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Unique Showcase #1 - Life's Journey Bandit Shield and how to get 6000%+ inc. DoT

Hey there,

I am planing around doing some “Showcases” of Uniques and some of their really cool synergies and applications.
The main reason for this is the overwhelming negativity sourrounding uniques in LE.
And i can see that not every unique in LE currently is super exciting, but there are some incredibly cool uniques out there and that’s the reason i decided to just give some spotlight to uniques, that i feel like get no attention, even though they are pretty cool.

:warning: DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be a build guide

So now to the juicy stuff:

Unique Shield + the right nodes in the Spirit Plague Skill Tree will lead to crazy high bursts of inc. DoT.
The 6807% shown here is an edge case of A LOT of small white mobs swarming me, but you can reach 2000-3000% on about every mob pack, that has a few mobs in it.

How does this work?

This node does stack indefinitely, but each stack has it’s own duration.

Reapplying Spirit Plague to a target, that is already inflicted with Spirit Plague counts as afflicting a target with spirit plague.

The Unique shield enables this playstyle, where you can use Harvest to apply Spirit Plague, which gives you way better way of spreading spirit plague than you would do with direct casting Spirit Plague.

It is very important to note here, that every DoT skill or ailment you apply snapshots with the damage calculation values, when you applied it.
So even having those 6000+% for just a fraction of a second and applying 2 bleed stacks with it, will make those entire bleed stacks deal the full damage with this increase.

That’s because of the next two nodes:

These work very well in conjunction with Harvest, since Harvest can reach high crit chance and can hit very fast.

Spirit Plague itself also has additional support in it’s tree, that synergies with “hitting” targets afflicted by Spirit Plague.

Also since Spirit Plague is a curse, you could also scale Harvest very well, without investing into applyign a curse manually (because Harvest deals double damage against cursed targets, potentially even more if you invest into Harvest’s skill tree).

To wrap up this build here is a showcase of a regular empowered echo (no “edgecase” scenarios there).
The character I am using there is a Bleed Focused Low Health Ward Lich, not fully optimized yet and just unlocked empowered timelines.
You can push that particular playstyle a lot further. But this unique will offer much more options than the build you see there in there video.

Ending thoughts

I will do more of these Unique Showcases in the coming weeks, if you want me to show the potential of a particular unique, feel free to leave a suggestion.

While I did not provide any detailed build informations here, feel free to ask if you want to know more about that particular character in the showcase video or if you have any other questions regarding this unique and potential other interactions.

You can also ask me directly on twitch if you want: Heavy_GamingTV - Twitch

The main purpose of this post is to give people inspiration to exlore and maybe think a little bit outside their box or comfort zone.

There is so much to explore in this beautiful game and there is no such thing as time wasted.
If you try out a build and it doesn’t work out and it fails, you still learned something and got better at understanding the game!

One more food for thouight that I wanted to give here is: The insane % inc. DoT can serve very well with skills that snapshot it’s damage, but I didn’t utilize here C=


I was inspired and bored, so made a build.


This is what makes arpg’s so enticing for me: their interactions especially on items I rarely give a third glance. Nice work @Heavy

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Cool idea… Looking forward to future showcases…

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You missed 50% bleed duration on Harvest … maybe 50% more damage multi is fine :wink:

I decided to alter how it spreads from “on crit” to “on re-cast” instead. I think its more reliable.

If you have minions, curse a target with both Spirit Plague and Bone Curse with the auto-crit node plus Cursed Limbs and Crimson Enlightenment for 5s every 6 every hit from your minions will make Bone Curse crit which counts as you critting the target so Spirit Plague spreads (with the spread on crit node) and if you have the ward on hit node it generates ward for you as well.

It’s kinda gimmicky but with lots of Wraiths it can generate a lot of ward and spreads. So it won’t be as effective in 0.8.3.

I find that most “trash” mobs aren’t really a main concern and really don’t last long enough to crit over and over. Whereas, one strong mob or boss, with trash around, means I just need to spread it consistently to remove said trash, while focussing more on DPSing the main target.

I’d be curious to see if there’s something unexpected or cool we can do with Tempest Maw.

Except killing your FPS, I am not sure if that’s a particular good unique for some crazy stuff.

It’s definitely strong, but the amount of possible applications is not that high.
On top of that I am not a totem expert… at all.
So if i ever do something around that Item, it will probably be in the far future (maybe with 084, when Primalist get’s some more love, who knows)

But thank your for your suggestion anyway.
I really appreciate any kind of input.

I tried dual-wielding, but ultimately went to just 1.

I don’t think there’s a way to reduce the 15 second cooldown on the sprites.

I rolled up my build. Doing a few gameplay/leveling videos as I level it up. :slight_smile:

I tried a dual wielding Tempest Maw Shaman and it was really fun. Can’t remember how this worked out in lategame, though… how far did I play this?? TY for that reminder, @Shtrak. This is something I might want to put some more time in, again.

@Heavy nice showcase. This helps revealing the value of some “niche” or unpopular items that maybe aren’t 100% straight forward.


I’ve gotten this build to Monos now. :slight_smile: But still 7 levels away from converting to low life, so it plays really different at the moment. Such a pain to level lowlife builds. :slight_smile:

Exsanguinous+ Last Steps of the Living+ Xithara’s Conundrum+lots of int/ward retention+ lots of max life

People sleep on Conundrum and I think they need to see just how much difference putting it on has on ward generation(And I am not talking about the potion effect, I am talking about the “you do not regenerate” effect, it puts you on 1 life and Exsanguinous/Last Steps scale with MISSING life)

I like the Belt instead, plus the node in Lich called “Hollow Lich” which converts all Leech to damage at 10 times its value. :slight_smile:

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Conundrum is an amulet

I know, I meant I like using the Belt instead (see my build) Lich, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.2i) - Last Epoch Build Planner
Chains of Uleros - Unique Noble Sash - Belt - Last Epoch Item Database

I suppose, the point I was making though is that Conundrum has some specific synergy with low life builds, the ward gain on potion is just a bonus for it

In my experience not using the amulet is a difference of 20-30 missing hp so I’d rather use a rare.