problem

same issue here, fix it pls

Bump; same issue

Add me to the list can’t connect after launching on steam and when i logging onto the site the only option available is buy nothing about link to steam account.

Bump, same problem here.

Same problem , after patch 8.0b can’t login at all.

same problem!

same here

Hi there!

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.

We’re posting news regarding this issue in the 0.8b patch notes thread;