Beta 0.7.0g Patch Notes


  • Improved fading behavior for individual messages and when the chat loses focus.
  • The chat window now fades away when you click outside of it.
  • Replaced the “Press enter to open…” text with a small chat button
  • Fixed input being blocked by the chat window when it is closed.
  • Fixed some visual issues of the chat window ui.
  • Fixed a minor performance issue with automatic scrolling.


  • Added a new higher tier of mage armour models
  • Updated on-ground item glow effects


  • Added a node to the wandering spirits tree that causes wandering spirits to be revealed around the target location rather than around you
  • Updated the portraits for Bone Golem variants


  • Void mauls and The Effigy of Oblivion no longer spawn in the arena as some of their skill effects would clip with the ground and become difficult to see.


  • The era is now shown on loading screens beneath the zone name

Bug Fixes

  • Skills are now removed from your action bar if you refund passives points such that you no longer have access to a skill. Your specializations will be unaffected.
  • Fixed Focus’ Energy Battery, Energy Infusion and Mind’s Shield scaling off of max mana rather than mana gained while channeling focus.
  • Fixed Glacier’s Cold Snap and Greater Explosion nodes not increasing damage.
  • Fixed Lunge always costing 1 mana instead of scaling with distance
  • Fixed the tooltips for several Mana Strike nodes not scaling when you put in more points (the effects themselves were working)
  • Fixed Storm Totem’s Shield Totem node not working.
  • Fixed the Druid’s Natural Duality and Strengthened Bond nodes counting your number of minions, rather than companions.
  • Fixed the Druid’s Return to Dust node not working.
  • Fixed the Lich’s Ageless Ascetic not leeching life.
  • Fixed the Paladin’s Flash of Brilliance granting increased blind chance instead of added.
  • Fixed the Paladin’s Light of Rahyeh not increasing Fire Damage.
  • Fixed the Spellblade’s Arcane Warden not working.
  • Fixed the Void Knight’s Heavy Endurance node not working.
  • Likely fixed a bug where the Mage would gain a pale white overlay over its model.
  • Fixed a bug where using the short item names option would display the internal name of an item rather than the display name.
  • Fixed a small memory leak that occurred when equipping an item.
  • The Increased Freeze Chance alt tooltip no longer incorrectly specifies "spells"



oh dang. patches coming faster than I could patch :astonished:


You’re patching faster than I play. Great work. :smiley:

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You guys are awesome!


Seconding all the above

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Killin’ it on the patches guys :ok_hand:t3:

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Congratulations on the updates, but I still can not play. I’m waiting for some update to solve my problem.
My problem

Super Swell!

Love the Diligence at EHG! on it as always!


Awesome work team! Keep it up!

Do you guys ever rest? :cowboy_hat_face:
Good work.

Oof I think we need a follow up patch really quick. Loot is almost non existent and you can dupe any item you want right now.

Was wondering why the blind chance never appeared on my character sheet.

Just did a monolith run. The Omen of Silence dropped a single blue and I got a single yellow from the chest.

Also, Fire Shield now shoots Fireballs non-stop, even in areas with no enemies like Echo of a World.

Good Work.

Agreed, there is no loot dropping.

Barely any loot here either.

Good work on the patches though! :slight_smile:

As noted above I can confirm that there is indeed loot duping when you drop a blue/yellow item from your inventory to the ground.

Additionally all chests/monoliths drop a singe blue/yellow/white item. I don’t know if that is intentional nerf or an error.

PS. Keep up the good work I am amazed with the amount of patches you have released after the beta lunch, this is simply outstanding!

We have fixes for these coming as soon as possible.

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  • Likely fixed a bug where the Mage would gain a pale white overlay over its model.

Aww man, no more slendermage :frowning:

(I’m kidding - thanks for the fixes as always guys!)