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The constant white flash is quite draining for eyes stamina

That flashing we’re talking about is in the game since forever.

You maybe referring to general skill effects.

After my hours playing I have to say I also have some sympathy with the OP.

Whilst I don’t find the flashing as bad as some other games I’ve played, it can be pretty bad with some builds. I’ve found myself having to switch off due to headaches/eye strain. Lightning based builds it is exceptionally bad for me, but also cold & void builds as well are quite bad. I don’t mind the minor explosions, or even the effects’ colours but the sheer amount of some explosions and their scale on screen can get overwhelming at times.

I do have the option turned off for explode on hit, but as previous people have noted it doesn’t really make all that much difference.

I’m pleased the devs have noted this issue, and personally I do look forward to the day when I can reduce the amount and scale of these explosions way more than I can do now.