Bugs in patch 0.7.0G

Item dropped has been nerfed. Lucky to get 1 item dropped from chest

My character (mage) randomly will start losing hp until i die in town or in a dungeon when no mobs are around. Relog fixes issue temporary.

Dropping rare items just duplicates it you cant actually let go, no matter how crappy of a weapon it is.

This might be on purpose, but hp potions dont drop very often when my slots are full but the moment a slot is open they drop from everymob like crazy. Sometimes the potions are called “beer” lol

Clicking to move on the left side of the screen usually doesnt do anything unless im decently close to my character (been doing this since before the patch) this gets annoying when aiming spells but you cant hit mobs far away on the left side, but works fine on right side.

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Chat changes in 0.7.0G fix this issue.

I am on 0.7.0G unpdated today and thats when it started. Lots of people have the blood tether debuff staying on even after death. Lots of HC deaths today im sure :slight_smile:

As for the left side of screen. I played about 3 hours today after updating to 0.7G and was still happening at least to me. :frowning:

Ahh, you must’ve mistyped in your title (Says F, not G). I’ve had issues with chat since day 1 of beta and this was the patch that finally fixed it for me, there must be more than one issue at play :frowning:

And yeah, the team are aware of all these issues and I believe it’s Friday night for most of the world yet they’re still keeping us updated. The best thing we can do to help the devs fix issues is to search and see if the bug is already reported, duplicate threads just mean more reading and less coding!

I will edit that. I did indeed type the wrong letter.

Its beta they can take there time :slight_smile: im in no rush just wanted to make them aware of my personal problems lol

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