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Beta 0.8.2b & 0.8.2c Patch Notes

EDIT: 0.8.2c has been released to additionally fix a bug that caused some players to have a blank login screen, which prevented them from logging into the game. This primarily affected new players that started in 0.8.2.

0.8.2b Patch Notes:

This hotfix brings fixes for a number of bugs and some additional polish to the UI and Monolith. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on 0.8.2, so keep it coming!

Missed the patch notes for 0.8.2? Check them out here.


  • Fixed a bug where players with certain system regions (such as Thai) could not login. The loading animation would play but the login attempt never completed.
  • Improved the login system to prevent other issues.
  • If you’re unable to login, please contact our support team and include your log file and a screenshot. We appreciate your patience and assistance as we investigate issues like this.

Monolith of Fate

  • Fixed a bug where the maximum value limits for monolith modifiers did not apply in some cases. This could result in modifiers like “enemies take 100% less damage”.
  • Added a minimap icon for the reward objects in Echo of a World.
  • Fixed delayed objective pulses being positioned incorrectly on the minimap.
  • Fixed a bug where the icons for Exalted rewards in the Monolith of Fate were not colored purple.
  • Updated the position and visuals of the Open Portal button.


  • Fixed a bug where the Enra’s Technique node for Hammer Throw didn’t provide base critical chance when you had taken Hammer Vortex.
  • Fixed a bug where Holy Aura’s Purification node was granting 10% poison resistance rather than the listed 20%
  • Clarified Abyssal Echoes’ description to say that it doesn’t hit.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by certain skills.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where the border/background graphics for items in the inventory would fail to display in some situations.
  • Fixed the loot filter selection dropdown overlapping the window for creating new rules.
  • Fixed the “Increased cooldown recovery for surge” affix being in the wrong affix category for loot filters.
  • Fixed a bug where the Show option when creating a rule would be unavailable if you clicked on Hide or Recolor.
  • Fixed “Necromancer” wrapping to a second line in the passives panel.
  • Fixed the Rogue passive tree being labeled as Primalist.
  • Fixed a bug where the tick marks for Passive progression were missing from most base class trees.
  • Improved the contrast for tick marks in the passives panel.
  • Improved the greyed out effect for passive nodes that have not been taken yet.
  • Fixed some minor positioning issues for details in the passives panel.
  • Updated the Mastery Selection window to match the new UI style.
  • Replaced the Quests button on the window selection wheel for gamepad with a Social button (the quest journal was removed in 0.8.2).
  • Fixed Bone Pyres not having a healthbar on mouseover.


  • Updated the sound effect for Volatile Zombies leaping.
  • Updated death sound effects for the Emperor’s Remains.
  • Increased the volume of Storm Crow’s spells.
  • Fixed a bug where shattering a fractured item would play the fracture sound effect.


  • Fixed a bug where the door inside The Great College was missing.


Do you people sleep? Who hot fixes patches with this many fixes in 24 hours. You’re all mad I say MAD!


damn the door got repaired :smile: nice to see there is still an industry for doors even in these ruined times.


Thank you for the amazing work you all are doing.

Curious to know what skills were causing memory leak if you guys would be willing to share

you are really fast guys! really appreciated

These wouldn’t happen to have been some movement skills? Shield Rush and Teleport have caused the game to lock up on me a few times since 8.2 dropped, but I couldn’t determine if it was due to playing on controller or not.

Great work guys!

As a programmer myself, I can tell you when a massive product launches, you basically prepare for non-stop support and development fixes all week… or at minimum for 2 days. But I do want to say bravo to this team, they have created an amazing product!!

True, but many of those games have launched. Were getting Day 2 hotfixes during beta which feels unusual to me. Other games have done it, but they are usually smaller and not as efficient. This group is impressive sometimes.


Once something is available publicly, has done marketing, and can be bought for real $$… I consider it “launched”. But I do agree, this patch wasn’t a version 1.0 update, or even the initial beta launch, so it is massively impressive!

Tks a lot.
You’re doing an amazing job.

These bugs were known before launch, and a team got together to decide whether to delay the launch or do a “fast follow” set of fixes. The latter was decided, and they were working on the fixes even before 8.2 launched. That is how those fixes made it up through the QA process and live within 24 hrs of the launch.

Kudos to the Devs! Nice job!

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There still does not appear to be a way to see what mono you are doing when you log into a character. On the old map it showed each of your blessings, where they came from, the quality of the roll and which mono was in progress by how much.
Now the Inventory shows the blessings, and their roll quality, but if you have only Empowered Blessings they show but with no source.
That appears to be the only place you can see any comparative quality. When you are at the final boss reward screen and are offered Blessings you cannot ALT for the roll quality, nor does it now show on the map icons any more (it did).
Not knowing where you are when you log into each character means you have to one-by-one Travel to each portal for each mono THEN look in the Normal AND/OR Legendary window before you finally see if you have progress in that mono. If it isnt that one you need to keep going to each portal ion turn until you manually find where you were.

As a player and not a dev it would seem to me that simply throwing (he says simply…) the timeline progress you have on any mono as a quest in the new quest panel would give everyone in campaign or mono a unified place to go to first when you log to a character and want to play/progress them.

But holy hell guys! You are working too hard, don’t kill yourselves; we love what you are doing and have faith in your vision :slight_smile:


You all give me hope for the future of ARPGs, whereas GGG only brings me despair.


What brings me despair is that apparently EHG still doesn’t know that the letter a exists. Where was 0.8.2a?

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Stolen by Orobyss.

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@Llama8 they released it so fast it now does not exist

Yes , the lack of info is very frustrating. It was very clear before the patch. I hope it will be solved soon.