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The Bazaar

The Bazaar Is Not A Trading System!

This can’t be stressed enough. It is mechanically identical to the existing NPC which just outright sells random gear, except it might have Set & Unique items. It isn’t trade.

If anyone asks me “Will LE have a trading system?” I intend to answer “No.”


Being the pedantic a###hat I am, I’d say the answer should be “kinda”. It’s not going to be frictionless trade between players (however you want to describe that) but it is going to be a limited form of trade.


I think you should take into account that LE will eventually have seasons, so you might also want to spend it on stash tabs and gambling. Granted that will not consume a lot though, but you will start a season probably with 0 gold.

In addition seasons will increase the importance of the bazaar, because you might be unlucky getting a particular unique and will want to trade for it, unlike now when most players have already collected most of them.

Also with more uniques coming into the game, it might become increasingly difficult to get a specific one.

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The big question out side of how trade works…

What will be tradable? And what will not be tradable?

Uniques? Set Items? Exalted Items? Crafting Materials/Affix Shards?

Fixed the spelling of one word for you :smiley:

IMHO, Seasons don’t really change the equation. Sure, items will be more limited in Seasons, but the fact remains that to get items, you go kill bosses, you don’t “shop” the Bazaar.

I predict the Bazaar will be solely a “twink” shop. i.e. when you’re low level, any item will do, and the Bazaar would fit the need of “twinking” a new character just fine.

Well, that is the whole discussion right. I’m like hundreds of hours in and I’m far from having all uniques. So seasons might make the drop rates seem more dire.

Some players were hoping to shop build defining uniques in the bazaar so that they can clear the content with their desired build, instead of finding that unique very late in the process. Hence they are frustrated, because they are unsure the bazaar will allow for that.

Whereas other players don’t want trading at all and seem more happy with this approach.


I mean, you’re correct. Just because someone doesn’t like the implementation doesn’t mean it isn’t Trading.

Trade – the action of buying and selling goods and services.

But, maybe when we gain the ability to time travel we can go back in time and tell our ancestors that they’re not “trading” their just inconvenienced by poor world design by the Almighty.

35 years ago, this was exactly what Trade was between individuals in the real world. We have all become spoiled to a certain extent by technology.

Personally, I think this will be an interesting and fun way to trade with other players.


I think it kinda depends which side of the fence you’re on, whether you like pottering round in-game vendor (since you won’t actually be interacting with the other players) or whether you just want to get this damned item so I can get back to slaughtering innocent void-infused monstrosities!

This mechanic of trading doesnt sound very good to me. Trading means you are able to search for items / affixes taht you need.
They way trading is intened is like going to an NPC and hope he has something you need which most likely wont be the case. Especially if you can only offer a very limited amount of items (think it was 5).

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I appreciate the sentiment behind this, but it would not solve the problems I have with The Bazaar as it’s been described.

In my opinion, any trade system in which I cannot conduct targeted trade for a specific item is not acceptable. Whether that’s directly facilitated by an in-game interface or just not hard blocked from being possible by the game doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is that I can have something specific I’m “shopping” for, locate and connect directly with another player that wants to sell it, and then buy it from them.

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Yes, that. I feel like some people are seeing my complaints here and thinking that I just don’t want to play the game to “earn” items or whatever, but it’s exactly the opposite. It’s because I do want to play the game that I want a frictionless trade system in it. Being able to take a powerful item I’ve found but don’t want and directly convert it into another powerful item I do want through trade is something that enables me in playing the game.

I don’t want to spend my time browsing around a bunch of items that I probably don’t want. That isn’t fun for me in any way. And I also don’t want to be constantly thinking that I’m missing out on finding an upgrade by not engaging with a system that would mostly just frustrate me. That’s how the idea of the Bazaar makes me feel - Like I would have to choose between being annoyed by something I don’t want to do because it will sometimes help me get items I want, or to be running around with constant low level FOMO.


You are correct, it being lazy and easy to use is the Idea of it.
It’s purpose is to increase the chance of finding good / useable items, not guaranteeing it.

About the class-bound, I think I was misunderstood here.
Let me give an easy example:

A Shop marked as: “Void-Damage” might have all kinds of items in it. There is no filter.
It could be all kind of void-damage items ranging from one-hand to rings and amulets.

Or, if the seller is a troll, it could contain only lightning damage items or crap item’s.
(Though this will hopefully only be rarely the case)

It’s simply a semantic marker on your shop / shops, that indicates or helps the system indicate what you are selling.

There could also be a category of: Unique’s Only.
This still would not limit the shop to contain only uniques, as its just in a semantic nature.

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I can understand where you are coming from, but as I see it, the bazaar will simply not be to your liking then, and that’s okay for me.
It’s hardly possible to introduce a System, that will satisfy all kinds of customers i.e. players.

I don’t want to open another topic or go off-topic here, but directly shopping for one specific item would make the game too trade-centric in my opinion and give too much space for third-parties to sell items. (I might be little to critical and narrow-minded here.)

But we cannot have the most ideal trading system, as we want to encourage playing the game.

What I comes to my mind is, that similar to the monolith system, one could farm for specific items. For example, you filter for one-hand swords with two specific affixes, and the system tells you, it will take you 7 echoes to find that at-least one item of that, if it exists.
(Less or more echoes, depending on how many matches the system found)


I think we got to a point where the topic will not go anywhere. All will have their own opinion and explain it, but nobody will make anybody change their mind.
Of course I can be wrong, but I don’t feel so.


I agree with you, and for me this thread is more like gathering of thoughts / opinions / feedback / ideas for the developers, instead of finding that perfect solution everyone agrees on to 100%.

So far, I am really grateful for this lively community :slight_smile:


We can all discuss for another 10 month and not come to any colclusion.

Let’s give EHG the benefit of the doubt and let’s see how the systme will pan out.

Just for doing something different and new (in this type of game/genre) you need to give them some respect, it’s risky but it can work.

And i am mroe than certain, once we get our hands on the system, they will adjust according to feedback.

If it deosn’t work out at all, they might completely scrap the system, who knows.


That’s it. Imho, it’s more helpful to give as many people as possible the opportunity to just state their opinion. Having 3 people discussing (and often repeating their opinion several times) doesn’t solve anything. Even if somebody states his opinion 10 times, it’s just 1 opinion from 1 person. Often people tend to try to convince others. But that doesn’t happen very often from what I’ve seen so far.



I can’t help but think that the Bazaar’s purpose is not actually to allow a player to get a specific item they want, but do show them an item they didn’t know they wanted.
The other hope is that it will also function as a place where people congregate, so you might start a conversation with random strangers if you’re looking to party up.

That’s not the usual way for trading, but it’s something I could rather like.
“Wow, nice item, it gives me an idea, I’ll purchase it and build around!”

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