We deserve a roadmap!

How can a game with literally 0 thought required be seen as an alternative to PoE???

Flaged, we move on

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Devs: “Roadmap: our plans for the future.”
Community: “Roadmap: a promise of future content, written in blood and sealed into law.”

“… And this thread, kids, is why Developers don’t do road maps!”


Really nice strawman you have there!

Demands a roadmap, but is too dense and/or lazy to even keep up with the news that has been posted. It’s been stated, time and again, that they have been working on the new masteries, but that they won’t be available until 1.0 release.

I’m not sure how having another source of development information, that you can summarily ignore, would help you to be more informed.


Again, ive asked multiple times already. Where is this information?

Feedback for you, player: Entitled whining isn’t feedback and is incredibly toxic. If you don’t enjoy the game, that’s fine. It is by design that perpetually-online games are meant to be enjoyed through seasonal re-discovery; checking out what’s new and what’s changed. It’s okay to move on and even come back again later. You are “owed” nothing, however. This type of post amounts to nothing positive for the game or for the community and frankly is what drives people away from engaging with game communities. Hopefully, this is a learning and growing experience for you on how to engage more constructively and bring more joy to your own endeavors.


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Tons of additional information on this thread.


In addition there’s also this thread:

And here’s the most recent info on the development of the remaining masteries:


But that requires him to read it rather than, whatever this is.


You’re one of those people who claim to never make plans so you can say everything happened just like you thought, aren’t you?

I’ve met those guys. I was once on a filmmaking panel and one of the 9 filmmakers said he never had anything go wrong on his set. The other 8 of us were laughing so hard the moderator even started crying (laughing.)

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I think you will find it is OBJECTIVELY not

Big ole /s in case it isnt obvious

You know it’s bad when even Mike has to cut in and be like “My dude, the information is here.”

Might just be me projecting my annoyance at this thread onto Mike but I can almost feel his frustration at being told that EHG never shares any information. lmao like he “leaks” like 3 things a stream for the community.

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It’s a lot of little info to keep up with. I can totally understand the desire to have a quick access overview of upcoming content and what the near future looks like for the game. The thread was drifting a bit and I was hoping I could center things a bit. The text was short because things were…chaotic this morning.


No way. :crazy_face: :honeybee: :beers:

I bet, yeah lol.

I would like to just counter a couple things:

  1. The itemization in LE is probably the best of any ARPG currently available

  2. Comparing LE while still in EA to the endgame of POE that has had probably close to 20 updates is flat out idiotic.

  3. Personally I thin Monoliths are a fantastic end game foundation. To be honest I sort of wish APRGs would move away from “engame” entirely and just have “content” in many different forms that lasts the entire game.

  1. Imho its very good but needs some work on progression & power value vs skills to be great
  2. 100%
  3. 100% Although, I personally feel that corruption scaling & modifiers could use a little tweaking/love.
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I am also getting a little concerned. Especially since they said that 1.0 is supposed to happen this year. Unless they have ALOT of stuff in the pipeline i dont really know what to expect from the release. I hope they got something very very big cooking.

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