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The constant white flash is quite draining for eyes stamina

The white flash is quite draining for eyes stamina… It is much better compared to bablo 3… (diablo3) but it is still somewhat prone to drain your eyes stamina.
(this is not enemies flash on hit, but the on hit effect that is white and flashy bit different)

Whenever you hit enemy that white flash happens and it is quite repettitive. I didnt counted but it would probably be around 200flashes each minute you play the game. Its not good - maybe for young super healthy gamers its not even noticable but please care for older gamers!

Healthy eyes - more sales. thanks for reading.


Small correction.
Healthy eyes - healthier community.
I mean, remember PoE’s constant screen-wide effects vomiting? Remember how ‘healthy’ their community is in communictaion? Coincidience? I don’t think so…

+1 for option to remove hit flash.

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Have you tried unchecking “enemies flash on hit” under settings>gamplay (nearly at bottom)?
(never used it myself, since the flash doesn’t bother me yet)


I used to play A LOT of path of exile… Not much anymore… But i know for sure i wont diablo4 because its blinking is too unformfortable to look at videos. Grim dawn is king of this genre, but so far this game looks promising - world design is very inovating, fused with campaign.

I have this unchecked, yet the flash still occurs. It causes my eyes fatigue as well.

Yeah. There are two flashes happening:

The one in the options makes the whole enemy model flash white.

The one that still exists after deactivating the flash is a different effect that overlays the model.

The latter can get really annoying. I’d really wish for an option to deactivate it, too.

Imho this is a try to add some hit feedback. But for me it doesn’t make the combat more crisp. It just can get very annoying when you have fast hitting builds (or minion builds).


I don’t like the flashing as well, it doesn’t look or feel great. I rather have my skills give me the idea I’m hitting stuff and not a white flash. Hopefully the overall impactfulness on most skills will be getting some love because now it feels like swooshing through air.

I would even highly consider upping to supporter tier if they added this soon. They can consider that as bribe or as honest buff for this option to removing this eye strain.

Yeah lately ive noticed this game gives me eye strain like hell when i play my druid spriggan build, the flashes each time a vine hits turns most of the screen into a giant white flashing mess until things die.

Try lowering the brightness of the monitor.

You don’t happen to have HDR monitors turned up?
→ What is sold nowadays at cd/m² values and partly adjusted is soon enough for the next eye laser surgery.

Ok, fun aside.

If a fully turned up 1000 cd/m² HDR monitor can blind me with playful ease when looking at a virtual sun, some astonishment stops quickly.

The epilepsy warnings at the start of so many digital games should also give some people pause for thought.

By the way, I don’t have any “flash complaints” to announce with my monitor at maybe 100 to 150 cd/m².

Good luck to all sufferers.

Translated with (free version)

Late to this topic - I personally dont notice flashes as much as others in this thread so I was wondering…

I play in a very well lit room and my monitor is not set to be overly bright and was wondering if that has anything to do with it. I have, in the past, with other games, suffered similar experiences but usually when playing in a darkened room with a bright monitor…

Not doubting that some might be suffering from the flashing, just wondering if environmental factors may be influencing the issue…

The brightness is one thing. For some it’s more annoying than for others. I personally don’t have a problem with it regarding my eyes.

For me its more an aesthetical issue. I think it doesn’t fit, looks a bit cheap and out of place. It’s something I’d expect in an anime style game.

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One dude said very correct thing - most monitors really are in high brightness, but for the most part this flash attack is noticed just because there is no such thing in other games. Hence the huge contract. You immediatly feel strain when you go to this game from all other games because other games just dont have it so the effect is too much.

Maybe if we were like in torture chamber and forced to play this game we would eventually get “used to it” but i dont think its the right thing to do, because we need to take care health in long term instead of retraining our eyes to harsher enviroment.

But indeed, guys should perhaps reduce some brightness in their monitors, maybe it helps ~ 5% or even 10%. Ofc we need to hope devs just fix this. For example grim dawn has many options for colorblind and other eyesight conditions and thats why grim dawn is still in top 1 most played game of this genre.

Guys, I don’t mean to be rude. I’ll try to keep it as civilized as possible. So…

An advice to address the problem with in-game VFX by recalibrating the display’s color output and/or environmental lightning in the room player plays is… excellent. Getting such advice from fellow players is insane.

I tend to play a lot of completely different games. I won’t even bother listing last dozen, which I tried within last month. Just a list of reviews I wrote for most peculiar titles from different genres, epochs and levels of quality.

Why does that awkward flex matter for this topic?

I seen more than enough on-hit VFX implementations in different videogames of different genres (where applicable). And when I say that in Last Epoch on-hit effect is insanely bad for end user, I beeping mean it. I did accumulated enough material to compare.

In this particular game this particular VFX is bad. Even in comparison with worst (visual-wise) titles I’ve ever played.

Not mentioning that when that taxing VFX would take its toll on player’s eyes, who will gonna pay that player to heal it? Common sense, people. If it’s good for YOU - it doesn’t mean that it MUST be good enough for EVERYONE.

And since game’s engine is a goldern Unity - I can’t even mod it properly to remove that bs for myself. So a request for a dedicated option to turn that bs off is a completely reasonable inquiry.


I dont have problems with the flashes in LE in general.
However i tend too find it annoying sometimes but i think its more my own i problem.
Iam glad it has less flashes then POE has.

Anyways i use computer glasses which really help me when i work and game for longer periods on the PC. It might help you aswell.
I have a pretty expensive one though around 110 euro’s if i remember correctly. It was worth every penny however. Also changing brightness to a more yellow tint or night mode could help a lot!

You are not being rude… in fact its a pretty eloquent way of disagreeing that quite a few forum users could learn from…

No one is saying that the particular VFX effect is good… or doesnt cause problems… but because it affects everyone differently, there are probably external factors that could be at play here… So EHG could change it, but how they address it might need to factor in these “outside the game” issues… Imho, not factoring that into the “fix” would be a half-job…

It would be nice if there was an option to reduced the VFX or something or change it as an option for sure imo!

UPDATE: the dev on stream say they are working on this effect so maybe they will put an option to disable it… fingers crossed.


Just wanted to say im still waiting on this flashing effect to be removed so i can enjoy the game! I played until i unlocked the other 3 subclasses to choose, then played some more but this effect just drives my mood down… devs please help :slight_smile:

Yes please! I used to love the game until this ugly flashing started, now I can’t play it any more. I check back from time to time to see if it got removed, but no luck so far. I’m old, had to quit my beloved POE because of eye issues, Last Epoch was much better early on, but now… it’s just more flashing nonsense:( Please add an option to disable it ASAP!

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