What will Patch 0.7.9 contain?

Make your guesses!

Bugs, stuff, and 10 new skills for the Acolyte.

And Smite still won’t be able to proc ailments outside of it’s skill tree.


When they did the poll for which skill we wanted to be teaserd i already thought that all of those skills looked acolythe-ish. But Acolythe already got 3 new skills within the last 2 major patches.

So i guess maybe Warlock Mastery is coming.

Warlock’s phase 4, given that we’ve not finished phase 2 (but do have chapter 8 which is phase 3), shrugs. I’d like the Rogue, but I kinda doubt it.

Theres rumours about a monolith update. :star_struck:

@Sarno confirmed that 0.7.9 will contain the first thing from Phase 4

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Ah, yes, and apparently I replied to that two posts down…

I stand by what I said. Falconer, all the way. It’s what I’d do. :smiley:


We will have to see^^.

My estimation at least has some support by an semi-plausible thesis, but i could be totally wrong on that too.

Anyway i am super stoked to see what’s in store for us all.

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6 New class specific affixes Per class
4 new uniques
10 new affix’s not class specific
6 New Skills
2 Skill trees reworked completely and several more partially reworkd
Lots of bug fixes
Lots more new bugs to replace the fixed ones
Monolith rework/update
Various new mobs that make the current mobs seems like cotton candy
Channeled skills get some sort of buff/rework
Stances get some sort of buff/rework
New animations/item look for 1 of the classes (most likely Acolyte/Sentinel)

Yup theres me guesses.


As long as it’s also “Plague Bearer’s Staff gets deleted, 'cause that’ll totes fix poison”, I’ll be happy.

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Well yeah, when we talking about stances, i really hope that stances will get spec trees.

I really would like to expand my VK builds with some cool stances.

And even if we don’t get them 0.7.9, i am still very curious what devs have in mind for stances, i think there is a ton of interesting stuff that could be possible with stances and not just some plain number increases.

I want this. Trees. ON MY PALADIN. NOW!!! :smiley:

My guess is Loot filter will be added. Especially since its been talked about recently.

Mike said on discord on 10 July that it’s not created yet, so I don’t think loot filter will be in 0.7.9.

I guess there will be a new necro skill where you can consume your minions and create a big monster out of it.


Good guess. Sounds exciting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

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I just wanted to increase optimization. I can’t take crashes and crashes anymore.

Per usual, whatever it is, the patch notes will be laughably incomplete :slight_smile:

What ya mean?

Final release