1.0 Server Status Thread

I am just here to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the amazing game and even if the servers aren’t stable, I can only imagine you are trying your best. Imagine being 9PM and people are still working to keep every one up to date with how the fix is going. I hope people are actually working on shifts. Get some rest, we’ll be here!

And can we stop with the ‘indie’ label? It’s been in development since 2017 and in 2022 they partnered with Tencent, so yes, they do have that Big Bad Blizzard money.

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You people should all go to work and stop blaming these guys. If you work on IT you should know that having a huge change on server loads is always very difficult to handle it properly. Always something unexpected happens even if you did a good load/performance test. It will take some time to get it back to normal. You cannot expect everything fixed right away. When you are sick, do you get fixed right away even after having medicines? No, right?

All what i see here is a dedicated team working hard to fix the problem, and on the other side a bunch of immature people demanding things. I have been in multiple war rooms, and when this kind of things happens, it is hell inside there.

What should not be acceptable is the fix/patch taking more than 3 days because i think this is critical.


GGG is partnered with Tencent, not them. Jesus… Do your research.

I have. In 2022 they joined GGG and Riot as Tencent partners.


Eleventh Hour Games | New Partnership - News - Last Epoch Forums


Yea, its rough. But tbh should be fixed in 48h. Despite my disappointment, I actually want(ed) this game to succeed. And it is bleeding hard. While many are coping, such a poor initial experience will lead to a small niche playerbase in worst case down the line. And that means poor funding etc.

loading screens much too long, got pretty sick pc and SSD so it’s not on my end. actually unplayable. imagine 10 minute loading screens before i alt-f4 out. gonna play some other shit and check back in a week maybe.


guys, I think they have server issues


Ok my bad. That slipped me away somehow. Anyway, tech related stuff isn’t as precise as people think. There’s always a lot of unknown. People have to adjust sometimes, and stop being this upset all the time. They’re humans too, and they are the most involved devs I’ve seen. Give it time for this jewel to come to the results that it’s intended.

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As long as the game is not broken and actually good, people will stay/come back after the launch issues.

Unlike Wolcen, who at launch had game-breaking bugs and still has them in 2024.

This launch has been a disaster imho. I haven’t been able to play much, and thanks to the server issues, my character is bricked because the WP i was supposed to get in a mission didn’t register during one of these loading issues, now i cannot progress in the game. I’m regretting buying the ultimate edition of this game, so far.


The thing is… How hard is it to get someone to use your referal code: NiQQ

Even when there is a legit offer for £ through paypal

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I know what you’re talking about.

Open your map, change era. The waypoint is there.

It still is. I am zoning just fine (a bit delayed but I am zoning). Change your region.

I managed to get into the game but loading takes forever, i ended up alt-f4 … sad

I’m not happy about the server issues either, but nearly every major live service or MMO release has this happen and plenty of them go on to have healthy player-bases. I don’t think this is going to kill interest in Last Epoch. If the game is good, people will want to play it.


EU West is down. Got kicked out when trying to load into another area. And now I get LE-65. Stuck on connecting and eventually it results in lost connection to the game server.

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Confirming that EU west is not working.


oh, that’s what just happened to me… well, good choice gaming a bit before doing sth. else… now there’s time to do sth. else :smiley: