Trash boss system

Are you one of the ones that plays with the Shade offscreen some of the time?

Nope and there are plenty of bulds that just don’t work for Julra.

Dead wrong. Legendary crafting is the main focus of the game and gearing path. You will spend a massive amount of play time in this dungeon doing it 100’s of times.

Funny enough I checked the forums haven’t in awhile and my old post was linked. Guess what I QUIT! You know where I quit? I Alt F4 in Temporal sanctum because I’m just tired of running that place and bricked another LP item.

The system is atrocious. The Boss is atrocious and I been gone for a few weeks now. Look I plan to come back and do love LE but if I have to run that dumb dungeon and Boss another 100 times. I’m not sure if this game is worth it. This mechanic is just in the dam way!

You are wrong, the Devs are wrong and people will quit over this and it hurts the longevity of the player base. It’s extremely painful and bad. Please no more.

  • The solution is simple don’t put crafting (the core mechanic) gate kept behind a Dungeon and Boss. You should unlock it and have the capability to craft in a Town somewhere or maybe a Hideout if they add those.

  • You can have one T3 Julra kill unlock all future crafting so you don’t have to go back in there but I rather see something more interesting added that is maybe a mini-campaign to unlock Legendary crafting in town.

Wrong just make a build to cheese the fight, either you just tank and spank all the mechanics cause they are bad or 1 shot the boss so you can get to where you need to go which is the Legendary craft.

No one is doing Julra for a challenge. They are doing her because she is in the way. So just do it with the strongest character so you can run this fast the 100’s of times you will be going down there.

Really hope the Devs wise up to this painful mechanic of a dungeon that is so unfun to enter over and over again because you want to craft (which is really fun and required). It’s just bad design right now and just thinking of this mechanic makes me not want to come back.

I have 600+ hours into LE but dam I have stashes of items waiting to be crafted collecting dust while I’m gone. Temporal sanctum and Julra is in the way of enjoying the game. Just makes you want to Alt F4 and watch grass grow which is more fun.

All I’m gonna say about it. Not gonna respond as there isn’t anything to respond to, I’m playing other games now and hopefully they fix this. LE has tons of potential.

Yes, everyone that doesn’t agree with you is obviously wrong, because the game doesn’t cater to your preferences.
Nevermind the fact that some players like it, the devs obviously like it and the fact that if they keep it like that players will leave and if they change it players will leave.

Nevermind the fact that a game won’t be able to please everyone so the devs try to appeal to those that have a similar mindset/playstyle as they do, considering the fact that LE is a thing because they set out to do the game that they would like to play.

But yeah, you’re the sole bearer of the truth.

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Not getting hit has absolutely nothing to do with the build you are playing, you can do that with any builds. Melee, Range, hell even builds that need to stand still to do dps.
Just don’t be greedy with your dps uptime and even those builds are fine.

That does hold true for some builds, but not for all.

I personally played a couple of builds that use 1 or 2 uniques maximum and the rest exalted items. On top of that you really don’t spend a massive amountof time in that dungeon.
Unless you are crafting low rarity uniques left and right every few minutes.
That dungeon takes like 5 mins and you do it every once in a while. You simply don’t have the materials for that. (Either Uniques or good exalted items).

Nobody is wrong, neither you nor me nor the devs.
This is a subjective things, like a lot of other things. You might not like it. I do like it and the devs probably like it the way it is as well.
Will they do changes or tweaks? Maybe. Maybe not.

But just because you and a handful of other people don’t like it doesn’t mean it hurts the game overall.

There are always mechancis in games that some potion of the playerbase doesn’t like.
That doesn#t make those mechanics objectively bad or hurt those games.

That would take away a lot of what makes the mechancis special. I don’t like that suggestion at all.
Especially with different Uniques needing different tiers of dungeon is what makes this very interesting. (Especially for the Uniques that required T4).

While there are some of these builds that can cheese the fight it is:
a) Not super common, there are still a big portion of players that do this boss regularly. The margin for error gets a lot bigger the better yoru defensive setup is
b) Not necessary. You can learn the fight. You might disagree with this, but just because you can’t doesn’t mean nobody can.


I swear every time these complainers talk they just reveal that what they want is to stand still and mash their DPS button and still win any fight.

This isn’t an argument - People will quit over anything. People will also quit if Julra is nerfed or Legendary crafting has all its barriers removed so that bad players can get the best gear just by clicking “Launch Last Epoch” and rolling their face across the keyboard.

Meanwhile, the very few people who are going to quit a game because the best gear comes from the hardest boss - which they can’t beat because they are bad at the game and refuse to get better - are not people who matter. Full stop. If you quit because you can’t or won’t get good enough to beat an intentionally hard boss that gives access to the best gear in the game, you are not the target audience for this game. You are simply irrelevant. And that is not some elitist “casuals gtfo” sentiment. Stomping off the playground in a huff because you have to be good to get the best items is not a casual player attitude, it’s just bratty and entitled.

I have classes that can cheese Julra but enjoy when I can kill her without doing so. I even have a video of me playing poorly but still killing Julra with a non-meta build.

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