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Trading should be linked with the story

So, I was thinking how to make trading possible without currency and linked to the game time-line story. My idea:

Every account has a timeline of its own, to enter the timeline of a friend you need his timeline key, that he can give to you. Every account can go to other 10 timelines on the beginning. So, you can give keys to 10 friends, after that, you get more invites by cleaning timelines, completing monoliths, every monolith completed gives you one more share, after that, you can trade corruption for other shares, that becomes more and more expensive. So you can potentially end up with around 15 to 20 shares easy shares and infinite more by grinding corruption.

There should be open timelines, that anyone can join to play with random people who can trade items inside this timeline.

Not sure what problem this idea could be solving though…

The devs have the view that Trading in LE should be optional and they perfer that the item/gear chase be primarily “found through drops” with crafting to augment it…

So with this in mind, trading is not intended to be a primary function of playing LE and being optional, you shouldnt even need to use it at all to enjoy the game… so how would integrating it into the story be worthwhile or match this philosophy?

Generally I am in favour of the game exploiting the timeline concept far more than it does right now and I am hoping that the devs will be doing this with more content & future game cycles (seasons), but I am not sure that your idea solves anything really - it honestly just sounds complicated…


The ideia is to limit the number of people you can trade with, and make it painfull to add more, that’s why you would lose a considerable amount of corruption.

Doing this, you partially remove potential real money trades, because the owner of the item would not only trade the item, but would also lose the corruption he worked for to add the unknown buyer to his timeline.

So looking at it this way, you would penalise people for wanting to trade by making it “cost” corruption to be able to “connect” to a potential trading partner… beyond the few “free” trade partners you mention.

Corruption being a difficulty scaling mechanic in the game - trading would then be a way to reduce difficulty because you have to sacrifice corruption to be able to trade with someone new?

Besides the incongruity of this idea - i.e. decrease difficulty to trade… Its really hard/timeconsuming to build up corruption in the current setup - especially if you wanted to go to end-game 300+ levels… Personally I wouldnt want to waste any of this effort for trading… not sure how others would feel…


I think this way you still could trade with friends… No one has more than 15 friends playing, heck, most people play with 3 or 4 friends only.

But since you wouldn’t be able to easily become a seller for real money, the drop rates could stay unchanged for multiplayer and single player games.

I want to play online with 2 friends, trade between us, and not take a huge drop rate loss when multiplayer comes…

Well, I want to play solo, and be able to trade for those ultra-rare drops that I give up on after farming them for 14 million hours…and maybe be able to share/sell some of the nice drops I get, but have no use for.

What I want, and what you want, are at odds. Do we meet in the park and settle this with pistols or sabres? Which one of us should the devs cater the game to?

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This idea alienates not only the casual player, but also the vast majority of people who do not have “freinds” playing the game. There are many ways devs can combat RMT, this one is too convoluted and alienating.

Yeah, sorry OP the initial idea is way too convoluted. It sounds like the start of a thesis on Quantum Mechanics… :smile:

However, I get your point in wanting to “trade” with your mates. Perhaps if you change the word “trade” to “share” things become easier?

I agree that multiplaying with mates should enable you to share drops that different builds amongst you might find useful. This type of MP instanced sharing is something that is also discussed elsewhere. Perhaps you might enjoy reading in

I also elaborated on this type of idea in my last post there. I applaud being able to share gear with mates gained from gamplaying with them, but not with shared “stashes”. As long as some sort of coop gameplay is required then I think it stays in the realms of “sharing” and clear of “trading” :smile:

Yeah, I saw the thread, from what I hear, the Devs are looking for a share only approach. But I also heard from a Dev Stream that they don’t want to remove the feeling of “I found a great gear for a friend”… Thats why I came with the idea of having limited friends and make it a cost of Corruption to have more then X number of friends. The X is up to then. 3 fixed friends, 10 fixed friends to share stash…

The Corruption cost would be able to make trading really costly for the seller. Even if u find a “50 dollar” gear, are you willing to sacrifice the hard fought Corruption to trade that?

but storing items to “share” could still form trading from storage.
What we’re arguing for is sharing items only while partied, or for a limited time with party members after leaving that party. That forces people to actually play for items, rather than any sort of “p2w” scenario where someone doesn’t have to actually participate in playing to get gear. I use the p2w very, very loosely in this example, as I know there is no pay involved, but it seems to sum up the doing nothing approach well.
The critical part is the actual having to play the game to get gear part. Friends or not is irrelevant. That would enable people to use things like “group/party finders” in multiplayer, which can be handy for those people without any actual friends playing.

Yeah… I would be OK with that, only sharing with party players. It’s the best solution for sure.

Other idea was to have a fixed 4 player clan that can share between then indefinitely and u can only change clans after 1 year, or something like that.

But if there would be a training market, I think the trader should be limited and penalized so the drop rates are not changed. I think thats my main fear, having really low drop rates on high gear because there is a market is terrible. There is nothing like dropping great gear yourself.

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