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Full Life High Damage Shadow Daggers is Back! 0.8.1c

It’ll more than double your shadow dagger dps, since you only need 1 tick for damage & you’ll have a higher more damage modifier (>250% compared to 181%).

Thanks for your input, was looking for a boot replacement as I got cold resist blessing :stuck_out_tongue: So you droped shuriken for dancing strikes ?

No, you might want to check the link I posted. I am using Dancing Strike, Shurikens, Smoke Bomb, Cascade and Shift. It feels more comfortable this way since all skills except Smoke Bomb tiggers another skill. It is kinda lazy playstyle since I just use Shift, Dancing Strike and Smoke Bomb activitly…

This build and your Synchronized Strike Final Form build, which has better damage?

Shadow daggers once fully built into has way higher numbers

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+1 This definitely feels much smoother especially when still farming +% shadow daggers effect gear.

having a blast with this build. Feels also good in speedfarming, since shift needs no target to attack (i hate lunge for exactly that moment on sentinel)

Just attacking with synchronized strike within a smoke cloud feels a little bit clunky. But that could just be me. Sometimes i just jump in the wrong direction.
In this case, whats the best way to attack a boss? Just spam the attack and hope that “wave of darkness” overlaps with all 3 shadows and deals damage through shadow cascade?

Yeah Pretty much. If you haven’t you can try changing 2 points around and in shadow cascade get the range for daggers to go further this might help with having to be uber close.

You can also use the unique dagger shadow weaver in your off-hand to shorten the shift distance. This allows the shadows to overlap damages when you use shadow cascade. Then swap to take out the boss with higher damage off-hand.

it just feels kinda weird, i’ve got the feeling that if you are to close to a enemy, you can’t use synchronized strike because you dash forward and you can’t dash through a enemy. So you just do nothing instead.

My rotation is to move close enough to swift through a stack with a broad sweep and low blow instead of Boardman’s spec. I find that the shorter distance gives enough time to move in either clockwise or counterclockwise based on room/mob position with a manual cast of shadow cascade thrown in. My rotation is more reliant on shadows over the shadow dagger procs. It just the way I prefer it. My build is a mix of Boardman’s and McFluffin based on the gear I found.

Is there any farming method for getting the Increased Shadow Daggers effect Idols. I’m level 82, working on getting 100 monoliths unlocked and have yet to see a single one drop.

The Large idol drop chance blessing is as close as you’ll get to being able to farm them, then just kill stuff. From Fall of the Outcasts.

HEY THERE!! Question: flat melee damage on swords do nothing for us because we convert melee > throwing via this node for shadow cascade, right? I know Sync Strike has melee tag but we’re scaling S.C. right? Am I wrong? Help me, my dps seems LOW at the moment…
Can you tell me what to improve/change FIRST? Thanks a lot!!

Press alt and look at the tags for shadow dagger :slight_smile:

spoiler click here

Shadow daggers keeps throwing and melee tags so its stacks from both stats and thats why it does such good damage.

What is your damage low with?
Do you have shadow dagger effect?
What level are you?

heyy, it’s awesome build, a bit spongy, can you update for some high CC avoid version?? I think dodge + health will take a hit, but it’ll be less spongy

Going to try this one out, looks like fun.

Couple things though.
Is this build still viable in 0.8.2l or should I be looking somewhere else ?
Which loot filter would be best for me to alter for this build or does anyone have one already please ?

I put out a new builds thats just an updated version of this and has a lootfilter.


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Thanks Boardman, I’ve transitioned my Marksman into that new Multishot build you posted (Edit: A few days ago) because I already had the right gear and affixes laying around, having loads of fun with it at the moment.

Will use that to collect the bits for this build and give it a go.

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