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A New Companion Skill Coming to Primalists in Patch 0.8.2

Our next update, Patch 0.8.2, includes a new skill for Primalists!

A minion-summoning skill which adds to the Primalist’s ranged options, Summon Storm Crow increases the variety of available Companions. The default behaviour of this skill is to summon multiple crows, each of which cast lightning damage-dealing spells from a distance.

The specialisation tree for Summon Storm Crow has a wide variety of options for improving the effectiveness of your crows as well as allowing you to change their role on the battlefield.


Summon Storm Crow: The Skill

The full tooltip.


The activatable ability for these new Companions.


Summon Storm Crow: Example Nodes

SummonStormCrow FulminatingCaw

SummonStormCrow Goodberries

SummonStormCrow Huntsman

SummonStormCrow MurderofCrows

SummonStormCrow Thunderstruck


Awesome! Even if it is for the smelly Primalist.

Primalists again D: no love for sentinels

TBF, the Sentinel does have more skills. And he’s not a Primalist, so that’s a buff right there.

Very nice, looking forward to trying it.

I can not begin to describe my excitement for this skill. It looks amazing. Not only is it ranged but the base allows us to summon them to companion limit. I am now 7% less sad that you took out Flanking Strike!


That sounds very great, and some nodes showed here are awesome!
BTW, you said in patch 0.8.2 but your forgot to tell the exact date. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, my bad! We’ll be releasing Patch 0.8.2 on


No Clip :disappointed: Sniff

that’s a flock load of crows

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every day every time this game looks better and better…I really hope it dominates all ARPG genres…cause it deserves it…Good job guys,…really awesome work.

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Looks a bit OP with no mana cost and cooldown. You really sure about that??


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The Primalist needs something to make it not smelly.

A bath?

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Well, if it isn’t everyone’s favorite 1/2 for 2, storm crow!

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welp always a primalist main LUL

Looks good!

Seeing as Primalist is my number one and I’ve been waiting for another spell casting minion, this is right up my street.

So hyped to try this out!