Tundra Stalkers Damage Overtuned

There has to be some tuning issue with Tundra Stalkers right??
2 - 3 Normal Tundra stalkers will pounce together and its a insta 1 shot at max res…

ONE elite Tundra stalker will one shot me with max resist. 5k Ward and 1.8k hp…

Something has to be tuned incorrectly… its a cone shaped auto attack… its instant cast… no telegraph…and it auto target dashes to you… but does about 10x the damage of slow casted telegraph abilities…

Just feels broken. Any else experience this??

This is the only enemy in the game that can NON Telegraph attack 1 shot me… just doesnt really make sense


Yeah… Tundra Stalkers are scarier than bosses. Playing a melee build I kinda just have to run away and hope my auto procs from gathering storm kill them before they hit me.
40% armour, 18% less damage from frailty, 16% less damage from nearby enemies, 8% less from shocked enemies, (roughly 61% damage reduction), capped res, 93% reduced crit damage taken.
I remember them always being a bit strong but I don’t remember them being this strong.
That said DoTs are still the scariest. Put a toe out of place and get deleted by a poison pool hidden in a pile of bodies.


I just got sent to softcore by a pack of these (don’t mind as I had an item for a friend). Basically stunned to death. I had over 600 ward over my 600 life, max res, 30% armor, and a few reduced damage layers, and somehow still got combo’d to death. I was cruising and didn’t expect to get knocked out in the campaign.

Same here, lost 2 characters to the exact same elite Tundra Stalker. The second one had 75 on all res 600 hp and ward on top. Both got oneshot on sight…

I’m not a hardcore player but even casually this enemy stands out as ridiculous compared to everything else around it. I’m getting instantly killed.

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All mob DoT abilities do a lot of damage, especially if you get hit with several at once.

Can confirm. There is definetely something wrong with these mobs as I just almost got completely 1shot on my HC character, began googling and stumbled upon this thread,… lol. Devs nerf this pls.


Just tried to understand why this attack from Tundra Stalker AND those Fire Breath attcks from other “dogs” that do similar type of damage are one-shooting me with TONS of defense(Pladin with shield, 84% block chance, 76%+ armor reduction…)

What I noticed, those attacks does NOT trigger Shield block, this could happen only if those attacks are consider Damage Over Time??!!?? because in this case also Armor will not count too much(if you not have lot of Armor applied to DoT effects on items), so could explain why get always one-shooted, even when have 6K ward active.

But why those breath attacks are DOT?? that mobs come to you and blow Cold/Fire… damage from their mouths to you, applying the damage IMMEDIATELLY and instant, not Over Time. Over Time means you get e.g. posioned and you life slowly goes down OVER TIME, not instantly.
That is defenettly a bug if those attacks are consdiered DoTs.

Correct, they are DoT attacks so they can’t be blocked, dodged, glancing blow(ed?) or affected by armour. So as a high armour & block build you have very little defences against them.

As you can see, their breath attack is not a hit, deals damage ~4 times a second and, allegedly, applies Frostbite as well (not that I’ve noticed personally).

It’s not going down instantly though. I just tested it, & I was loosing health over the duration of their attack.

4 times a second is Over Time? in any aRPG I played in last 25 years, starting with Diablo 1, Over Time damage means Over SEVERAL seconds, not 4 times per second… so EHG redefined it ok, my fault I started to play a aRPG developped by a small company…

how have you tested it? with 1 mob at corruption 100? e.g. in Arena waves 150-200 those mobs come in groups of 4-6, they come very fast to you and directly start to blow, when 6 mobs like this blow all at a time beleive me that I had 6K ward, 2.5K Health and I was dead in less than 1 second, maybe in the first tick of the 4 they do per second.

Tundra Stalkers, Titan Leeches, Axe Throwers, just to name a few.

The Melee thread would like to say hello…

Apply also Frostbite… to be dure player has no chance…

BTW, if I have 25% armor apply to DoT and 78% armor reduction to physical and 56% reducton to non-phys, that damage beeing non-physical it would be 25% of 55% applied to DoT?

I simply wear a belt with cleanse on potion use once the DoTs start to get scary. A little % armor applies to DoTs can help too.

As far as the main thread topic, can confirm. Those things are as scary as an elite pack of lickers in D3.

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Yes, I mentioned that. Though I didn’t see any stacks being applied when I tested it this morning.


That only applies to ailments (bleed, poison, frostbite, resis shreds, etc) not skills with the DoT tag (like the Tundra Stalker’s AoE cold attack).

Only if you stand in the AoE, if you don’t then they aren’t an issue.

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but that means you can not even build good defense against those attacks Armor to DoT is max 30% from unique Sentinel reluc and another 17% max from Regalia armor, you build around 25% reduction from Armor from those DoTs which is anyway too less.
there are also that Experimental gloves, but on gloves for Sentinel you need the loosing life ones for HH ward generation. can put that experimental affix from gloves on boots by that tricky crafting?

those attacks(and not only Tundra Stalker, there are Fire ones too…) shall be changed either to not be DoT or if remain DoT to be a tick every 2-3 seconds or something.

HC, died in less than a second. RIP.

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Those are all options, as is the Oracle amulet base (less damage taken from DoTs). Another option is to move out of the way when you see them run in. Plus using HH you have a decent amount of ward gen as well as healing…

In my opinion, after capping crit avoidance, dot damage reduction is always next on the list or better yet done around the same time.

Get damage over time reduction.
Get ailment cleanse.

I will have a look to Oracle amulet.
no chance to see them always, in Arena specially you fight other waves and those mobs like Tundra Stalker come very fast to you, sometimes from South/North of player, so due to viepoint is very hard to see them in time. healing does not matter, I have tons of leech and healing but you not have a chance to hit them once as you are dead in 250ms.

EDIT: tried the Oracle amulet, it helps indeed, thanks for the tip! not even noticed that I had also 18% armor to dot from Eternal Gauntless:) so had 25%+18% initially but did not help to much.
now I have 25% from Erased Sentinel + 18% gloves + 14 Regalia armor and 18% reduced DoT Oracle, yes now those DoT attacks(noticed also Urshaki Scavengers fire blow also really bad) are a bit more manageable, at least I do not die in 250ms and have some time to react. did Arena wave 256 now and I think can still push. BTW, arena key of memory should restart you from last wave -50, not from last half as it takes too much to reach again the point you were.

but that is a problem right? so DoT from a normal monster in this game is more dangerous then even a Boss at corupption 400-500+? that is overtuned man, DoT damage need to be adjusted!