Already bored

Yeah, they have said that the current end game content is just something there for us to do after we’ve done the campaign & isn’t their intended end game.

You can look up the plans for endgame modes on the homepage, if you’re interested in the plans.

Both arena and Monolith are currently placeholders. Monolith is planned to deliver a mechanic of rewriting history. So you chose different ways (and modifiers) and the consecutive runs evolve to an alternate story line. It’s super interesting to read what they are up to.

If you look on the roadmap there will be 3 different endgame systems (including revamped version if monolith) on release. Arena is not mentioned because it wasnt planned to be implemented at all. But it’s gotten very popular so it propably will remain and get a bit of polishing.

But you’re right. Current endgame is mandatory to do to progress, but it’s nothing for long term satisfaction.

When you spend a lot if time you get used to it and lose objectivity on some aspects if the game. This us something that happens to me. Often I am surprised of how good some improvements and polishing when I slready got used to the 'flaws" of mechanics that are work in progress.

This is why it is important to have fresh first impressions on the game.

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Sentinels and especially paladins need more love ,especially at end game…
Hope they get them in next patch.
the nerf to the ward mechanics in last patch was expected as end game ward had a big advantage, now if the health based MELEE ( with close range skills) classes get some love that shall give me again the fun i seek to play the sentinel classes.
they are waving to me all the time when i enter LE.

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I have no problem grinding monolith or even arena if it serves a purpose other than beating a score.
As a new player I followed a spellblade build. Already got decent gear and lvl 100 toon. So, what is left to do? The last few stats on my gear won’t make much difference.
What I need is something that can make a difference that is worth grinding for to further develop my gear.

I have fun by trying new things. I’ve played some of the meta builds. I have a shaman for farming mono. But then I decided what is fun for me is trying my own thing. I really loved ww barb in D2 so I decided to experiment with warpath. Tried pally and pushed it as hard as I can think of atm so now I will try FG warpath and maybe VK. Theorycrafting and experimenting are fun for me. The leader boards I don’t care so much about.

I’ve been in a similar situation, I’m not going to force myself to play. I have one char and it’s a Sentinel Void Knight and currently lvl 30. I’ve thought about creating a new char and playing around with it, but part of me just wants to wait until release… I’ve really only been checking out new patches when they release. LOVE the new stash tabs.

It’s been “ok”, I feel like when I first started playing this character, my first and only character it was fun… but already it feels very repetitive. I feel like I have only seen three different enemy types. Spiders, skeletons, and possibly something else.

The drops have been horrible, I think I have been using the same gear since like level 5 that I got from gamble… Half the time I don’t even feel like checking gear anymore because 99% of the time it isn’t worth using.

I know graphics aren’t everything but it adds a lot to a game for me… The environments look pretty good, but the skill animations/portals/travel animations look really bad IMO, I just don’t understand it… and they have already added graphics updates, how many times are they going to release new skill animation/graphic updates, when the latest versions still don’t look great?

My character looks like a slab of rubber/clay, but his gear is as shiny as a mirror… Need more 2d/3d models I guess, everything looks the same… I think the last update I found a couple helms that actually looked different but stat wise were horrible compared to what I have been using since about the beginning.

Something about the audio seems off to me, it seems like the levels of everything is all over the place… I think it needs more specific adjustments. I can’t pin point it but it just seems like the audio is off, sometimes combat is super loud, sometimes environment levels are extremely loud, I have to turn the sliders way down, especially music slider, I have to turn that to like 1/4, I can hardly hear the new footsteps because all the other audio over powers it, and it’s part of the same sound effects slider. It’s like all the audio assets are competing lol…

Still hardly any voice acting, or sometimes it works and others it doesn’t.

Controller support they added while it is there… it is horrible… no idea why they thought moving with one joystick, and targeting with a cursor with the other joystick was a good idea, the most janky controller implementation I have ever seen. Skills should cast in the direction character is facing… If you have Grim Dawn, check it out on controller, it works great. I really hope they change the way controller works.

Ya I know, it’s early access/beta but isn’t this game set to launch q4? Seems like they have a lot of work to do still to meet that, I have a feeling it will get pushed out, and I hope they do and really nail it on release.

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Yes, you spoke what I think lately about the game. mainly in animations.

Analogy Comment On/

As a filmmaker I have gotten more and more cautious about who I let see a rough cut of a film I’m working on. Usually the entire point of a rough cut is one thing. Is the story there? That’s really it. Most people, , especially clients, and even most people actually IN the industry have an extremely tough time discerning this. So you inevitably (even though you only asked if the story is there) get comments like “Oh this actors dialogue was hard to hear” or “I could see the green screen in this shot.”

/Analogy Commet Off

Last Epoch is in beta. Which means it’s work in progress. They’re trying to figure out what is working and what is not working. What needs tweaks, overhauls, reworks, etc. It’s like judging the Mona Lisa right after DaVinci pencil sketched his model in.

What I can say, having been a part of this since Alpha is that they are, and continue, to make great improvements. They are a very transparent dev team which allows anyone in the beta (which is what a beta is for) to see and understand what they’re doing so they can tailor their expectations (and therefore their critiques) to be helpful and constructive.

For instance, there are thee other endgame option on the table that we haven’t even seen yet.

I’m drooling just thinking about them.

I agree with you. Many of us don’t have a development background so we don’t know which tasks are easy to do and which are not. We see the actual state and look at other (mostly already released and very polished) games in comparison.

If I had to make a priority list of all game features in regards to having the most fun during early access this would certainly not fit the logical order of a reasonable software development.

I am impressed by the last two patches because they really were huge. But there’s still so much that is on the roadmap. We don’t know the progress of the missing content. Do they have major flaws with multiplayer? Net code stable? How far from viable is rogue? Only tweaking the last 2 skills?

With every patch there are also added details that are small on their own but may sum up to a better experience when the product is finished.

For an early access game I think we get a lot of content to play and test. Many games only release a very minimized version with only some key features. As far as I know we will get near to 100% of the game pre release.

Its absolutely interesting for me to see this project grow. I am “OMG! How can they implement all this stuff in time?” pre patch and “WTF! Nice patch, 100% faith!” post patch. Everytime.

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Patch 0.7.9 will be our first update to include an entry from Phase 4 of our forecast. :smile:


I’m actually not disappointed with what has already been released. I like alot of the content already. I’m simply disappointed with the volume of content.
I was hoping for more game-time. Sadly, I’m not a person who enjoys starting / testing several builds or characters. Should I have joined at this time? No. But, it is really hard to tell pre purchase what was available.
I’m simply going to watch for future patches and when new content are added I’ll be back to battle the void!

Wow, an entry from phase 4! The Falconer mastery?

Yup I’m out as well. Don’t know what they are trying to achieve here but this latest patch has too many nerfs and the mob damage is too strong all of a sudden. GL with your game, I’ll have a look back in a year or so.

Oh, it’s guessing time. But I’d put a wager on it being the loot filter. And why you might ask, well lets look at some circumstantial evidence:

Sarno on April 11, 2020: “The loot filter will be created with our crafting system in mind. It will be possible to filter by aspects of an item such as affix count and whether one or more affixes from a list are present on it. We’ll announce additional details closer to its implementation.”

Sarno on May 21, 2020: “The loot filter will be in-game, and out of the games I’ve personally played, would most closely resemble the one found in Grim Dawn.”

Mike Weicker on May 25, 2020: “Yes, I know the immediate reaction to this is “loot filters when?”. Sorry, not this patch but they are coming and it’s gonna be awesome.”

There’s seemingly a lot of known information about how the loot filter will look and what its implementation will be like. Then Mike hints that it already exists and it’s awesome. And lastly, the nearly deafening cries from the community for said loot filter.

Or I could be completely wrong. :crazy_face:


Oh my gosh, don’t tease us like this. My body is ready, but mot my mind :smiley:

Please Warlock Mastery! Really Enjoy Lich Caster, but Warlock probably will be a much cooler caster!


Just take a break and come back when u want :smiley:

Sarno liked the post. So it must be correct. :kappa:

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Yay Warlock is coming :D. Be honest you guys love your acolyths :D.

Loot filter would be the most obvious, but with the volume of bird-related similies Sarno used in a PM to me, the voices my tin-foil hat doesn’t block out are saying it’s the Falconer.

Or chapter 10.

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