Trash boss system

If we have a whole roster of different bosses, balancing them so_every_class can kill them would really water down the experience. I have no idea how the boss system works, but I would suggest sharing boss credit throughout your account (same game mode only) so you can use your whole roster of characters to beat them all. That one boss whose immune to fire might not be the best for your fireball sorc, but easy on your cold marksman. Or the cold boss who melts only to Forge Guards! haha, I can dream, can’t it? :smiley:

Gotta love how Lagon’s claw can hit you on the other side of the map…

Julra T4 is OP. I’ve already done all types of builds possible against the T4 julra, with my sorcerer but I can’t win at all. They have to nerf this boss, mainly because it is a boss that prevents you from leveling your items at level 77+

I storngly disagree with you.

T4 Julra is only required for the top of the top endgame items to become legendary. Earning the opportunitiy to turn these very strong items into even stronger items needs to be earned.

On top of that I think Julra is a very fair boss, you just need to learn the fight.
If you learn the fight properly you can defeat here without getting hit once.
With the right character building you can ignore most of her abilities and only need to play the mechanics on the most lethal abilities.

There is a very lenghty thread from another user speaking about very similar fedback.
And me and a lot of other people disagree with the notion that this is “blocking progress” or “gatekeep”.

There is no reason why they should make this mroe accessable to more people. It is the top of the top reward for the strongest items in the game.

Take you time and learn the fight. In this thread I gave detailed tips and instructions on how to kill the boss properly, if you are interested and learning the fight.


Let’s be real. If any of these people were willing to learn the fight they wouldn’t be shrieking that the fight needs to be nerfed. It’s the same old story - “How dare you make me earn the best rewards by actually playing the game!!”

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It’s not quite the way you’re imagining it. Julra t4 has several problems that prevent me from defeating her, even though she has a corruption close to 400. (It’s worth remembering that there are classes that are extremely stronger when the fight is against a boss) and my sorcerer class, if not the worst, is definitely one of the worst to face. I will list the points here:

-The first one is that it has a lot of damage (any ability it releases kills you with 1 hit), even if you focus on HP, ward, resistances, etc…
-Have many different skills and mechanics

  • Having a lot of hp, which makes it take a long time to kill her and you are very susceptible to any hit, if you take too long the floor becomes a void, which means you have nowhere to run and you end up dying
    -My main build, which I’ve had the most success with in monoliths, is the one that uses the new elemental for continuous damage, unfortunately against it it becomes very bad, because visually you can’t see her skills while activating several new elementals in a row , since visually the new elemental overlaps some of her skills, which makes me susceptible to receiving hits from her.
    -Another point, this dungeon is the longest and most boring to do, it is exhausting because you have no direction as to where you have to go, and it takes at least 25 minutes just to be able to face it.
    -At least 70% of the time I try to face her, especially when trying to enter the second dungeon gate, the game simply displays “Connection lost”, which causes me to lose the dungeon key, and waste all the time I I spent it on it, since when you reconnect the game forces you to start a new dungeon.

So it’s not as simple as you think, if there was at least the possibility of facing her without having to go through the entire dungeon again, it would be a good motivator for us to train the mechanics she has. But since I have to do it all over again, it doesn’t encourage me in any way to continue playing, since in order to improve my items I need to pass it at T4.

Then your character is build very badly.

While some of the abilities are highly lethal with bad eHP, most of them are survivable and good sustain after you did get hit is very usefull.

The seeking water projectile, the void telegraph and the lightning orb are the ones that are mostly tankable with a decent build.
The big water cone and the void laser are the ones that are extremely deadly and should be avoided at all cost.

Wrong, the void puddles are not lasting infinite. They do run out and you as a player are in 100% control where you place them.

The time the void puddle lasts does scale up with tier so on T4 it is of utmost impotance to place it properly

I know exactly how “simple” this boss is. I defeated here on countless builds and once you understand the boss you can do it as well. Just play the mechanics properly and don’t be greedy for killing her super fast and stay still for dps.

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This is my big problem, 70% runs in this dungeon, solve this master player!
error last (796.0 KB)

Everything that can one shot you is heavily telegraphed.

Except it’s not. A lot of the shade’s moves just one shots you from 10k+ ward with no visual indication. Many times I would be standing in the middle of the arena with literally nothing around me and dead to some invisible void/fire explosion. Or the shade can jump on top of you to one shot you, with no circle indicator of where they would jump to, so there is no way to move out of the way. I am fine with the other bosses’ mechanics, but the shade’s mechanics are either bugged or just terrible.

VFX missing from certain shade’s abilities is a bug.
As far as I know this only happens in online.

If you learn the shade and read its animations you actually don’t need that much of a telegraph, because all of its skills have clear windup animations.

But would be great if they fix missing vfx of course.

The weird thing is, it doesn’t happen all the time, I am pretty sure its some internet/online bug.

Ground AOE indicators for Julra definitely needs improvement. They’re hard to see.

If you learn the shade and read its animations you actually don’t need that much of a telegraph, because all of its skills have clear windup animations.

Reading animation is all good in theory, if you can actually see the shade. Often when you are dodging all the area attacks you will be at the edge/corner of the area and the shade will be out of screen. Then it charges at you and one shots you from off screen. Windup animation tells are useless if you design the fight so that the boss is off screen a lot of the time. The shade fight currently actively forces you to not play fair and interact with the mechanics. Either you do so much damage you kill the shade before it moves, or you perma stunt it, or you build 50k ward constantly with healing hands and face tank. All these just ignore the fight mechanic. This is just poor design.

I just want to emphasize I think they definitely need to fix VFX and telegraphs missing.
So I don’t want to argue about those things not working properly, that definitely needs to change.

But one thing you said stood out to me

Having the boss offscreen is your fault. There is no mechanic forcing you to go so far away from the boss, that it is offscreen.
All mechanics can be dealt with while keeping the boss on screen.

It even makes the boss a lot easier to deal with if you stay close to them, but that depends a bit on the variation of the shade, for some it will matter more for some it will matter less.
But a lot of mechanics are actually alot easier to deal with if you stay close to the shade at all times.

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Did you read my post for the reason the boss is off screen? The shade throws out attacks that force you to dodge, and a lot of the times they cover most of the arena so the only safe place is on the edge, with the boss on the other side out of screen. How is this the player’s fault for trying to play fairly with the mechanics? How do yo stay close to the shade when there are 4 starbursts around it?

I mean why even design an arena that the boss can be out of screen in the first place? Just zoom out 50% during the shade fight would already solve this problem. So I don’t understand why there is this artificial issue except for poor design,

Yes of course I read your post and I simply disagreed.

Even with very unfortunate Starburst palcement, which btw are only 3, not 4 areas you do not have to go to the other side of the arena so far away, that the boss is off-screen.

I don’t know how you would think you need to go that far away from the boss.

Funny enough you mention starbust, so it is the fire shade you are taking as an example.
The fire variant is exactly one of the variants where being close to the boss makes the encounter a lot saver. Because of the 2nd fire ability, the big fire cone, that has a wind-up animation.
Also the starburst are not doing anything before they xplode so you don’t have to panic and run out of them. You can take your time with going out of them. If they are very unfortunately placed and the shade is inside of them even as a melee you can still do some before before briefly moving out before they explode.

There is no artificial issue created, this is simply you, as the player dealing poorly with a otherwise perfectly fair designed fight.

Having a arena that is big enough to manuveur, even though it can be dangerous is good, because at the end of the day the devs job is not to design a fight in such a way, that we as players can’t make any strategic mistakes, that is up to us.

Having the camera zoom out or making the arena smaller is just a crutch for you not dealing with the boss mechanics properly.


I am just going by the current shade I am playing. It has starbust, black holes, tendrils. All these are on screen at the same time. There are very few safe spots. I can’t be bother posting a vid but it’s not even that unusual. The shade has many moves that covers an area for extended period of times.

Tendrils generally can be ignore and when there is a save space close to one, you can useully kill it quickly or cleave it.

Also which black holes do you mean?
The 3 that spawn at fixed areas, are stationary and bursting out void projectiles?
Or do you mean the slow moving spheres that explode after a short delay when you come close?

If its the former, I agree that that is one of the combinations of skills that is a bit more taxing on area space. But still nothing should force you to move to the opposite site of the arena, if you do that you probably just panic and don’t try to search for optimal save spaces.

Regarding covering areas for an extended period of time, the Cold Shade is a lot worse than the fire one. Especially because the fire starbursts don’t do anything before they explode, which means they can be traversed while dealing with other mechanics without taking any damage.

The Shade by design has a lot of variance and that is ok.
If you find a particular Shade to difficult you can always move to a different one. Each Shade on the Echo Web will be different. There is no penalty when using the portal ouf of the arena.

I literally fought thousands of shade variants already (most of it while doing my Shade of Orobyss Analyses and video, back when it was released). And I can tell you that no combination of particular skills will force you do go so far away that the shade is offscreen.

If this is really true for you, this might actually be a video settings/resolution problem.
Different resolutions give you different screen coverage. But I doubt it.

From my experience this most of the time comes just down to people overestimating certain mechanics and panicing and not doing the right positioning and decisions.

“Let’s not mince words - This is exactly what everybody complaining about it wants.”
NO. what I want is

  1. proper telegraphing, tons of one shot mechanics give 0 warning.
  2. the ability to avoid said one shot mechanics without resorting to teleport

Which ones? The vast majority of them, if not all, have a telegraph & the stuff that isn’t telegraphed generally won’t oneshot you if you’re not in lvl 10 gear.

Which ones? In my experience I do this thing I like to call “walking out of the way”. Sometimes it doesn’t work if I’m surrounded by mobs & can’t move at which point I fall back on either a movement skill or murdering everything in my way.

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About half of The Shades one shots give little to no warning. The fire spray the void balls. the black stuff that just randomly appears. Are we even playing the same game?