The Travelers Backpack - Our gift to you!

From the website, top right corner:

Account Services Temporarily Unavailable

I can’t even login there :slight_smile: Seems like they disabled it for some reason.

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how can i claim it ?

Log in to the website (not forum) and one of the links has an option to claim it. Can’t remember what is was but it was fairly obvious.

Thx Eleventh Hour Games -that’s a nice addition to the skullen pet :badger: (giving you the badger emote as there is simply no skullen emoji (which really is a shame, i think :grin:!

Unfortunately, it looks like your copy of Last Epoch was purchased after our Patch 0.9 Launch date. This account is not eligible to receive the Travelers Backpack.

Bought Last Epoch long time ago…

claimed via

Thank You


Raise a ticket with support.

I purchased this game Purchased: Apr 27, 2021 @ 12:09pm (this is Steam purchase history), nevertheless I didn’t receive this Travelers Backpack, or maybe I just didn’t find how to find it in game?
I already pressed “Claim Backpack” in my account.

P.S. I only have offline chars. Do I need to have an online toon to get it in game?

P.P.S. I created an online character and I still don’t have any packs.

PPPS Nevermind. I got the answer.

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(post deleted by author)

I realy would like to Claim that Backpack on my Main Account (from 2018) but the migration process dont work, and tickets are not processed …