Werebear: Skull Crusher & Frenzied Onslaught Not Giving Frenzy

I have allocated Frenzied Onslaught in the fury leap tree as well as Skull Crusher in the werebear tree however when I use maul in werebear form I am not seeing the frenzy buff appear in the bottom left-hand corner.

Player.log (271.3 KB)

Skill Trees:



Confirmed on my end as well, no frenzy on Maul in werebear form, but do get frenzy in human form


Not only does Skull Crusher not work with Frenzied Onslaught, it also doesn’t work with Warrior’s Entrance.

Both nodes are so important in all sorts of Werebear builds from Cold DoT to Swipe. It’s so unfortunate that the skill’s most crucial components aren’t even working.

This was fixed two years ago but came back on 0.9 Some Nodes In Fury Leap Not Working With Maul When Taking 'Skull Crusher' - #3 by jehzir. I hope we could at least get an acknowledgement that it’s broken.

Confirmed here as well.

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Wings of Endurance and Battle Bloom also not working.

Also Violent Upheaval works but changes the hitbox from Upheaval to only hit with the stone waves and not in the center anymore like it does when you use it in human form.

Edit: Tremor Slam from werebear passives has the same issues but only on specific mobs? training dummy is fine, dragon boss never works, normal mobs sometimes work

Can confirm. Frenzy applies in human form but not werebear form. Additionally, Wings of Endurance does not appear to heal in werebear form. Warrior’s Entrance on the other hand does work in werebear form.

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Confirmed, same here, both nodes working in human form and didnt work in werebear

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Was this after 0.9f? I recall seeing my character sheet’s damage unchanged with Warrior’s Entrance on werebear form and saw some people experiencing the same thing in discord as well.

If this is confirmed to be fixed then that would be great.

I can confirm as well. Is it planned to be fixed?

Can confirm the same observations:

  • Frenzied Onslaught is supposed to work on both yourself and your minions.
  • If casted directly from Fury Leap on human form. The frenzy visual works on all targets, I get the icon and the tooltip shows the 20% attack/cast speed increase on the character sheet.
  • Using Maul in Werebear form with Skull Crusher and Frenzied Onslaught does not work at all currently.
  • Warrior’s Entrance seems to behave in the same way, I notice the base spell dmg of the spells on my bar going up after using Fury Leap in human form but does not see the increase when using Maul with Skull Crusher.

Player.log (43.5 KB)

Since Warrior’s Entrance is a 3 sec buff that can be stacked would it be possible to have something similar as Spirit Plague to keep track once it’s fixed or in the future?

Sadly it didn’t get fixed with this patch.

Confirming on my end that neither Frenzied Onslaught and Warrior’s Entrance do not work in Werebear form with the Skull Crusher node.

Looks like this wasn’t fixed in 0.9i, nor was it specifically mentioned. Shame…

Hoping for a fix next patch.


Just respecced into this and found out these skills don’t work in werebear. Immediate regret. :smiley:

Adding on to the pile, I’m also trying to use Skull Crusher and missing the frenzy benefit from Fury Leaps tree. I saw someone else pointing out that the points that have issues all have “when landing” in common as part of their mechanic that doesn’t seem to carry over.

Quite a bummer, since this is quite crucial for this build.

I hope this is addressed by 0.9.1. It’s an old/reintroduced bug yet there’s no mentions of it in any patch notes since 0.9.

absolutely same, i made a new thread about this bug with a video. I hope it gets fixed soon, it makes my build 10x better :confused:

Still no fixes for this bug as of 0.9.1