What happened to chat?

Chat just doesn’t exist anymore for me, doesn’t seem to be a bug either. Any clues?

I’ve noticed more than once that chat seems to simply shut off. I can see the chat box but no messages scroll and I cannot add messages. I always assumed this was a system glitch - #betalife

What’s odd is that there is no “Leave Chat” button either : >

I have not looked for it, but I have heard you can leave chat in the options somewhere. IMO, why play an online game if you don’t want social interaction?

While we are on the topic of chat… we NEED a function to increase chat font size, make the chat window always visible, and adjust the opaqueness of the chat box.

Chyyyeaaaah!!! DAS RITE!

I think what’s happening is, if your connection to the server dies at any time for any reason, it doesn’t reestablish the connection, so chat just dies and never comes back.

Damn, any clues how to fix that? No amount of restarts seem to fix it. Neither do I see anything in settings.

A restart should fix it, unless something else is up. When you hit enter, do you still see the chat box? Try saying something in there after a restart and see what happens.

Absolutely nothing, tried everything. I guess I’ll give reinstall a spin tomorrow.

RIP, well good luck.

It happens to me too, usually when I leave the party and relog with other character. I need to complete close the game, log in and that’s it

Daamn, still nothing.

2 Reinstalls
10 game restarts
Firewall 100% off
New character

Still no chat in sight.

Same thing happened to me. I was having issues with it just “disappearing” for a bit before and had to relog and restart game several times to fix it. But the “leave chat” button was still in the esc menu. Now the chat is just gone. There is no option to leave the chat in the menu anymore. It disappeared like 14 hours ago or more for me. No amount of reinstalls or verifying integrity has fixed it for me.

Sorry about this!

Is chat available for you again now?

Works for me! Big thanks!

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