Tundra Stalkers Damage Overtuned

To me that sounds like normal gameplay. There is a damage type that gets dangerous and more noticeable towards end game.

There is a hole in your defenses! Surprise! At the end game items that protect you from this damage type starts to drops! Amulets, the gloves!

To me it seems like the game is offering you tools to solve this problem when it starts to become a problem.

Also I think at least some classes/masteries offer passives in the deeper parts that are defense against dots.

Thanks for the clarification on what the DoT tag covers and doesn’t cover.

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It feels like they hit like a truck, way over what other monsters in the area do.
I don’t think it’s the DoT that does that, it’s the pounce and the paw strike right after, making them at the same time hit like trucks, be extremely hard to dodge, and be impossible to run away from.
I got to the area with 3 different ranged characters and got deaths on all three of them, even the Warlock with a lot of ward on it. I guess I could solve this with heavy crafting, but it does seem to me that those monsters are way over all other content in the area, including bosses (in the exact same area, for example, they do a lot more damage than the elephant-like creatures that have a more reasonably dodgeable charge).

If the stalkers are within the intended power level, then it would probably be good to make other monsters in their areas stronger to have content be consistent. If not, then I guess some of their damage needs to be reduced.


Tundra stalkers feel too overpowered. They hit harder than most bosses. You might consider nerfing their damage.

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Pretty new to the game and I only play HC. I was just frantically spamming my potions/volatile reversal 3 fights in a row vs. elite Tundra Stalkers, barely made it out alive each time. So much more dangerous than anything else I have encountered in the game so far. I agree that these should be tuned down a bit.


got in Arena wave ~270 a pack of Tundra Stalker + a pack of Ulatri Scavengers(kind the same of Tundra Stalker just that blow fire damage) in the same time both packs. they killed me during Rebuke channeling(80% damage reduction + 60% elemental dmg reduction + … , those on top of already tons of damage reduction on my Sentinel), got killed during Rebuke by these mobs :slight_smile:


Out of interest, what was your armor reduction VS DoT? And other forms of DoT mitigation.

Now, these mobs (both fire and frost breath tigers, and goddamn bats) definitely do a lot more damage than other mobs in a comparable content area.
If not nerf their damage, at least give them a windup of at least 1 second.
Even the undead dragon boss has a significant windup time, so it is more than justified to apply it to a regular trash mob that does obscene damage with a similar attack.

18% DoT dmg reduction Oracle amulet, 25% relic + 15% armor + 18% gloves - armor to DoT, ~53% armor reduction to non-phys.

So that’s 43% DoT mitigation, and it’s almost maximum one can get. Even with max rolls you can get maybe 55%, and that won’t make a decisive difference. Their damage must be completely f’d if they kill through rebuke with less ele damage.

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I’m surprised you are talking about DoT. I didn’t see their breath as the issue, it was their pounce followed by a paw strike, making two extremely hard hitting attacks in an extremely short time without a real opportunity to dodge.

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there is mainly 1 reason you can die on high corr. Ailments. and some mobs are doing like crazy amount of damage. i mean maybe it’s just not intended. but maybe we just shouldnt play on such a high corruption but we are because of absurd power of some classes.

I do not have big probelms in Monoliths(currently at corruption 500) because in monos Tundra Stalker and others like them come in small groups, max 2-3. the problem is in Arena waves where they come in groups of 6-8.
also, their breath damage shall not be DoT, because DoT is a damage over time, meaning over several seconds, but Tundra STalker for example tick attack is 250ms, basically 8 Tundra Staker when attack and all blow at same time they kill you in first tick, 250ms, so let’s be serioss, 250ms is OverTime? that’s basically the big problem with lot of mobs like this, their damage shall not be DoT.

i was talking about 2k+ monos. it’s known issue. you are dying from dots.

My bad.
I am talking specifically about campaign ones. A single rare stalker is way more deadly than all other content in the act combined, including bosses.

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Does anyone have the stats of that monster? In the level 46 area Tundra, it just shreds through over 1K HP, with 26% armor reduction, 29% cold res and 14% phys res.
I really would like to know its stats, to understand why it deals such monstrous damage.

Either Tunk or Dammit does, but the raw stats won’t be of much use to you since there’s too much other stuff that gets added on too.

It’s a dot & you have quite heavily negative resists at that point with only 29/14%.

I am quite confident it’s not the breath that is so deadly, but the pounce + paw attack, at least at that point of the game. I am not talking about corrupted areas, just campaign, and while I can understand that my character is severely sub-optimized due to me not having started crafting, it is also very clear that the stalkers power level is completely incoherent with all other content in the act, including bosses.
I mean, either the Stalker is too powerful and it needs to be made less deadly, or the other content isn’t powerful enough to properly communicate that it’s time to start crafting.

Yeah, there does need to be some variation in the power level of mobs but I also think that they could do with making most mobs a bit harder in general & scaling that up as you go through the campaign. Not necessarily lots, but a more pronounced increase throughout the campaign so there isn’t as much of a spike when you go to the Divine era.

It’s not so much that there’s a spike in the beginning of the Divine era. There’s a little spike with some of the Osprix mobs, which is ok, but there’s mostly that one mob type that is equivalent to a nuke (and even then, the real dangerous ones are the rares, the normal and magic ones being much less of an issue) and the rest is a breeze. I’d say Thetima is much more of a spike, especially with Lagon, if you exclude that one absurd mob.

As a comparison, Soulfire Bastion is, at similar level, way more of a spike, with a lot of (mostly properly-telegraphed, though there’s that one type of monster that charges some necrotic energy ball that it throws at you that can be easily missed) one-shot abilities, many extremely resistant mobs, and a very rippy boss.