Game freezes after loading Mushroom Farm zone

So, i got the game today, started a new character and when I got to the Mushroom Farm zone the game froze and got the “has stopped working” message.
I started up the game again, logged in, selected character and the zone loads and freezes the game. If I click something, I get the “has stopped working” again, so basically I’m stuck.
What I tried was to lower the graphics and no changes. Also tried the verify integrity from Steam and even a clean reinstall of the game.
Is there anything else I could do or what would it be the next step to try to fix this problem?

UPDATE: I made a new character and it does the same at a previous zone, can’t go further because game freezes.
EDIT: This second character made it to Mushroom Farm and happens the same.

UPDATE 2: Downloaded and tried to play from the standalone client, same issue.

UPDATE 3: 3rd character and freezes in the same spot. Is there something else I could do to try?

UPDATE 4: No changes after patch. I guess there is no fix for my problem. Shame, I wanted to try this game

UPDATE 5: Patch 0.7.0D didn’t fix it either. Uploaded output log
output_log.txt (14.7 KB)

My game always freeze too. Cannt play for 5 min.

i buyed a SSD and install a new windows. Started 4 new character and when I enter Mushroom Farm zone the game froze and got the “has stopped working” message.

Did you try the “Verify Files” Option in Steam?

yes, and already deleted and downloaded all again.

What hardware are you using? Isn’t it important in your opinion?
Oh, I see in log, Radeon…

Radeon is incompatible last epoch?

If you want to not worry I think even old enough Nvidia GTX 960 will be less problematic in any game.

I bought a Rx570 just to play LE, I’ll install it tomorrow. hope it works.
So I’m going back here to talk if it worked or not.

BTW. Where is Mushroom Farm? I don’t see any waypoint with that name…

I reach there lv 6. Begginer map

It’s the place you arrive after taking the first shard after the bird boss.

OK, thanks, I believe that all locations receive their names on global map and near area level info…

I think its is not exactly, you get there after portal opens, and got 2 shards already. It is accessible from Last Refuge Outskirts backwards from Ruined Era.

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